Summary: Golden State Warriors 134-120 Los
Angeles Lakers in NBA 2024


12:21 AM5 days ago


Warriors 134-120 Lakers
12:17 AM5 days ago

4Q | 1.26

Timeout for the Lakers.
12:16 AM5 days ago

4Q | 1.36

Santos scores two points.
12:13 AM5 days ago

4Q | 2.33

Timeout for Lakers.
12:13 AM5 days ago

4Q | 3.11

Reaves adds two points, 22 in the game for him.
12:08 AM5 days ago

4Q | 4.51

Lebron makes one of two, timeout for GS.
12:07 AM5 days ago

4Q | 5.00

Couple of minutes without points, something strange in this game.
12:05 AM5 days ago

4Q | 6.00

Blank minute for both teams.
11:59 PM5 days ago

4Q | 7.21

Timeout for Lakers.
11:58 PM5 days ago

4Q | 8.46

Curry and a routine three-pointer for him.
11:53 PM5 days ago

4C | 9.58

Time-out for GS.
11:53 PM5 days ago

4Q | 10.05

Lebron there is unstoppable, two more points for 23.
11:51 PM5 days ago

4Q | 11.08

Il Lebron gets into the painted area and scores two points.
11:50 PM5 days ago

4Q | 12.00

11:46 PM5 days ago

End 3rd Quarter

Warriors 106-89 Lakers
11:45 PM5 days ago

3Q | 0.36

Kuminga from three-point range, twenty three-pointers for GS on the night.
11:44 PM5 days ago

3Q | 1.23

Podziemski from the promised land, three more points for him.
11:43 PM5 days ago

3Q | 2.46

Three-pointer by Thompson, 20 points in the game for him.
11:42 PM5 days ago

3Q | 3.10

Hayes penetrates into the painted area and turns it over for two more points.
11:36 PM5 days ago

3Q | 4.23

Hachimura keeps on scoring, two points for him. Lakers lose by 8 points. Timeout for GS.
11:34 PM5 days ago

3Q | 5.51

Dinwiddie from the Promised Land, adds three points.
11:33 PM5 days ago

3Q | 6.37

Gary Payton from the promised zone, three-pointer for him.
11:32 PM5 days ago

3Q | 7.31

Thompson in the painted area, enters and scores two points.
11:30 PM5 days ago

3Q | 8.26

Wiggins hangs on the rim and scores two more points.
11:25 PM5 days ago

3Q | 9.25

Time-out - Golden State
11:23 PM5 days ago

3Q | 9.54

Lebron two points and wins a free throw.
11:22 PM5 days ago

3Q | 10.21

Hachimura from the promised land, adds three more points.
11:20 PM5 days ago

3Q | 12.00

11:03 PM5 days ago


Warriors 71-60 Lakers
11:02 PM5 days ago

2Q | 0.36

Reaves from the promised land and adds a triple.
11:01 PM5 days ago

2Q | 1.05

Time-out - Lakers
11:01 PM5 days ago

2Q | 1.36

Wiggins gets into the paint, destroys the defense and scores two points.
10:59 PM5 days ago

2Q | 2.10

Draymond Green is on fire, his fourth triple on the night.
10:56 PM5 days ago

2Q | 3.04

Curry from the promised land, adds three more points.
10:52 PM5 days ago

2Q | 4.24

Time-out for GS.
10:50 PM5 days ago

2Q | 5.09

Many mistakes in the last minute of the game, both teams did not score points.
10:46 PM5 days ago

2Q | 6.26

Timeout- Lakers
10:45 PM5 days ago

2Q | 6.59

Green from the promised land, three points for him.
10:44 PM5 days ago

2Q | 7.37

Another courtesy of Wiggins, from the promised land, delivers.
10:43 PM5 days ago

2Q | 8.07

Wiggins shoots from the promised land and scores his first three points.
10:41 PM5 days ago

