Summary: Manchester City 5-1 Luton Town in Premier League
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11:55 AMa day ago

95' It's over!

The match ends, Manchester City beat Luton at home to close their match this day.
11:53 AMa day ago

93' Goal, goal, goal from Manchester City!

Powerful shot at the goal from outside the area by Gvardiol, the ball enters a corner, a great match for the locals.

11:52 AMa day ago


The locals were looking for the fifth of the night, but the shots ended up crashing into the defense.
11:49 AMa day ago

88' Luton changes

Nelson and Johnson enter for Onyendima and Clark.
11:47 AMa day ago

87' Manchester City goal!

The fourth of the night arrived for the locals. Excellent start from City, Doku drove to the area, entered and sent his shot to the far post, it hit and went in to score the fourth.
11:45 AMa day ago


Álvarez cannot shake off the mark of the visit to go all out for the fourth goal.
11:44 AMa day ago


Luton seeks to get closer on the scoreboard, however they fail to take advantage of the opportunities they have.
11:42 AMa day ago

81' Goal, goal, goal for Luton!

Good steal of the ball by Barkley, the driving player enters the area and shoots, Ederson fails to get that shot.
11:42 AMa day ago

79' Manchester City changes

Boob and Gómez enter for Halaand and De Bruyne.
11:37 AMa day ago

77' Luton changes

Berry comes out for Mpanzu
11:36 AMa day ago

76' Manchester City goal!

The third came for the locals, Halaand put the third after shooting from eleven steps.
11:34 AMa day ago

74' Penalty for Manchester City!

Doku is brought down by Onyendima inside the area and the whistler does not hesitate.
11:33 AMa day ago


Nunes' shot at the visiting goal, but Kaminski avoids the third.
11:32 AMa day ago


Despite Luton's attempts to open spaces for the rival goal, they cannot pierce the local defense.
11:30 AMa day ago


Doku looked to overwhelm with danger looking for the second, but ended up falling before entering the area.
11:28 AMa day ago


Lewis arrived with danger, but Kaminski ended up deflecting the ball.
11:26 AMa day ago

65' Stick!

Tremendous shot by Woodrow at the local goal, but the ball crashes into the corner of the goal.
11:24 AMa day ago

63' Goal, goal, goal from Manchester City!

After a corner kick, Kovacic appeared with a volley finishing that stroke and Kaminski was unable to get the ball out.
11:22 AMa day ago

61' Near!

Kovacic shot at the visitors' goal, but the ball went wide of the game.
11:19 AMa day ago

59' Luton Town Substitution

Townsend leaves the game for Woodrow
11:17 AMa day ago


Dias' shot at the goal, but the ball goes slightly wide.
11:15 AMa day ago


The locals walk the ball in search of opening up the spaces to go for second.
11:12 AMa day ago


Días shot at the goal, but the ball went far from the local goal.
11:10 AMa day ago


11:08 AMa day ago


Back and forth at the start, both teams fight for the ball.
11:05 AMa day ago

45' Play the second half!

The actions are resumed and the complement is now being played.
10:51 AMa day ago



The first half ends, City wins by the minimum.

10:50 AMa day ago


Four minutes are added to the first half.
10:46 AMa day ago

44' Goalie!

De Bruyne's shot, but Kaminski manages to deflect the ball.
10:44 AMa day ago


This time it is Berry, preventing Halaand from hitting the ball with his head.
10:42 AMa day ago


Center from the locals, but Doughty ends up deflecting the ball.
10:42 AMa day ago


City has already taken possession of the ball, with Halaand and Nunes they are going to the front with everything.
10:38 AMa day ago


Nunes Amanda shot at the goal, but the ball went far.
10:36 AMa day ago


Townsend appears opportunely to prevent them from looking for the second.
10:34 AMa day ago


The ball moves in the middle of the field for most of the time, both teams seek to win it.
10:32 AMa day ago


Good intervention by Kaminski preventing the second from falling.
10:29 AMa day ago

27' What thing!

Matheus' shot, but the ball hits the post.
10:27 AMa day ago


Díaz shoots at the visitors' goal, but Kaminski keeps the ball.
10:26 AMa day ago


Complete possession for the locals, despite the fact that Luton seeks to go ahead, the defense keeps everything away from the ball.
10:24 AMa day ago


Morris fails to create dangerous plays, the visitors multiply even further.
10:21 AMa day ago

19' What thing!

Center that Gvardiol heads in, however the ball goes wide.
10:18 AMa day ago


Good intervention by Lewis, preventing Morris from shooting at the local goal.
10:16 AMa day ago

14' Almost!

Nunes was close to scoring the second with a shot on goal, but an attentive Kaminski deflected that shot.
10:15 AMa day ago


Akanji tried to go to the front, however the locals prevented the second from arriving.
10:13 AMa day ago


The locals dominate the match, constantly looking for the second in the visiting area.
10:10 AMa day ago


Gvardiol's right shot at the goal, but the ball is deflected by the goalkeeper.
10:10 AMa day ago


Nunes seeks to create danger up front, but the defense keeps the ball away.
10:07 AMa day ago


The start is quite busy, both teams fight for the ball, but the locals are the ones who maintain possession.
10:05 AMa day ago

1' Manchester City goal!

