Sanity debuts at NXT tapings

*SPOILERS* After weeks of vignettes, Sanity was finally revealed at this week's NXT tapings.

Sanity debuts at NXT tapings
Sanity has been revealed. Photo-

Ever since NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II videos have been played during NXT broadcasts teasing the debut of 'Sanity' and during this week's tapings, it was revealed who was behind them. Whilst most people had thought the vignettes were for just one person, it turns out that it is actually for a brand new stable, named Sanity. 

The group consists of; Eric Young, Nikki Storm, Alexander Wolfe and Sawyer Fulton and their debut will be coming up soon on an NXT show on the Network. Just looking at the names there is plenty of potential with this and it is something different that NXT needs right now to keep it fresh. So, now we know who Sanity is, what do we actually know about those involved? 

Who are Sanity?

Nikki Storm: Formally known as Nikki Glencross the Scottish wrestler was signed by WWE back in April after she impressed during tryouts in London. Storm competed on NXT T.V. just a few weeks ago in a six women tag where she teamed with Carmella and Liv Morgan.

Storm has been highly talked about by those at the performance center and she joins the stable and the NXT women's division. The division is in a desperate need for some star power and she will likely be given a significant role in the division. It isn't often that stables have women and men mixed and it makes Sanity feel fresh and different which is a positive start. 

Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton: These men will be the tag team of the group and are competing in this year's Dusty Rhodes Classic tournament, representing Sanity as a group. Wolfe was signed last year from a German promotion called, WXW and has been teaming with Sawyer Fulton, who signed in 2012 at live events recently. 

Eric Young: The most well-known of the group, Eric Young is a former TNA World Champion and had an incredibly popular run with the company. He becomes the latest in a run of former TNA talents to join the company and actually signed an official contract several months ago. Some fans may remember he debuted randomly and had a main event match with Samoa Joe back when he was NXT Champion. 

WWE have been waiting for a story and a reason to re-debut Young rather than just throwing him into something without it making sense which shows the company has plans for him. Young is expected to be the leader of Sanity and will likely be the one positioned towards the NXT Championship.