Summary: Deportivo Tachira 0-2 River Plate in Copa Libertadores 2024
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Is River starting off on the right foot?

The match began with River and its control of the ball in the Deportivo Táchira field, seeking to open spaces through lateral passes with the defenders to find Borja with crosses into the area. For his part, Táchira hoped to take advantage of a mistake in River's departure and also sought to counterpunch. As time went by, River lost intensity, while Táchira got closer and closer to the rival area, especially through set pieces, which generated more danger towards the end of the first half.
In the second half, River continued with possession of the ball, but still had a hard time finding space. Echeverri's entry gave River an additional boost, becoming bolder and with more ways to penetrate Táchira's defense. It was precisely with a shot from Echeverri that Borja managed to assist Boselli, who, with a rebound in his face, scored the first goal for the Argentine team. Then, Fonseca surprised with a great goal from almost the center of the field, which put the lead at 0-2, a result that remained until the end of the game.
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90+5' The match ends

The match in Venezuela ends with a victory for the visitor.
10:24 PM12 days ago


The VAR confirms the offside.
10:22 PM12 days ago


Uribe scored for Táchira but Vargas was previously offside.
10:21 PM12 days ago

90+1' Yellow card 🟨

Foul by Boselli on Chacón.
10:19 PM12 days ago

90' We're going until 93

3 minutes are added to the game.
10:18 PM12 days ago


Sosa entered the area, finished with his left foot and the ball went far over the top.
10:16 PM12 days ago


Foul by Cova on Palavecino.
10:14 PM12 days ago

85' Change in River

⬆️: Palavecino

⬇️: Aliendro

10:13 PM12 days ago


Foul by Cova on Fonseca in the River field.
10:12 PM12 days ago

83' Changes in Táchira

⬆️: Sosa and Hernández

⬇️: Murillo and Ríos

10:11 PM12 days ago


Barco's shot, Araque left the rebound and it was left to Simon, he went over the final line.
10:10 PM12 days ago

81' Changes in River

⬆️: Barco and Simón 

⬇️: Solari and Colidio

10:09 PM12 days ago


Fonseca hit the bouncing ball from very far away and scored a great goal for River's second.
10:06 PM12 days ago


Good play by Solari, it was left to Echeverri and he finished, the ball deflected into an opponent. Corner kick for River.
10:03 PM12 days ago

74' Change in Táchira

⬆️: Castillo

⬇️: Hernández

10:03 PM12 days ago


Foul on Echeverri in the middle of the field.
10:02 PM12 days ago


Borja crossed from his left foot and the ball fell to Boselli who he could not control. Uribe's rejection hit Boselli himself in the face and the ball ended up going in.
9:59 PM12 days ago

71' Yellow card 🟨

Chacón's foul on Colidio very close to the Táchira area, River is approaching.
9:59 PM12 days ago


Echeverri finished, the ball bounced and was left to Borja in the one-on-one, the goalkeeper Araque saved.
9:56 PM12 days ago

67' Change in River

⬆️: Echeverri

⬇️: Nacho Fernández

9:55 PM12 days ago


Borja finished off the ball in the area, it went so far that it ended up on the side.
9:54 PM12 days ago


Foul by Hernández on Colidio near the Táchira area.
9:53 PM12 days ago

64' Changes in Táchira

⬆️: Vargas and Uribe

⬇️: Castillo and Figueroa (🚑)

9:52 PM12 days ago


Center by Enzo Díaz, Borja failed to connect.
9:50 PM12 days ago


The pace of the game has slowed down considerably, between fouls by both teams and few approaches the match has become calm.
9:47 PM12 days ago


Borja's hand when he went hand in hand with the center backs.
9:46 PM12 days ago


Nacho Fernández finished mid-distance with his left foot, the ball rose a lot.
9:44 PM12 days ago


Lack of Collision on Hernández, the game was very slow.
9:44 PM12 days ago


Foul on Pírez in the middle of the field.Foul on Pírez in the middle of the field.
9:43 PM12 days ago


River lateralizes the ball again, looking for an overflow from Solari or a side.
9:42 PM12 days ago


River still has no clear idea of the game although it maintains possession of the ball. Well positioned Táchira.
9:39 PM12 days ago


