Daniel Bryan didn't have a choice about the GM role

The popular superstar revealed he didn't have a choice about becoming the current SmackDown GM.

Daniel Bryan didn't have a choice about the GM role
Bryan has settled into the role. Photo- PWMania.com

When Daniel Bryan made his full-time return to the WWE by becoming the new SmackDown general manager it was met with resounding 'Yes' chants as the popular superstar had been sorely missed. But even though the fans thought he was the perfect choice for SmackDown's newest GM, it turns out that Bryan himself didn't have a say in whether or not he wanted to take up the job. 

No choice in the matter

During a recent interview with The Daily Progress, Bryan was asked about accepting his current role as GM and the former World Champion revealed that "they didn't give me a choice" due to the fact he is "under contract," meaning if they say "show up" then he "shows up."

Bryan's current contract doesn't expire until sometime in 2018, meaning the WWE has his services for quite some time. Of course, his contract was expected to be for him to wrestle but with his injury forcing his retirement the WWE is making the most out of him due to his popularity. 

Whether or not Bryan was also forced into the CWC commentary role is still unknown, but his passion and love for the talent on display makes that doubtful. Despite the fact that he wasn't given an option regarding the GM role, Bryan has settled into it well and is doing a fantastic job and appears to be enjoying the role on screen. 

Never give up

Even though Bryan is in his current role because he was forced to retire, he still hasn't given up the possibility of wrestling again as he revealed that the "concussion specialists" who deal with these injuries "every day" believe that he is "fine." 

Bryan's retirement was an emotional moment. Photo- WWE.com
Bryan's retirement was an emotional moment. Photo- WWE.com

However, it doesn't matter what Bryan's feelings are as the WWE isn't prepared to take such a risk, which is a good thing in the long run and they issued the following statement regarding Bryan's comments: "WWE determined it is not in the best interest of Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) to continue as an in-ring performer."