The game started off fast, after a shot from Halaand, the ball collides with Hashioka and enters his goal.
10:03 AMa day ago

0' Start the game

The ball rolls at the Etihad Stadium.
10:01 AMa day ago

Luton Town: LineUp

Kaminski, Burke, Hashioka, Onyedinma, Doughty, Barkley, Berry, Clark, Morris, Chong, Townsend
10:01 AMa day ago

Manchester City: LineUp

Ederson, Dias, Gvardiol, Akanji, Kovacic, De Bruyne, Álvarez, Lewis, Haaland, Doku, Nunes
9:55 AMa day ago


Luton Town is already in the stadium, they will look to add three in this complex house, a place where they have not managed to add three.
9:52 AMa day ago

At home

City has already arrived at the building, they will give their best in the next 90 minutes and will go all out.
9:50 AMa day ago

Be careful with this player

Erling Halaand has 19 goals in 25 games, the forward will go all out to score three in this match.
9:46 AMa day ago

Complete cart

Although they played against Real Madrid without three players such as Kyle Walker, Nathan Aké and Josko Gvardiol, the local squad tonight will play with all their available elements.
9:41 AMa day ago

What a duel!

Manchester City played their first match of the Champions League quarterfinals this Wednesday, the score ended tied at 3 goals, so they need to win the following Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu.
9:33 AMa day ago

Is very close

There is less than half an hour until this important match begins, there are 90 quite exciting minutes ahead.
9:30 AMa day ago

Watch out!

There are 16 games that City have not lost in the Premier League, adding 12 wins and 4 draws, numbers that they will seek to increase today.
9:25 AMa day ago

What numbers!

There are 40 games that City have played without losing at home, so those led by Guardiola will go all out to add three.
9:20 AMa day ago

Will he break the curse?

Luton have played 16 away games against Manchester City, of which they have not managed to win a single game, a streak that they will seek to end tonight.
9:15 AMa day ago

What a fact!

There are eight goals that City have managed to score in the two games they played against this rival this season.
9:10 AMa day ago

What thing!

There are four games that Manchester City has accumulated, beating Luton in the Premier, so the visit will go all out to add three.
9:05 AMa day ago

We came back!

We are back for the minute by minute match between Manchester City and Luton Town. We will soon share the latest information as well as the confirmed lineups.
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Don't leave here to follow Manchester City vs Luton Town live

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Manchester City vs Luton Town live, as well as the latest information emerging from the Etihad Stadium. Don't miss any details of the match with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.
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Where and how to watch Manchester City vs Luton Town online and live

The match will be broadcast on television on the Sky Sports channel.

Manchester City vs Luton Town can be tuned into the Blue to Go App live streams.

If you want to watch the game live online, VAVEL Mexico is your best option.

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What time is the Manchester City vs Luton Town match corresponding to Matchday 33 of the Premier League?

This is the start time of the Manchester City vs Luton Town match on April 13, 2024 in various countries:

Argentina: 06:00 hours

Bolivia: 05:00 hours

Brazil: 08:00 hours

Chile: 08:00 hours

Colombia: 09:00 hours

Ecuador: 10:00 am

United States: 10:00 a.m. PT and 12:00 p.m. ET

Mexico: 08:00 hours

Paraguay: 06:00 hours

Peru: 06:00 hours

Uruguay: 06:00 hours

Venezuela: 08:00 hours

Japan: 5:00 p.m.

India: 11:00 p.m.

Nigeria: 02:00 hours

South Africa: 01:00 hours

Australia: 4:00 p.m.

United Kingdom ET: 03:00 hours

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Manchester City Statements

Pep Guardiola spoke after the match in midweek: "I prefer the Vuelta at home because of past experiences. You cannot take away favoritism from the 'king' of the competition in these situations. The favorite will be the one who imposes his game the most, but our people "He's going to support us. I have too much of a good opinion of Real Madrid to think that it's not going to be an open tie."

"We have to try to be a little better in the final third, but I knew it was going to happen, which has happened more than usual due to errors by very reliable players. We had the game more or less under control in the second half and "Their talent tied the game."

  “Last season we won and two years ago they eliminated us. It is becoming a classic. The return is home, a place where we feel strong and confident. There are many parties within the same party. They are very dangerous. Everyone knows how strong they are in transitions. You can't come alone to control the game, you have to try to hurt them. We are talking about Real Madrid, which controls many aspects of the game. “We will try to impose our style.”

"There are millions of factors that make one or another a good coach. Being a manager is not easy at all. The attributes of a coach do not refer only to a question of tactics. You have to know how to manage and Ancelotti is not at all a bad coach tactically. "Don't believe it because in Manchester we have a very high opinion of what it is like."

“I'm not the same guy from Barça. "I have learned a lot from different leagues, although the influence of Barça is very great."

“It is a very big loss. We will play with eleven and we will try to adapt to get a good result for the second leg.”

“He is only 19 years old and is having a brilliant season, also with England. The Bellingham difference is in his head. “Ancelotti has found the best position for him.”

8:40 AMa day ago

Luton Town's latest lineup

Kaminski; Kashioka, Mengi, Burke; Kaboré, Clark, Barkley, Doughty; Townsend, Morris, Chong
8:35 AMa day ago

Manchester City's latest lineup

Ortega Moreno; Stones, Akanji, Rúben Dias, Gvardiol; Rodri, Kovačić, Bernardo Silva, Grealish, Foden, Håland.
8:30 AMa day ago

How do you get to Luton Town?

Luton Town was able to get three points at home against Bournemouth two goals to one, in this match they will have the complex task of adding three points at a time in order to climb positions.

8:25 AMa day ago

How does Manchester City arrive?

Manchester City beat Crystal Palace four goals to two on the last day of the Premier League played, so they will seek to continue this good streak.

8:20 AMa day ago

Manchester City vs Luton Town match will be played at the Etihad Stadium

The Manchester City vs Luton Town match will be played at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, United Kingdom. The property has a capacity for 30,445 people.
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Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Manchester City vs Luton Town match, corresponding to Matchday 33 of the Premier League. The match will take place at the Etihad Stadium at 08:00.