Murillo's foul on Nacho, free kick for River.
9:36 PM12 days ago


Collision foul on Hernández in the Táchira field.
9:33 PM12 days ago

45' The second half begins

Roll the ball for 45 more minutes.
9:24 PM12 days ago

Analysis of the first half

River started the game with control of the ball, trying to open the wings with the full-backs to find Borja in the area with crosses. However, as time went by, the pace of the game slowed down and River was forced to retreat, making it difficult for the ball to reach Borja in danger. Meanwhile, Deportivo Táchira sought to take advantage of the counterattacks and errors in River's exit. Towards the end of the first half, Táchira intensified its pressure, especially on set pieces, thus finishing with a better performance compared to River. The Argentine team showed a lack of a defined game idea, resorting mainly to crosses and balls, which Táchira knew how to take advantage of by seeking to force stopped ball situations.
9:18 PM12 days ago

45+2' We go to rest

The first half ends in Venezuela with a partial tie.
9:17 PM12 days ago


Corner kick for Táchira, caused by Fonseca.
9:16 PM12 days ago


Foul of Enzo Díaz near the River area.
9:15 PM12 days ago


Cross that Colidio headed, Araque kept the ball.
9:15 PM12 days ago


Foul by Figueroa on Solari, free kick near the area for River.
9:14 PM12 days ago


Castillo was offside when they looked for him with a long ball.
9:13 PM12 days ago


Foul by Castillo on Nacho in the middle of the field.
9:11 PM12 days ago


Foul by Hernández on Colidio, free kick for River.
9:09 PM12 days ago


Ríos entered the area, Paulo Díaz managed to close in time and sent it to the corner kick.
9:08 PM12 days ago


Handball marked by the referee, committed by Nacho Fernández in the middle of the field.
9:08 PM12 days ago


The free kick resulted in a cross that was cleared by the Táchira defense.
9:06 PM12 days ago


Castillo's foul on Fonseca, free kick for River.
9:04 PM12 days ago


Both teams divide the ball in the middle of the field.
9:02 PM12 days ago


Foul by Enzo Díaz on Chacón on the counterattack.
9:01 PM12 days ago


Corner kick for River. The center went to Paulo Díaz who tried with his shoulder, Araque was easy with the ball.
8:58 PM12 days ago


River plays at Táchira's field looking to find a space in the dense defense of the Venezuelan team.
8:54 PM12 days ago


Collision foul on Hernández in the Táchira field.
8:53 PM12 days ago


Solari's cross, Colidio's header sent it over Araque's goal.
8:51 PM12 days ago


Collision foul on Benítez in the middle of the field.
8:50 PM12 days ago


Right corner kick for Táchira.
8:48 PM12 days ago


Volley from outside the Aliendro area, the ball went over the top.
8:47 PM12 days ago


Foul by Boselli on Chacón.
8:47 PM12 days ago


The referee calls Fonseca's handball in the middle of the field.
8:45 PM12 days ago


Borja tried with his left foot on the edge of the area, the ball went over the top.
8:44 PM12 days ago


Colidio received a header from Boselli, lowered it to Borja and couldn't finish, River missed the first.
8:41 PM12 days ago


Good action by Borja in the area, he turned and shot, the ball went through goalkeeper Araque's left post.
8:39 PM12 days ago

8' Yellow card 🟨

Foul by Benítez on Nacho Fernández.
8:39 PM12 days ago


Chacón's shot from very far away went wide.
8:37 PM12 days ago

6' Yellow card🟨

Foul by Nacho Fernández on Cova, hard tackle from behind.
8:36 PM12 days ago


The free kick ended in a cross from Nacho Fernández, a goal kick for Táchira.
8:35 PM12 days ago


Foul by Robles on Aliendro, free kick for River.
8:34 PM12 days ago


Foul by Enzo Díaz on Ríos in the middle of the field.
8:34 PM12 days ago


Cross from Nacho Fernández to Solari, he tried a header and sent it over. River's first approach.
8:33 PM12 days ago


Foul on González Pirez in the middle of the field when Táchira recovered the ball.
8:30 PM12 days ago

0' The match starts

The ball is already rolling in Venezuela.
8:20 PM12 days ago

Substitutes – River Plate

Matías Kranevitter, Héctor David Martínez, Agustín Palavecino, Manuel Lanzini, Marcelo Herrera, Claudio Echeverri, Milton Casco, Ezequiel Barco, Daniel Zabala, Rodrigo Villagra, Santiago Simón and Ezequiel Centurión
8:16 PM12 days ago