2Q | 9.17

Russell from the promised land, three points for him.
10:39 PM5 days ago

2Q | 10.56

Back floater for Lebron, two more points for his account.
10:36 PM5 days ago

2Q | 12.00

10:33 PM5 days ago

End of first quarter

Warriors 38-29 Lakers
10:30 PM5 days ago

1Q | 0.36

Podziemski, from the promised land, makes a three-pointer.
10:29 PM5 days ago

1Q | 1.45

Hayes throws a floater and adds two more points.
10:24 PM5 days ago

1Q | 2.16

Hachimura shoots from the painted area and scores two points. Time-out for GS.
10:23 PM5 days ago

1Q | 3.52

Podziemski enters the painted area and scores two more points.
10:21 PM5 days ago

1Q | 4.01

Austin Reaves is fouled and gets hit in the paint.
10:19 PM5 days ago

1Q | 5.17

Curry responds, scores from the promised land, tremendous duel with Lebron.
10:18 PM5 days ago

1Q | 5.26

Lebron appears, from the promised land scores a three-pointer.
10:13 PM5 days ago

1Q | 6.26

Timeout - Lakers
10:13 PM5 days ago

1Q | 6.46

Thompson gets into the paint, scoring two more points.
10:11 PM5 days ago

1Q | 7.46

Hachimura loses possession and gives the ball to GS, Lakers lead 9-8.
10:10 PM5 days ago

1Q | 8.46

Green again from the promised land, three more points.
10:10 PM5 days ago

1Q | 9.34

Austin Reaves, from long distance, makes a three-point basket.
10:09 PM5 days ago

1Q | 10.05

From the promised land, Green makes a three-point basket.
10:07 PM5 days ago

1Q | 11.26

Step Curry scores the first points.
10:06 PM5 days ago

Start to game

The ball is already rolling on the court of the Arena.
9:50 PM5 days ago

Starting Lineup- Lakers

This is the Lakers starting lineup for tonight's game. 

Rui Hachimura
Lebron James
Jaxson Hayes
Austin Reaves
D'Angelo Russell

9:48 PM5 days ago

Refereeing team

This is the refereeing crew for tonight.

Golden State vs Lakers

Zach Zarba (#15)

Justin Van Duyne (#64)

Jason Goldenberg (#35)

Replay Center: Tre Maddox, John Conley, Brandon Schwab, Sha'Rae Mitchell, Intae Hwang

9:43 PM5 days ago

Starting line-up - Warriors

This is the Warriors starting line-up for today's game.

Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson 
Andrew Wiggins 
Draymond Green
Trayce Jackson- Davis

9:40 PM5 days ago

Injury Report - Lakers

Here is the Lakers injury report for tonight's game:

Anthony Davis C

LeBron James SF

Jarred Vanderbilt PF

Jalen Hood-Schifino SG

Christian Wood PF

9:38 PM5 days ago

Injury report- Warriors

Here is the Warriors injury report for tonight's game: 
Andrew Wiggins SF
Dario Saric PF
Gary Payton II PG
9:33 PM5 days ago

Face to face: Warriors vs Lakers

These two teams have met 437 times in the regular season, with 262 wins for the Lakers and 175 wins for the Warriors.
9:29 PM5 days ago

Lakers need a combination of results

The goal of returning to the 8th place in the conference is not only achieved with a win, Lakers will have to wait for other results to achieve the 8th place in the conference.
9:24 PM5 days ago

Hachimura, key man in the face of absenteeism

Hachimura was the key man in the previous game, in the absence of Lebron and Davis, the Asian took the lead and was the man with the most points for the purple team. 
9:19 PM5 days ago

Lakers play their last home game

The Los Angeles team closes the regular season at home, hoping to close with a win at home in the Play-In battle. 
9:14 PM5 days ago

Prelude to a Play-In clash

Both teams could meet in the first round of the Play-In, so this clash will serve as a prelude to what could be a direct confrontation between the two teams to stay in the race for the playoffs.
9:09 PM5 days ago

Step Curry will see action tonight

Point guard Stephen Curry will see action tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers after missing previous games due to injury. 
9:04 PM5 days ago

