VAVEL Guide Paralympic Games Rio 2016

After host the final of the World Cup in 2014 and Rio 2016 Olympics, the Marvelous City will receive - in September - another major event in your town: the Paralympic Games; In this guide, the VAVEL Brazil team brings to you the most complete information of each of the sports present at the festival.

VAVEL Guide Paralympic Games Rio 2016
VAVEL Guide Paralympic Games Rio 2016

Live your passion! After host the final of the World Cup in 2014, the Rio de Janeiro will receive in September the second part of the mega event that shook the city: the 2016 Paralympic Games. Knowing this, the VAVEL Brazil prepared this complete guide for you to stay on top of things will happen in the coming days..

The world's biggest sporting event for disabled will take place between in September 7th and 18th. As usual, the Maracanã will stage the opening and closing ceremonies of the festivities. In this period it will be played 26 modalities, with 175 nations.

As a innovation, the IOC suggested the inclusion of Canoeing and Paratriatlo in Rio 2016. Another novelty is the completion of the Olympic Games in South America for the first time in its history. It will also be the second time that an issue will be in Latin America, after Mexico City in 1968. 

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Competition venues

Like the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee divided the locations of the Paralympic trials in four areas classified as Maracanã, Copacabana, Barra and Deodoro. The VAVEL Brazil presents to you this special all each zone facilities.

Theme song of the Paralympic Games Rio 2016

Rio was elected in 2009 to host the Paralympics

The host city of the Olympics and Paralympics 2016 was chosen on October 2, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a vote during the 121st Session of the International Olympic Committee. After the eliminations of Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid, Rio de Janeiro was elected by a majority vote.

In the application process, the Rio de Janeiro, despite having good grades, had problems with accommodation and transport. The evaluations were considered balanced, so it was not possible then to point a favorite. Tokyo suffered with low popular support, Chicago with internal protests and US laws, while Madrid was criticized for a lack of clarity in the anti-doping laws of Spain.

Rio de Janeiro Brasil 26 46 66
Madri Espanha 28 29 32
Tóquio Japão 22 20 ---
Chicago Estados Unidos 18 --- ---
(Foto: Reprodução)
(Foto: Reprodução)

Rio 2016 calls for R$ 200 million to host Paralympics

The Organizing Committee of the Rio 2016 needs to R$ 200 million to make the Paralympics with the "level of service" with which it is committed. The spokesman for the authority, Mario Andrada, acknowledged on Thursday the budget deficit, which he attributed to lack of revenue for ticket sales and sponsorships.

The organizers had told the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that 25% of tickets for the Paralympic Games had already been sold. The drop to 12% corresponds, according to Andrada, the fact that the City had committed to buy a package for municipal employees.

About the presence of the public in many of the Olympic competitions, Andrada said that 11% of people who had tickets didn’t use them so far. Also, they do not withdraw their entries 55% of the beneficiaries of a social program tickets for children.

(Foto: Divulgação/Rio 2016)
(Foto: Divulgação/Rio 2016)