Line-up – River Plate


1. F. Armani

2. S. Boselli – 14. L. González Pírez – 17. P. Díaz – 13. E. Díaz

29. R. Aliendro – 4. N. Fonseca

36. P. Solari – 26. I. Fernández – 11. F. Colidio

9. M. Borja


8:12 PM12 days ago

Substitutes – Deportivo Táchira

Haibrany Ruiz Díaz, Anthony Uribe, Carlos Sosa, Diomar Ángel Díaz Calderón, Pablo Camacho, Jesús Hernández, Jean Franco Castillo Castillo, Carlos Daniel Calzadilla Durán, Yanniel Alberto Hernández D’Elías, Jefre Vargas, Edicson Enrique Tamiche Campos and Jesús Camargo.
8:07 PM12 days ago

Line-up – Deportivo Táchira


1. A. Araque

2. C. Vivas – 27. A. Murillo – 6. O. Benítez

33. N. Hernández – 15. M. Cova – 24. C. Robles – 8. J. Figueroa

25. A. Ríos – 18. Y. Chacón

7. B. Castillo


8:00 PM12 days ago

Average age

Deportivo Táchira has an average age of 25.7 years in its squad. The oldest players are Argentine striker Andrés Ríos and midfielder Diomar Díaz, both 34 years old. In contrast, the youngest player is midfielder Gustavo Lozano, 16 years old, who has trained in the club's youth system.

On the other hand, in River Plate, the average age is slightly older, standing at 26.3 years. Goalkeeper and captain Franco Armani, who joined the club in 2018, is the oldest player. In contrast, the playmaker Franco Mastantuono, a youth player of the club. He is the youngest at 16 years old.

7:53 PM12 days ago

Home and away statistics

Deportivo Táchira has played a total of 5 home games against Argentine teams, with a record of 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses. This translates into an effectiveness of 33.3% at home against Argentine teams. On the other hand, River Plate has played 9 away games in Venezuela, with 7 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. This represents an effectiveness of 81.4% as a visitor in Venezuela.
7:48 PM12 days ago

Last five games – River Plate

March 9 - League Cup: 1-1 vs Independiente (Drawed)

March 13 - Argentine Supecopa: 2-1 vs Estudiantes LP (Won)

March 17 - League Cup: 3-1 vs Gimnasia LP (Won)

March 22 - Friendly: 4-0 vs Independiente Rivadavia (Lost)

March 29 - League Cup: 1-0 vs Huracán (Lost)

7:43 PM12 days ago

Last five games – Deportivo Táchira

March 8 - FUTVE League: 0-1 vs Puerto Cabello (Lost)

March 15 - FUTVE League: 2-0 vs Angostura (Lost)

March 20 - FUTVE League: 1-0 vs Monagas (Won)

March 24 - FUTVE League: 1-1 vs Hermanos Colmenárez (Drawed)

March 28 - FUTVE League: 2-0 vs Metropolitanos (Won)

7:38 PM12 days ago

Last match

The last meeting between both teams in Venezuela ended with a goalless draw in February 2004. However, their last match was played in Argentina, they tied 2-2. In that match, the goals for the local team were scored by Sand and Cavenaghi, while Vielma and Boada scored for Deportivo Táchira.
7:33 PM12 days ago

History Deportivo Táchira vs River Plate

These teams have faced each other only twice, in group 6 of the 2004 Copa Libertadores, in the home and away matches. In both matches, there were ties, with two goals for each team. In that edition of the Copa Libertadores, Deportivo Táchira managed to reach the quarterfinals, where they were eliminated by Sao Paulo, while River Plate advanced to the semifinals, where they lost to Boca Juniors.
7:28 PM12 days ago

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How to watch Deportivo Táchira vs River Plate Live Stream in USA?

USA Date: Tuesday, April 2

USA Time: 8:30 p.m. ET

USA TV channel: beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN SPORTS en Español and beIN SPORTS

USA Internet Live Updates Commentary: VAVEL

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Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streaming for Deportivo Táchira vs River Plate match for Copa Libertadores?

This is the start time of the game Deportivo Táchira vs River Plate of 2 April 2024 in several countries:

Live Streams

Country Date Local Time TV Channel and Live Streams
USA Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 20:30 ET


Argelia Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 1:30


Australia Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 11:30 AEDT beIN SPORTS 3 and beIN Sports Connect
Bangladesh Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 6:30 IST N/A
Bolivia Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 20:30 ESPN and Star+
Brazil Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 21:30 AM


