Summary: PSG 1-0 Rennes in French Cup 2024


5:13 PM11 days ago

PSG thinks about Lyon

The match took place with PSG with constant possession of the ball, moving it through different areas of the Rennes playing field. On the other hand, Rennes opted for a more passive tactic, looking for counterattack opportunities. PSG's first goal came from a counterattack led by Mbappé, who had previously missed a penalty that would have meant the first goal of the match.

In the second half, PSG continued to control the pace of the game, while Rennes struggled to generate effective attacks. Despite trying to intensify the pressure in the high zone in the final minutes, Rennes failed to equalize the score. The match concluded with a 1-0 victory for PSG, deserved for their dominance on the field. PSG had 6 goal attempts well contained by goalkeeper Mandanda, while Rennes only registered 2 shots that were adequately answered by Donnarumma.

5:05 PM11 days ago

90+4' The match ends

The match ends with a victory for PSG.
5:02 PM11 days ago


Kalimuendo received a pass in the area, controlled and finished, Skriniar blocked the shot.
5:00 PM11 days ago

90' We're going until 94

4 minutes are added to the match.
4:59 PM11 days ago


Rennes tried a collective move, it ended in nothing.
4:57 PM11 days ago


Terrier shot in the area, Pereira blocked his shot.
4:55 PM11 days ago


Kolo Muani received a great pass from Asensio, entered the area and the shot was easy for Mandanda.
4:54 PM11 days ago

83' Change in PSG

⬆️: Kolo Muani

⬇️: Lee

4:53 PM11 days ago

82' Changes in Rennes

⬆️: Salah and Reider

⬇️: Doué and Gouiri

4:52 PM11 days ago


Vitinha's past center that no one managed to connect.
4:51 PM11 days ago

80' Yellow card 🟨

Foul by Seidu on Hernández.
4:49 PM11 days ago


Hernández's pass was low for Asensio, he finished first and there was a great save from Mandanda.
4:47 PM11 days ago

76' Change in Rennes

⬆️: Le Fee

⬇️: Santamaría 

4:46 PM11 days ago

75' Changes in PSG

⬆️: Ugarte, Pereira, Skriniar and Asensio

⬇️: Dembele, Marquinhos, Zaïre-Emery and Mendes

4:44 PM11 days ago


Kalimuendo shot, saved by Donnarumma in two halves.
4:42 PM11 days ago


Bad back pass from Hakimi in a dangerous PSG attack.
4:40 PM11 days ago

69' Yellow card 🟨

The first of the game for Dembélé due to a foul on Gouiri, free kick for Rennes.
4:39 PM11 days ago


Gouiri was ahead in a Rennes attack.
4:38 PM11 days ago


PSG continues looking for the second but fails to complete the last pass into Rennes territory.
4:35 PM11 days ago


Rejection by the PSG defense in the corner kick.
4:35 PM11 days ago


Bourigeaud's center, Hernández closed in time and sent it to the corner kick.
4:32 PM11 days ago


Center to the area for Terrier, Donnarumma kept it.
4:32 PM11 days ago


Long pass for Mbappé who failed to score it in the area.
4:30 PM11 days ago


PSG recovers the ball quickly when Rennes prepares to go on the attack.
4:28 PM11 days ago


Mbappé's shot on the edge of the area, a hard shot saved by Mandanda.
4:27 PM11 days ago


Foul on Hakimi in the middle of the field.
4:27 PM11 days ago

55' Changes in Rennes

⬆️: Terrier and Seidu

⬇️: Blas and Doué 

4:23 PM11 days ago


Marquinhos offside.
4:23 PM11 days ago


Dembélé got the corner kick for PSG.
4:23 PM11 days ago


Mbappé appeared on the left wing, hooked and looked for the right post, Mandanda saved.
4:21 PM11 days ago


Corner kick for PSG, they took a short shot.
4:20 PM11 days ago


Gouiri received a pass in the area and finished with the bouncing ball, it went just wide.
4:19 PM11 days ago


