VAVEL - The International Newspaper (2009) is the first international sports newspaper.

1. VAVEL is an information platform that connect authors, journalists and bloggers with readers.

2. If you love writing, journalism and the sports world, you are restless and creative, VAVEL gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent in the first international journal of sport, where you will have a privileged diffusion to reach a large number readers.

3. This media wants prestige sports journalism through the word, whatever the type of format in which to spread (web, radio or magazine).

4. VAVEL has become one of the top rated independent media internationally, currently ranked in the Top 500 most visited sites in Spain and several South American countries as ranked by Alexa statistics and is partner and jury of Golden Foot award.

5. If you share the above requirements, proceed to fill out the form below and be part of VAVEL!

6. Authors can join for all sporting issues, and not only that, we also open borders to the movies, society, television, travel, politics ...

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