Goldberg comments on CM Punk's UFC debut

The performer who become a wrestling legend during his time in WCW has shared his thoughts on whether The Cult of Personality should step back inside the octagon

Goldberg comments on CM Punk's UFC debut
Goldberg was very opinionated on whether CM Punk should fight again in UFC (image:

Goldberg forged a career out of looking tough and then delivering when it counts inside the squared circle.

The 49-year-old has also developed his 'legitimate' fighting skills in his retirement but only on an amateur basis.

When asked if he would ever step inside the octagon when he was 39-years-old he said that the "experience" of the guys who are around are so far "ahead" of him that it would be silly to even try.

However, one man who was two years younger when he was presented with that question, did decide to step into the cage, and what did the former WCW think of his performance?

On CM Punk in UFC

CM Punk was defeated n the first round by Mickey Gall (

CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) suffered a rather embarrassing loss to Mickey Gall in his first ever professional MMA fight last week causing a number of personalities to question his decision to step into a world he "does not belong."

Goldberg was very opinionated as to whether the 37-year-old should ever fight again in the UFC and said "There’s no question he should not fight in the UFC. That would be blasphemy."

One major factor that many seemed to focus on was that Punk was occupying a spot that someone more deserving has earned leading to people questioning him taking up the offer in the first place.

If he were to fight again, Goldberg said it would be a "slap in the face" to "all the guys" who have "worked their asses" off to make it to the UFC.

Many people have already called for Brooks to be dropped from his fight deal with even Dana White saying his "next fight, probably should not be in the UFC."

However, given the promotional factor of the veteran and his ability to turn a bland card into a spicy one, would, strictly in a business sense, it be best for anyone besides the fans if he vacated the company?

On Punk continuing his MMA career

Punk was gracious in defeat (image:

While his first professional fight ended in misery, many commended Punk's professional attitude following his loss, as he showed no signs of quitting the sport altogether.

On whether he should, Goldberg said "If he still has the passion for it and wants to train and compete, then yeah, lower-level shows are where he needs to be."

It took Punk nearly three years before he made his MMA debut with a number of injuries hampering his training, but the veteran feels that this 'seat time' will help him grow as a fighter.

He said "The more time he has at his new craft or his passion, then the better he’s going to get at it, the more comfortable he will be."

The future of Punk is still in doubt but with him gaining a huge amount of respect for having the courage to fight, he will have a mountain of support wherever his career takes him.