Start of coverage

We are already in the coverage of this NBA regular season game. The Los Angeles Lakers host the Golden State Warriors at home, in a duel of teams that will be in the fight for a playoff spot through the Play-In.
8:59 PM5 days ago

Follow Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers minute by minute with VAVEL

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How to watch Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers in USA

USA Date: Tuesday, April 9th
● Time in USA: 10 p.m. ET
● U.S. TV channel: ESPN
● USA TV channel (Spanish): ESPN Deportes
● USA Internet Latest Info Commentary: VAVEL
8:49 PM5 days ago

Date, time, TV Channel and Live Streamings for Golden State Warriors-Los Angeles Lakers matchfor NBA?

The game will be televised on ESPN.
Grizzlies vs Warriors can be tuned in from the channels of ESPN App.
If you want to follow the result of the game online, VAVEL is your best option.

This is the kick-off time for the game in several countries:

Argentina: 23:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Bolivia: 22:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Brazil: 23:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Chile: 22:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Colombia: 21:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus 
Ecuador: 21:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
USA (ET): 22:00 PM in NBCSCA and Spectrum SportsNet 
Spain: 4:00 AM in NBA League Pass (April 10)
Mexico: 21:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Paraguay: 23:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Peru: 21:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Uruguay: 23:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus
Venezuela: 22:00 PM in ESPN and Star Plus

8:44 PM5 days ago

Key player of the Lakers: Rui Hachimura, the spark plug for Los Angeles

The man to watch in this game for the Lakers is Japan's Rui Hachimura, who put in an outstanding performance in his team's loss to Minnesota last Sunday. Hachimura had 30 points, six rebounds and one assist in that game.

On the season, he is averaging 26.6 minutes per game, 13.5 points, 4.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game.

8:39 PM5 days ago

Key player of the Warriors: Klay Thompson, called to excel in this game

Forward Klay Thompson may not have had one of his best seasons, but he still has plenty of dynamite in his wrist, capable of leading an offense as versatile as the Warriors'.

Thompson had 32 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists in his team's win over Utah. The Los Angeles native averages 29.6 minutes per game, 17.6 points per game and has a 43 percent shooting percentage from the field.

8:34 PM5 days ago

Latest Lakers lineup

The Lakers had the following line-up for Sunday's game against the Minnesota Timberwolves:

Rui Hachimura (Forward)

Austin Reaves (Small Forward)

Anthony Davis (Post)

D'Angelo Russell (Point Guard)

Spencer Dinwiddie (Point Guard)

8:29 PM5 days ago

Warriors' last lineup

Here's how the Warriors lined up for Sunday's game against the Utah Jazz:

Klay Thompson (small forward)

Draymond Green (small forward)

Trayce Jackson-Davis (Post)

Chris Paul (Point guard)

Brandin Podziemski (Point Guard)

8:24 PM5 days ago

Lakers to win in search of a better position

The locals need a win to try to improve their position for the Play-Ins, the goal is to get a little higher in the Standing, to get a double chance to access the playoffs, at the moment they are half a game away from the eighth place, a position that would leave them close to the goal.
8:19 PM5 days ago

Warriors in a compromising situation

The Warriors have managed to get into the Play-In, however, they could face their opponent on Tuesday, which will undoubtedly test Golden State's ability to try to advance as far as possible in the fight for the best eight in the conference.
8:14 PM5 days ago

NBA action continues

Tonight, the NBA regular season action continues, the Los Angeles Lakers host the Golden State Warriors at home, in a duel that defines little or nothing in terms of Play-In options, as the members have been defined, the only thing left to do is to define the final positions.
8:09 PM5 days ago

The match will be played at the Arena

The Golden State Warriors - Los Angeles Lakers match will be played at the Arena in Los Angeles, California (USA), with a capacity of 20,000 people. The arena is used for NBA, WNBA and NHL games.
Foto: Arena
Foto: Arena
8:04 PM5 days ago

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