Foul by Vitinha on Santamaría.
4:17 PM11 days ago


Foul by Bourigeaud on Ruíz.
4:15 PM11 days ago

45' The second half begins

Roll the ball for 45 more minutes.
4:05 PM11 days ago

Analysis of the first half

PSG maintained control of the ball for most of the match, only relinquishing it during Rennes' defensive recoveries. For its part, Rennes adopted a waiting strategy, with its well-positioned lines and good defensive play without possession. Despite PSG's attempts to penetrate the opponent's area by building from the defense, they found themselves against a well-organized Rennes. PSG's goal came on a counterattack led by Mbappé, who was about to open the scoring earlier, but was stopped by Mandanda's intervention on the penalty spot. Without a doubt, Mbappé proved to be the most incisive player in the attack. PSG registered 3 shots on goal compared to Rennes' only shot, the latter needs to react in the second half if it hopes to reach the final.
4:00 PM11 days ago

45+2' We go to rest

The first half ends with a partial victory for PSG.
3:57 PM11 days ago

45' We're going to 47

2 minutes are added to the match.
3:57 PM11 days ago


Mbappé's shot to the far post from the edge of the area went wide.
3:55 PM11 days ago


PSG looked for and found the goal on a counterattack, not in a passing construction as they were trying
3:52 PM11 days ago


Great pass for Mbappé who faced inside the area, the ball deflected off Omari and found all 3 posts.
3:49 PM11 days ago


Mbappé took the penalty near the center of the goal, Mandanda saved it.
3:47 PM11 days ago


Mbappé left with speed, Omari fouled him inside the area.
3:45 PM11 days ago


Foul by Vitinha on Doué in the opposite field.
3:44 PM11 days ago


PSG tries to generate plays from the defensive line but continues without knowing how to break Rennes' defense.
3:41 PM11 days ago


PSG keeps playing but still lacks creativity when reaching the area, good play without the ball from Rennes.
3:38 PM11 days ago


Great personal play by Dembele, he entered the area and finished with his left foot, sending it high above.
3:34 PM11 days ago


Rennes does not have control of the ball but manages to break PSG's passing continuity, which allows them to take care of the score.
3:31 PM11 days ago


Foul by Vitinha on Gouiri in the middle of the field.
3:31 PM11 days ago


Dembélé tried his best and managed to contain the Rennes defense.
3:29 PM11 days ago


PSG handles the ball in the Rennes field, they are not shown enough spaces.
3:27 PM11 days ago


Center that Mandanda calmly controlled.
3:25 PM11 days ago


Great save by Donnarumma after a right-footed shot by Kalimuendo.
3:25 PM11 days ago


Mbappé left alone after an assist from Dembélé, the goalkeeper and the post prevented the goal.
3:24 PM11 days ago


Dembélé's left-footed shot in the area went wide to the side.
3:22 PM11 days ago


Shot from outside the area by Désire Doué, went over the goal.
3:21 PM11 days ago


Rennes tries to take the ball and get closer to the Paris area but PSG quickly recovers the ball.
3:17 PM11 days ago


Nuno Mendes scored a left corner kick for PSG.
3:16 PM11 days ago


Pass from Dembélé to Lee that resulted in a rebound and a ball recovery for Rennes.
3:12 PM11 days ago

0' The match starts

Roll the ball in the Parc des Princes.
2:58 PM11 days ago

Substitutes – Rennes

Gauthier Gallon, Christopher Wooh, Azor Matusiwa, Martin Terrier, Jeanuël Belocian, Enzo Le Fée, Fabian Rieder, Ibrahim Salah and Alidu Seidu.
2:58 PM11 days ago

Line-up – Rennes


30. S. Mandanda

17. G. Doué – 23. W. Omari – 5. A. Theate – 3. A. Truffert

8. B. Santamaría

10. A. Gouiri – 14. B. Bourigeaud – 11. L. Blas – 33. D. Doué

9. A. Kalimuendo


2:55 PM11 days ago

Rennes Average Age

The average age in the Rennes squad is 24.3 years. The most experienced player is French goalkeeper and captain Steve Mandanda, 39, who joined the club in 2022. On the other hand, the youngest players are Désiré Doué, French playmaker, Mahamadou Nagida, Cameroonian full-back, and Mathis Lambourde, French forward, all of them 18 years old.
2:47 PM11 days ago

Substitutes – PSG

Keylor Navas, Manuel Ugarte Ribeiro, Gonçalo Ramos, Marco Asensio, Danilo Pereira, Randal Kolo Muani, Nordi Mukiele, Carlos Soler and Maln Skriniar.
2:46 PM11 days ago

