Update on Emma joining SmackDown Live

The recently cleared superstar was supposed to be a part of Monday Night Raw but speculation has arose that suggesting she was switching allegiances to the blue brand

Update on Emma joining SmackDown Live
There are still question marks over where Emma will show up (image: vavel,com)

When Emma returned recently at a WWE Live event many expected her to make her long awaited television return just days later at Monday Night Raw.

However, as the show drew to a close, expectations turned to doubt and a cryptic tweet posted by the 27-year-old spiraled a number of rumors.

Emma Tweet

Emma's Tweet from her official account (image: twitter.com)

Emma returned last week at a house show to be the special guest referee in a match pitting Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alicia fox against the team of Women's Champion Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Nia Jax.

The Australian superstar posted a rather telling tweet during Raw, which considering she was reportedly backstage, makes things even more interesting.

She said "6 weeks ago I was cleared... Each week I wait, the more frustrated I get. I feel sorry for the person who's going to see it's all about me!"

While many believed she was cleared only recently, according to her tweet she was cleared to compete over six weeks ago, but where exactly is she going to wind up?

Emma to SmackDown Live?

Emma posted this photo of her next to a statue of Elvis Presley just hours before SmackDown Live (image: twitter)

Following her absence from the televised Raw episode last night in Memphis, Tennessee, many people believed she would be jumping ship to SmackDown Live.

However, just over an hour ago, Emma posted a second tweet with the words "Then i'm walking in Memphis" accompanied by a photograph showing her next to an Elvis Presley statue in Tennessee.

With tonight's blue brand being broadcast from Alabama, over three hours away from the destination that the picture was taken from, the chances of her showing up on tonight's episode look slim.

Although the photo could have easily been taken a day or even hours earlier and her posting of the image could simply be to throw fans off.

Whatever the case, it seems that the former ECCW Women's Supergirls Champion is bound to appear sometime very soon, but the question is will it be on the blue or red team?

John Cena managed to use his sway to get Nikki Bella over to SmackDown but will WWE officials be as lenient if Zack Ryder comes knocking?