Canada Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 20:30 ET beIN SPORTS CONNECT Canada, beIN SPORTS en Español, beIN Sports Canada, Fanatiz Canada and fuboTV Canada
Chile Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 21:30 ESPN 5 and Star+
Colombia Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 19:30 Star+ and ESPN
Ecuador Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 19:30 Star+ and ESPN
India Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 5:30 IST N/A
Japan Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 9:30 AM N/A
Mexico Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 18:30 ESPN2 Mexico and Star+
Morocco Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 0:30 beIN Sports HD 2, beIN SPORTS CONNECT and TOD
New Zealand Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 13:30 N/A
Nigeria Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 1:30 StarTimes App and Startimes World Football
Spain Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 1:30 LaLiga+ Spain
United Arab Emirates Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 4:30 beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN Sports HD 2 and TOD
United Kingdom Wednesday, 3 Apr 24 0:30 GMT N/A
Peru Tuesday, 02 Apr 24 19:30


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The Chilean 'Díaz', the wall of River

The standout player in River Plate is the 29-year-old Chilean center back, Paulo Díaz. So far this season, he has shown a solid performance, with a rate of 62% of duels won, both in aerial actions and on the ground. Paulo has become the most important pillar of the team in the defensive zone. Furthermore, he averages 4.4 clearances per game, which reflects his ability to defuse dangerous situations. He also highlights his ability with the ball at his feet, showing an average of 54.7 passes per game with an impressive 87% effectiveness in his deliveries.
7:08 PM12 days ago

Cova, the center of the game

The standout player for Deportivo Táchira is the 31-year-old Venezuelan midfielder, Maurice Cova. So far this season, Cova has participated in 4 goals in just 6 games played after scoring 3 and providing 1 assist. After recovering from an injury, Cova returned strongly and has been key to improving his team's performance. He averages a total of 1.8 shots and 62 touches per game. It is interesting to note that Cova already has experience against River Plate, since he scored a goal against them during the 2016 edition of the Copa Libertadores when he played for Trujillanos.
7:03 PM12 days ago

River's latest lineup

In their last game, River opted for a 4-2-3-1 scheme with the following lineup: Armani defended the goal, while Herrera, González Pírez, Zabala and Enzo Díaz were on the defensive line. In the center of the field, Aliendro and Villagra formed the double pivot. Ahead of them were Simón, Nacho Fernández and Barco as midfielders. Borja occupied the position of the only striker on the team.
6:58 PM12 days ago

Deportivo Táchira's latest lineup

In their last match, Táchira aligned a 3-4-2-1 scheme with the following lineup: Camargo occupied the goal, while Ruiz, Camacho and Benítez were on the defensive line. In the center of the field, Vargas, Cova, Robles and Figueroa took the midfield positions. Hernández and Chacón served as offensive midfielders, while Castillo led the attacking front as the only striker.
6:53 PM12 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

Central: Raphael Claus – Brazil

Assistant #1: Danilo Manis – Brazil

Assistant #2: Guilherme Días – Brazil

Fourth referee: Rodrigo Pereira – Brazil

VAR: Rodolpho Toski – Brazil

AVAR: Rodrigo DAlonso – Brazil

6:48 PM12 days ago

River is already thinking about the fifth

The Argentine team is in fourth position in Group A of the League Cup, right in the last place in the classification. So far in the tournament, they have had 5 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss. This team has won the trophy 4 times, its last victory being in 2018.

In their most recent match, they faced Huracán and suffered a 1-0 defeat. Despite having one more player on the field from the 80th minute, River Plate failed to equalize the score and also lost its undefeated record in the tournament. Although they dominated ball possession, the team did not show enough depth in their attacks and did not create great danger for their rival. The opportunities they had were threatening, but they were unable to achieve them in the area.

6:43 PM12 days ago

Deportivo Táchira wants to beat a great

The team is positioned in fifth place in the Venezuelan first division, with 16 points after playing 10 games. Of these matches, they have achieved 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses. Their last appearance in the Cup was in 2022 and their best performance in this tournament dates back to 2004, when they managed to reach the quarterfinals.

In their last match, they faced Metropolitanos and achieved a 2-0 victory. The goals came in the second half of the match, they were scored by Cova and Hernández Belorín. During the 90 minutes, Táchira demonstrated absolute dominance over its rival, controlled the game and did not suffer any major setbacks in defense.

6:38 PM12 days ago

The match will be played at the Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo

The Deportivo Táchira vs River Plate match will be played at the Polideportivo de Pueblo Nuevo stadium in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, with a capacity of 42,500 people.

Also known as The Sacred Temple, it has hosted several international meetings of the Venezuelan national soccer team. Built in 1974, this stadium was inaugurated in early 1976 with an international series between Deportivo San Cristóbal and Deportivo Cali. Among the events that have taken place in this venue are the 1991 South American U-20 Championship and the 2007 Copa América.

Photo: DvoLaGuaira
Photo: DvoLaGuaira
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