Line-up – PSG


99. G. Donnarumma

2. A. Hakimi – 5. Marquinhos – 21. Lucas – 25. Nuno Mendes

33. W. Zaïre-Emery – 17. Vitinha – 8. F. Peña

19. K. Lee

7. K. Mbappé – 10. O. Dembelé


2:41 PM11 days ago

PSG average age

PSG has an average age of 25.2 years in its squad. The oldest player is Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas, 37, who joined the French team in 2019. In contrast, the youngest players are Ethan Mbappé, French midfielder, and Senny Mayulu, French playmaker, both 17 years old. age.
2:40 PM11 days ago

Home and away statistics

During this season and last, PSG has played 20 home games, with 14 wins, 5 draws and a single loss. This has allowed them to add 47 points out of a possible 60 in their own stadium, which represents an effectiveness of 78.3% at home. On the other hand, Rennes has played 20 away games, with 8 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses, achieving 30 points out of a possible 60, which translates into an effectiveness of 50% away from home.
2:35 PM11 days ago

Last five games – Rennes

February 29 - French Cup: 1-3 vs Le Puy Foot 43 Auvergne (Won)

March 3 – Ligue 1: 1-2 vs Lorient (Lost)

March 10 - Ligue 1: 2-2 vs LOSC Lille (Drawed)

March 17 - Ligue 1: 2-0 vs Marseille (Won)

March 31 - Ligue 1: 2-0 vs Racing Strasbourg (Lost)

2:30 PM11 days ago

Last five games – PSG

March 5 - Champions League: 1-2 vs Real Sociedad (Won)

March 10 - Ligue 1: 2-2 vs Reims (Drawed)

March 13 - Ligue 1: 3-1 vs Nice (Won)

March 17 - Ligue 1: 2-6 vs Montpellier (Won)

March 31 – Ligue 1: 0-2 vs Marseille (Won)

2:25 PM11 days ago

Last five PSG vs Rennes in Paris

2018/19 – French Cup: PSG 2 – 1 Rennes

2020/21 – Ligue 1: PSG 3 – 0 Rennes

2021/22 – Ligue 1: PSG 1 – 0 Rennes

2022/23 – Ligue 1: PSG 0 – 2 Rennes

2023/24 – Ligue 1: PSG 1 – 1 Rennes

2:20 PM11 days ago

Last match

In their last match at the Parc des Princes, corresponding to matchday 23 of the 2023-2024 season, the match ended with a 1-1 draw. The visiting team's goal was scored by Amine Gouiri, while the home team managed to equalize thanks to a penalty converted by Gonçalo Ramos in injury time.
2:15 PM11 days ago

History PSG vs Rennes

These teams have met 81 times, with 40 wins for PSG, 19 draws and 22 wins for Rennes. The matches have taken place in both Ligue 1 and the French Cup, the French Super Cup and the League Cup. PSG have scored a total of 120 goals, while Rennes have scored 77. In the French Cup, they have faced each other in the first, ninth and tenth rounds. They only met once in a final, in the 2018-2019 season, where Rennes triumphed 6-5. They also met in the final of the Super Cup, where PSG emerged victorious in 2019. In the League Cup, they met in the semifinals of the 2017-2018 season, where PSG advanced to the final.
2:10 PM11 days ago

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How to watch PSG vs Rennes Live Stream in USA?

USA Date: Wednesday, March 3

USA Time: 3:10 p.m. ET

USA TV channel: Fox Sports 2 and FOX Deportes

USA Stream channel: and FOX Sports App

USA Internet Live Updates Commentary: VAVEL

2:00 PM11 days ago

Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streaming for PSG vs Rennes match for Coupe de France?

This is the start time of the game PSG vs Rennes of 3 March 2024 in several countries:

Live Streams

Country Date Local Time TV Channel and Live Streams
USA Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 15:10 ET Fox Sports 2, FOX Deportes, and FOX Sports App
Argelia Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 20:10


Australia Thursday, 4 Apr 24 6:10 AEDT

beIN Sports Connect and beIN SPORTS 3

Bangladesh Thursday, 4 Apr 24 1:10 IST N/A
Bolivia Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 15:10 N/A
Brazil Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 16:10 AM N/A
Canada Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 15:10 ET


Chile Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 16:10 DGO, DIRECTV Sports Chile and Zapping Sports
Colombia Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 14:10 DGO and DIRECTV Sports Colombia
Ecuador Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 14:10

