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"Open your VAVEL author zone and use it like your blog. We are a social platform that connects journalists, authors and bloggers with readers. In VAVEL you can share your articles in the first international journal, where you will have a privileged diffusion to reach a large number readers".

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A new era in the way to communicate in internet

Welcome to VAVEL, a free and open platform where authors who write, take pictures or make films, can publish and share their multimedia work with an international audience. Create, publish, share and save your body of work. Real talent - once given a suitable platform - will always prevail and flourish.

Have real talent and want to share it with others? The platform is tailor-made for you. In VAVEL you will find an innovative multimedia tool which will allow you to easily create and publish your articles. VAVEL is a place where your name and reputation will grow and where your articles can be read in a global context.

VAVEL's stamp

Our stamp. Our soul. Because real talent always prevails.

Freedom of speech and freedom of language

VAVEL is free. Because writing is an art and you are the artist. Use VAVEL as a free network where you will be able to write about a wide variety of subjects, when and where you want and in whatever language you choose to write it in. Sports, films, poetry, music, television, fashion, society, health... With VAVEL, you can save and archive all your articles in a unique platform.

Talent and creativity's value

VAVEL is quality. We chose only the best content to include on our front-page, according to our guiding principles: talent, creativity, effort. If the literary talent and professionalism is there then your article can be there. Meritocracy. All this with respect and depth in your factual analysis must be the main values and guiding principles of your articles for us.

Compatibility and authorship

VAVEL is compatible with other platforms, so you can also post your articles in Blogspot, Tumblr or Wordpress when you publish them in your VAVEL's author zone. By joining VAVEL, you are adding your opinion and information to the enthusiasm, passion and creativity of thousands of our current authors. Show and share your talent.

VAVEL's author zone

A new era in the way to communicate in internet

Create with VAVEL your own unique space and your own personal shout-out to the world. Build a universe without boundaries, without limits, because everything you have to express and share will both find its home and reach its target audience with VAVEL.

Follow thousands of authors who have already joined VAVEL to leave behind their blog and reach the readers of this leading network.

Through the power of your own words you can - through VAVEL - reach anybody out there thanks to our special network, based on a single principle: the importance of freedom and the duty to give people the information they deserve.

Your author profile will gather your articles in an infinite archive. With a neat, intutitive interface and a modern design, you will be allowed to create, spread and show your articles with the best technology using our constantly improving, self-demanding and leading network.

A spreading channel for trademarks

VAVEL as a marketing tool

Create an exclusive and rapidly expanding channel for your trademark and place your info in the leading network for contents diffusion. Give value to your statements, information and events. Give importance to your contents.

Relate your trademark with the values that have helped to drive VAVEL'S remarkable growth: respect, sharpness, talent, innovation and creativity.

Communicate with VAVEL

  • Utilise our platform's technology to spread your trademark's messages and articles to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

A communication channel for professionals

Show yourself

For you. If you are a sports person and you want to create your own author zone with its own respective communication channel. If you are a sports team or club and you want to communicate with your fans and other professionals. If you are an association or sporting organisation and you want to communicate effectively and directly with the public. Join VAVEL.

Creating a communication channel in your author's zone, VAVEL provides you all the tools you need to promote your chosen cause or brand and then share it with a worldwide audience.

It will help you to enable a connection between you and your readers so they can view your articles and your online messages, without the need for too many official statements. Lead the way and let the others follow you on the road. A free-way between you and your environment.

Your zone.

Expand your horizons and evolve with VAVEL.COM.

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