Goals and Highlights of Toluca 4-1 Mazatlan on Guard1anes 2021


3:12 PM20 days ago

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3:01 PM20 days ago

Hat-trick of Alexis Canelo

A great game for the forward of the Toluca, with this goal he put final numbers on the scoreboard this afternoon: Toluca 4-1 Mazatlán.


2:56 PM20 days ago


The match ends at the Nemesio Diez stadium with a victory for the Devils, who outplayed Mazatlan for almost the entire match.
2:51 PM20 days ago


A service was sent to Canelo, who received the ball on the left flank, went towards the center of the field and from outside the area, he shot a strong right-footed shot that once again beat Vikonis.
2:46 PM20 days ago


Aristeguieta's shot at the near post, but García recovered well and again saved the ball.
2:43 PM20 days ago


Great save by Luis García on a powerful shot by Augusto.
2:40 PM20 days ago


Torres Nilo's shot went over Vikonis' goal.
2:36 PM20 days ago


Triverio took a shot in the box but could not get the ball in front of Vikonis.
2:35 PM20 days ago

Camilo's goal

This is how the play was generated and the great definition of the striker of the visiting team.


2:31 PM20 days ago


Sanvezzo generated a play all alone in the zone and defined with a powerful left-footed shot to beat García.
2:29 PM20 days ago


Another change for Mazatlán: Nestor Vidrio comes off and Padilla comes on.

And one for Toluca: Castañeda comes off and Triverio comes on.

2:23 PM20 days ago


Tomás Boy made two changes: Aristeguieta and Meraz came on and Candido Ramírez and Mario Osuna left the field.
2:19 PM20 days ago


Diaz slipped in the area and almost caused an own goal.
2:12 PM20 days ago

Amazing shot by Sambueza

In this way the captain of the Devils kicked the ball hard to beat Vikonis from distance.


2:09 PM20 days ago


The second half begins.
Will Mazatlan be able to react? 
1:55 PM20 days ago


The first half ended at the Nemesio Diez!

Toluca momentarily leads Mazatlan 3-0.

1:49 PM20 days ago


Vikonis came out to cut off a play and was kicked in the face by Estrada.
1:47 PM20 days ago


Lopez's cross was heading for goal but Vikonis slapped it out of the way.
1:46 PM20 days ago

Canelo's double

This was the second goal of the match and Alexis Canelo's fourth goal of the tournament.


1:42 PM20 days ago


The Devils' player took the ball near midfield, got a little closer and fired a violent long-range shot that beat Vikonis. 
1:38 PM20 days ago


Excellent play by Estrada in the area, but Vikonis saves the shot.
1:36 PM20 days ago


Good service by Sambueza on a free kick and a better header by Alexis Canelo to score his fourth in the Guard1anes 2021.
1:31 PM20 days ago

The Devils are winning

That's how the first goal of the match came about, a poor start by Mazatlán, Toluca's advantage and a fortuitous goal by Pedro Alexis Canelo.


1:26 PM20 days ago


Nicolás Díaz was cautioned for a hard tackle on the play that led to the goal.
1:21 PM20 days ago


Alexis Canelo came in from the left, shot and with a deflection off Jiménez, it went into the net with no chance for Vikonis.
1:16 PM20 days ago


Sanvezzo and Baeza were both cautioned for an argument in the midfield.
1:11 PM20 days ago


What a play Toluca missed!
Sambueza beat the goalkeeper and passed the ball instead of shooting but his teammate was offside. 
1:06 PM20 days ago


Good play by " fingers" López, who got past two defenders and shot, but again Vikonis saved the shot.
1:01 PM20 days ago


Canelo's header but Vikonis makes a great save with his right hand.
12:56 PM20 days ago


Mendoza's free kick shot was well saved by García.
12:51 PM20 days ago


The match starts at the Nemesio Diez stadium with the whistle blown by Marco Antonio Ortiz!
12:46 PM20 days ago

Mazatlan's lineup

34. N. Vikonis (GK); 25. I. Jiménez (C), 3. N. Vidrio, 4. Díaz, 5. Vargas, 15. C. Ramírez; 14. L. Reyes, 8. M. Osuna; 7. Mendoza, 1. Sandoval and 17. C. Da Silva. 


12:41 PM20 days ago

Toluca's Lineup

22. García (GK); 3. Raúl López, 6. Barbieri, 17. Torres, 33. Rigonato; 14. R. Sambueza (C), 35. Vázquez, 20. Baeza, 25. A. Canelo; 18. Castañeda and 13. M. Estrada.


12:36 PM20 days ago

Michael Rangel arrived to Mexico

Mazatlán's new reinforcement has already put on the colors of the Sinaloa team. 

The Colombian striker surprisingly left Santa Fe in recent days and will now play for Mazatlán, although it seems that he is not in the call-up list for today's game against Toluca. 

12:31 PM20 days ago

Mazatlan is a bad visitor

Only one win in 10 away games for the Sinaloa team. 
The data is tough when facing their rivals away from Kraken Stadium, as they have two ties and seven defeats. 

Will they be able to reverse this streak? 

12:26 PM20 days ago

LIVE Broadcast begins

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12:16 PM20 days ago

Last game between Diablos and Mazatlecos

The last time they met, Mazatlán won the match with a double from Aristeguieta that gave them the victory by a score of 2-1.  
12:11 PM20 days ago

How and where to watch the Toluca vs Mazatlan game

You can find it on television through ESPN, TUDN USA and Univision.

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12:06 PM20 days ago

Mazatlan's key player

Nicolás Vikonis has had great performances to keep a goal without goals, and last week he was even selected as one of the best players in Liga MX.
That is why Toluca will have to be very precise in their shots if they want to beat this great goalkeeper.  

12:01 PM20 days ago

Toluca's key player

Alexis Canelo has been in great form during this tournament and has already scored two goals in it, in addition to providing rhythm and balance in the offense of the "Choriceros", will he score one more goal?

11:56 AM20 days ago

Mazatlan is back

The team from the Pacific earned a hard-fought victory against Pachuca in matchday 4, winning 1-0 to put them level on points with the team they will face this weekend. 
Will they manage to impose their conditions to get back to winning ways in the hell? 

11:51 AM20 days ago

Toluca will go out for points

It has been a good season for the team from the State of Mexico; however, in their last match they lost against Xolos on the northern border. 

That is why they will be looking for immediate revenge and will seek to take advantage of their home advantage to get three points and remain among the teams that qualify directly for the playoffs. 

11:46 AM20 days ago

Kickoff time

The Toluca vs Mazatlan match will be played at the Nemesio Diez stadium, in Toluca, Mexico.

The kick-off is scheduled at 12:00 pm ET.

11:41 AM20 days ago

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