DIRECTV Sports Ecuador and DGO

India Thursday, 4 Apr 24 0:10 IST N/A
Japan Thursday, 4 Apr 24 4:10 AM DAZN Japan
Mexico Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 13:10 TVC Deportes
Morocco Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 19:10 beIN Sports HD 4, beIN SPORTS CONNECT and TOD
New Zealand Thursday, 4 Apr 24 8:10

beIN Sports Connect New Zealand

Nigeria Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 20:10 N/A
Spain Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 20:10 N/A
United Arab Emirates Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 23:10 beIN Sports HD 4, TOD and beIN SPORTS CONNECT
United Kingdom Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 19:10 GMT N/A
Peru Wednesday, 03 Apr 24 14:10 DGO and DIRECTV Sports Peru
1:55 PM11 days ago

Bourigeaud, the decisive midfielder

The featured player is 30-year-old French midfielder Benjamin Bourigeaud. So far this season, he has been involved in a total of 21 goals in 36 games played. Of these, he has scored 13 goals and provided 8 assists. He has influence in the middle of the field, mainly on the right wing, Bourigeaud averages 60 touches per game and shows an 83% effectiveness rate in passing. Furthermore, he is a player who occupies a wide space along the field and is in charge of executing set pieces for his team.
1:50 PM11 days ago

Mbappé, the star of PSG

The standout player on PSG is the 25-year-old French striker, Kylian Mbappé. So far this season, he has proven to be the most fundamental piece of his team. With a record of 38 goals and 8 assists in just 38 games, Mbappé has made clear his impact in all competitions. He leads the table of top scorers in both Ligue 1 and the Champions League and the Coupe de France. He stands out for his lethality in the area, with 87% of his goals scored from that sector. Mbappé appears to be a dangerous player, capable of unbalancing both on the left wing and in the center of the field.
1:45 PM11 days ago

Last Rennes lineup

In their last game, Rennes lined up a 4-1-4-1 formation: Mandanda in goal; Duué, Omari, Wooh and Theate made up the defensive line; Santamaría acted as a pivot in the center of the field; while Désiré Doué, Bourigeaud, Matusiwa and Terrien were in central positions; Gouiri was the only forward.
1:40 PM11 days ago

PSG's latest lineup

In their last match, PSG lined up a 4-3-2-1 formation with the following distribution: Donnarumma in goal; Hakimi, Pereira, Beraldo and Lucas forming the defensive line; In the center of the field were Zaïre-Emery, Vitinha and Peña; Dembele acted as a playmaker; while Kolo Muani and Mbappé occupied the forward positions.
1:35 PM11 days ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

Central: Ruddy Buquet

Assistant #1: Julien Pacelli

Assistant #2: Cédric Favre

Fourth referee: Willy Delajod

VAR: Nicolas Rainville

AVAR: Bruno Coue

1:30 PM11 days ago

Rennes wants the fourth cup

The Rennes city team has won the Coupe de France title three times, its last victory being in the 2018-2019 season. Currently, the team is participating in two competitions: the French Cup and Ligue 1, where it occupies eighth position with 39 points, outside of international competition positions.

In their most recent match, Rennes faced Racing Strasbourg as a visitor and suffered a 2-0 defeat. Despite having possession of the ball, the team failed to create danger in the rival area, while Racing de Strasbourg knew how to handle defensive actions effectively.

1:25 PM11 days ago

PSG wants to face Lyon

PSG have lifted the Coupe de France trophy 14 times and are looking to add a fifteenth title to their history. Currently, the Parisian team is in three competitions: The Champions League, where it advanced to the quarterfinals and will face Barcelona; the Coupe de France; and Ligue 1, where he leads the table with 62 points and only one defeat to his name.

In their most recent match, PSG faced Marseille in the French football classic and won 2-0. Despite playing with one less player after Beraldo was sent off in the 40th minute, the team managed to win thanks to goals from Ferreira and Gonçalo Ramos.

1:20 PM11 days ago

The match will be played at the Parc des Princes

The PSG vs Rennes match will be played at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France with capacity for 47,929 people.

It was inaugurated on July 18, 1897. Since 1974, it has been the home of the Paris Saint-Germain football club. In addition, between 1972 and 1997, the stadium was used as a venue for matches of the French football and rugby teams, before of the construction of the Stade de France. Throughout its history, the Parc des Princes has hosted several events, including the World Cup, the European Championship, the European Cup final, the Cup Winners' Cup final and the UEFA Cup final.

Photo: EFE
Foto: EFE
1:15 PM11 days ago

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