Buff Bagwell on CM Punk's star power

The former WCW performer compares the former wrestler to the likes of Hulk Hogan believing there is little money to be made in the 37-year-old

Buff Bagwell on CM Punk's star power
Buff Bagwell had a lot to say on CM Punk following his UFC debut (image: joel lampkin)

Buff Bagwell will be remembered for a solid run in WCW, but on the other hand, a less than impressive tenure in WWE.

The 46-year-old recently talked about the 'star-power' of CM Punk following his UFC debut and believes that he is far from equal to Hulk Hogan.

Star power

Hulk Hogan would attract more attention walking through Walmart than CM Punk according to Bagwell (image: joel lampkin)

Bagwell appeared on an episode of Pancakes and Powerslams with CM Punk being discussed quite in-depth.

The Cult of Personality was criticized for his lack of star power by the veteran who said that if he were "Vince McMahon" or "Ted Turner" he would judge him based on the reaction he would be greeted with if he walked through "Walmart."

With his ramblings sounding rather bizarre he continued "I would judge it by having a person walk through Walmart. If CM Punk walked through Walmart even as popular as he is, he is not going to get noticed as much as Hulk Hogan."

While he may be right in what he is saying, it is doubtful Dana White will be ringing the 63-year-old Hulkster to step into the octagon for a final pay-day.

He continued "The reason I say Walmart, is, [because] that is our fan-base."

While the sales and stock of Walmart will continue to be purchased by wrestling fans, perhaps they should be keeping an eye out for Punk (real name Phil Brooks) should he decide to venture into the supermarket for a cheap pop.

UFC debut

CM Punk went out there and got his brains beaten out according to Bagwell (image: rollingstone.com)

Much has been said on the professional debut of Punk in what was a completely one-sided affair with Mickey Gall picking up the submission victory inside the first round.

Bagwell believes that it will be hard for him to continue his MMA career believing that following all the hype and then getting "beat up" will not leave a "dent" but a "scar."

He said "He [Brooks] was able to stay for over a year and not have a fight and then you go out and take such a big fight and get beat up. I mean, brother, that leaves a dent, not a scratch, that leaves a scar."

While in some sense, wrestling fans were partially rooting for the man who worked his way up through the independent scene to pick up the WWE/World Championship five times overall as in some sense, he was representing his past legacy in the squared circle.

On how his defeat marred professional wrestling, Bagwell said "When you go out and get beat up real bad, that is really bad. I was rooting for him, because it makes us all look good. We're all pro wrestlers, but, instead, he goes out there and gets his bran beaten out."

The official word regarding the future of Punk is yet to be decided and or confirmed with the likelihood being that he will be cut from UFC before training on an amateur basis to build his ability and experience more before his next fight, should one occur.