Highlights and best moments: Mazatlan 0-0 Santos Laguna, 2021 Liga MX
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Thank you!

Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the third round match between Mazatlan and Santos. See you next time.
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Maintain leadership

Santos provisionally leads the Liga MX standings with seven points, while Mazatlán now has four.
12:27 AMa month ago

End game

Mazatlán 0-0 Santos.
12:26 AMa month ago


Aguirre's crossed cross and this looks like it will end in a draw.
12:24 AMa month ago


Four minutes are added.
12:23 AMa month ago


Gorriarán's shot from outside the area goes just wide.
12:21 AMa month ago


Valdés' free kick to the wall and Dória's long-range attempt crashes into the defense.
12:19 AMa month ago


Otero is fouled and Santos will have a direct free kick.
12:15 AMa month ago


Change Mazatlan.

Jiménez comes out and Néstor Vidrio comes in.

12:13 AMa month ago


Valdés' header inside the six-yard box goes just inside the post, close to Santos.
12:12 AMa month ago


Meraz enters and Reyes leaves, Mazatlan change.
12:09 AMa month ago


Diego Valdés' goal was disallowed because Vikonis came out, closed down and left the striker unmarked.
12:07 AMa month ago


Diaz will not be able to continue and will be replaced by Carlos Orrantia. Santos substitution.
12:05 AMa month ago


Valdés' shot with power, but just to Vikonis' location.
12:04 AMa month ago


The ball stings inside the six-yard box, but the referee calls a foul.
12:03 AMa month ago


Valdés' mid-range shot hits a defender and a corner kick is awarded.
12:00 AMa month ago


Lorenzo Reyes receives the yellow card.
11:58 PMa month ago


Santos' most important chance came from Otero, who broke away at speed and shot right at Vikonis' spot.
11:56 PMa month ago


Change for Mazatlan.

Perez goes out and Oliveira comes in.

11:55 PMa month ago


Cándido's cross and Perez's shot is crushed and goes wide.
11:53 PMa month ago


Prieto's cross to the far post goes wide.
11:52 PMa month ago


Sanvezzo stops the offensive play with a pull and the referee talks to him to warn him.
11:49 PMa month ago


Santos' Changes

In: Jeraldino and Aguirre.

Out: Ocejo and Isijara.

11:47 PMa month ago


A shot from outside the area goes just over the crossbar.
11:45 PMa month ago


Santos free kick that ends early due to a previous offside.
11:43 PMa month ago


Timely sweep by Vargas when looking for Ocejo. Corner kick.
11:40 PMa month ago


Ocejo is marked in an advanced position.
11:38 PMa month ago


The second half begins at the Kraken.
11:38 PMa month ago

Mazatlán 0-0 Santos

10:35 PMa month ago


The game kicks off at Kraken Stadium.
10:25 PMa month ago

We are minutes away

We are almost ready for the start of the game at the Kraken between Mazatlan FC and Santos Laguna.
10:20 PMa month ago

This is Santos' lineup

10:16 PMa month ago

The first results

Yesterday San Luis beat Chivas 3-1 and, right now, Tijuana is beating Puebla 1-0.
10:10 PMa month ago

High contrast

While Mazatlán has conceded five goals in 180 minutes, Santos has kept its goal unbeaten by leaving it intact thanks in large part to the work of Carlos Acevedo.
10:05 PMa month ago

Seats in green

Santos "thanked" Mazatlan for painting the seats green and making them feel at home.

10:00 PMa month ago

Intense activity

Santos and Mazatlan were heating up the game on social media, where Santos put on their glasses by trolling the purple team.
9:55 PMa month ago

XI Santos

Acevedo; Díaz, Torres, Dória, Cervantes; Otero, Valdés, Gorriarán, Prieto, Isijara; Ocejo.
9:50 PMa month ago

XI Mazatlán

Vikonis; Díaz, Vargas, Jiménez, Mendoza; Osuna, Reyes, Ramírez, Pérez; Millar, Sanvezzo.
9:45 PMa month ago

Talent is

Luis Mendoza and his ability on the flanks must be exploited by Mazatlan to make the difference from the first moments.

9:40 PMa month ago

This is how they arrived

Santos presented themselves at the Kraken Stadium, complying with the health measures to avoid further contagions.

9:35 PMa month ago

With all the attitude

This is how Santos came out a few moments ago, to get to know the pitch where they will be looking for their third victory in a row.


9:30 PMa month ago

They shared points

In the U17 game, Mazatlan and Santos drew 2-2 in regular time, with Mazatlan winning 4-2 in an extra penalty shootout for an extra point.
9:25 PMa month ago


This was the sunset a few moments ago in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

9:20 PMa month ago

Experience vs. youth

Midfield could be the difference in this game.

9:15 PMa month ago

They have arrived

Mazatlan already arrived at the Kraken aiming for their second win of the season.

9:10 PMa month ago

We start

Friday's football action comes to a close with a big match when Mazatlan hosts Santos Laguna. We'll bring you all the details.
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Tune in here

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Last games

The only previous meeting between these two teams took place on the last matchday of last year's tournament, when Santos won 4-0 in Torreon.
8:55 PMa month ago

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Key player Santos

The Chilean Diego Valdes has taken on a more prominent role in the midfield, where he has already contributed a goal.

8:45 PMa month ago

Key player Mazatlan

The Cañoneros best striker since he arrived last season, Brazilian Camilo Sanvezzo has already scored a goal and will be looking to add to his goal tally.

8:40 PMa month ago

Referee for Mazatlan vs Santos Laguna

Mazatlan vs Santos Laguna will be refereed by Cesar Arturo Ramos Palazuelos.
8:35 PMa month ago

Last line-up Santos

Acevedo; Diaz, Torres, Doria, Prieto; Gorriaran, Cervantes, Isijara, Valdes, Otero; Ocejo.
8:30 PMa month ago

Last line-up Mazatlan

Vikonis; Velarde, Diaz, Ortiz, Jimenez; Sandoval, Reyes, Millar, Mendoza; Sanvezzo, Aristeguieta.
8:25 PMa month ago

Santos: from back to front

In the two matches they have been characterised by prioritising defensive order and taking advantage of the spaces of the rivals to take the points; reason for which they will have to maintain this same inertia.
8:20 PMa month ago

Mazatlan: improve in the defensive zone

Five goals in two games does not speak well of a veteran defence, which will have to adjust to try to get the win at home.
8:15 PMa month ago

Kick-off time

The Mazatlan vs Santos Laguna match will be played at the stadium Kraken, in Sinaloa. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30pm ET.
8:10 PMa month ago

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