Emma returns at WWE Live event; plus Eva Marie Status update

In the midst of the shake up surrounding the brand extension one name that was billed for huge success was injured before the ball could get rolling

Emma returns at WWE Live event; plus Eva Marie Status update
Emma made an early return during a WWE Live event (image: en.yibada.com)

One of the most talented females on the WWE roster has yet to truly show her worth. But an early return may put her in the perfect place to get back into the swing of things.

Emma suffered a back injury in May of this year, leaving her requiring surgery and unable to compete, until now.

Early return

Emma returned much earlier than expected (image: twitter)

The 27-year-old was due to return in the near future with next week's Monday Night Raw -- the earliest time-slot. However, she returned a couple of days early, a move that will likely impress WWE officials.

She officiated as special guest referee during a six-woman tag-team match featuring Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alicia Fox taking on the team of Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Nia Jax in a winning effort.

The Australian left a huge gap in an already weakened roster in the women's division. With her absence, leaving her seemingly now ex-partner Brooke, awkwardly wandering around before linking up with the current Women's Champion in a teacher-prodigy style partnership.

Emma is likely to make her televised appearance on next week's Raw, providing she has been drafted to the red brand while her current storyline is not yet known. 

Eva Marie Status

Eva Marie's suspension has officially ended (image: vavel.com)

Injuries are often not the only thing halting superstars from competing, as sometimes it is more infamous issues.

Eva Marie was suspended for 30-days for breaking the Talent Wellness Policy and while that is now officially ended, the reason behind her suspension remains unclear.

As it stands, WWE officials are not ready to rush her back into current programming as the women's division has just started to find its groove on SmackDown Live.

The Mrs All Red Everything is however expected to be in front of a camera in the near future as she begins filming for upcoming movie 'Inconceivable'; starring Nicholas Cage.

Although big plans were being built for the 31-year-old, it seems likely that these will be put on hold while she takes further time off for her film commitments.