Goals and Highlights: Mazatlan 0-3 Atletico San Luis, 2021 Liga MX
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12:25 AM24 days ago

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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the game between Mazatlan and San Luis, corresponding to the sixth date of the Guard1anes 2021.
12:24 AM24 days ago

First away win

San Luis defeated Mazatlan 3-0 to earn its first away win of the season.
12:23 AM24 days ago

End game

Mazatlán 0-3 San Luis.
12:21 AM24 days ago


Aristeguieta's long-range shot goes wide.
12:20 AM24 days ago


Four more minutes are added.
12:19 AM24 days ago


A cross into the six-yard box was saved by Werner.
12:14 AM24 days ago


Efraín Velarde has just entered and has already been cautioned.
12:13 AM24 days ago


Piñuelas enters and Gallegos leaves. San Luis substitution.
12:12 AM24 days ago


Vargas leaves and Velarde enters. Mazatlan substitution.
12:07 AM24 days ago


Aristeguieta with a header at the near post that goes over the top.

Sandoval goes off and Rangel comes on for Mazatlan.

12:05 AM24 days ago

Goal of San Luis 3-0

12:01 AM24 days ago


For stalling, Werner is cautioned.
11:59 PM24 days ago


Changes for San Luis

In: Sánchez and Barrera

Leaving: Batallini and Castro.

11:55 PM24 days ago


Sandoval's long-range shot sends Werner flying and the danger is pushed aside.
11:51 PM24 days ago


San Luis Goal

Berterame's light defensive touch on a counter-attack made it 3-0.

11:49 PM24 days ago


Augusto's shot goes over the top of the goal.
11:46 PM24 days ago


Sanvezzo's shot at the near post is saved by the San Luis goalkeeper.
11:38 PM24 days ago


Strong collision between Aristeguieta and Werner inside the small area, where the San Luis goalkeeper is already receiving assistance.
11:35 PM24 days ago


Augusto entered and Osuna left. Change of Mazatlan.
11:34 PM24 days ago


The second half begins.
11:29 PM24 days ago

Mazatlán 0-2 San Luis

11:19 PM24 days ago

Half time

Mazatlán 0-2 San Luis.
11:19 PM24 days ago


Aristeguieta's header goes wide.
11:17 PM24 days ago


Sandoval's cross goes wide and Mazatlan's danger is gone.
11:16 PM24 days ago


Three more minutes are added.
11:16 PM24 days ago


Batallini's shot into the goalkeeper's hands.
11:13 PM24 days ago


Luis Reyes is cautioned, his second of the game.
11:09 PM24 days ago


San Luis Goal

Ibañez scores in the middle of the goal from the penalty spot to make it 2-0.

11:07 PM24 days ago


The referee awarded San Luis a handball and a penalty kick.
11:04 PM24 days ago


Gallegos' cross was ruled a handball inside the area. The VAR is already reviewing it.
10:59 PM24 days ago


Sanvezzo's long-range shot from outside the area goes wide.
10:58 PM24 days ago


Ibañez's header inside the area is saved by Vikonis for a corner kick.
10:57 PM24 days ago

Goal of San Luis 1-0

10:54 PM24 days ago


A delayed diagonal shot by Sanvezzo is blocked by the defense.
10:46 PM24 days ago


San Luis Goal

Gallegos hit the crossbar, but on the counter-attack Ibañez appeared for the 1-0.

10:41 PM24 days ago


Batallini's free kick to the wall.
10:40 PM24 days ago

Aristeguieta missed it

10:39 PM24 days ago


Sanvezzo's first time shot goes wide.
10:38 PM24 days ago


Foul on Gallegos at midfield.
10:34 PM24 days ago


Aristeguieta arrives at the far post and his solitary shot with his chest goes over the top.
10:33 PM24 days ago


Osuna's header into Werner's hands.
10:30 PM24 days ago


The match begins at Kraken Stadium.
10:28 PM24 days ago

They jump into the field

Both Mazatlan and San Luis have taken the field for their sixth game of 2021.
10:25 PM24 days ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff at Kraken Stadium. Stay tuned for all the details of the game.
10:20 PM24 days ago

Face to face in the midfield

10:15 PM24 days ago

This is how San Luis heats up

10:09 PM24 days ago

Last result Mazatlán

Last Sunday, in their visit to Toluca, they did not have a good time and lost 4-1 at the Nemesio Diez stadium.
10:05 PM24 days ago

Last game

Last week, San Luis salvaged a last-minute 2-2 draw at home against the undefeated Xolos de Tijuana.
10:00 PM24 days ago

This was the arrival of the San Luis

9:53 PM24 days ago

Setting an example

Mazatlan once again informed its fans what they should do inside the stadium to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

9:50 PM24 days ago

XI San Luis

Werner; González, Noya, Castro, Gallegos; Guemez, Mayada, Chávez, Berterame; Ibáñez, Batallini,
9:44 PM24 days ago

XI Mazatlán

Vikonis; Vargas, Díaz, Ortiz, Jiménez; Sandoval, Mendoza, Osuna, Reyes; Aristeguieta, Sanvezzo.
9:39 PM24 days ago

The different schedules for this game

9:38 PM24 days ago

There will be people

The Kraken will once again open its doors to a limited number of fans.
9:36 PM24 days ago

Looks spectacular

The Kraken, as usual, looks in impeccable condition to host this match.

9:31 PM24 days ago

Removing the curse

San Luis has not been able to win away and Mazatlan has not lost at home, will these records be broken?
9:30 PM24 days ago

We start

San Luis will be looking to climb out of the bottom of the standings when they host Mazatlan in the last game of Friday's tripleheader. We begin with the coverage.
5:21 PM24 days ago

Tune in here

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Mazatlan vs Atletico San Luis match.
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Last game

They have only met on one occasion and it was in San Luis with the only away win in Mazatlan's history by a score of 5-0.

5:11 PM24 days ago

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Key player San Luis

The tournament goes on and on and Nicolás Ibáñez continues to be the key man in the attack, where he has already scored three goals.

5:01 PM24 days ago

Key player Mazatlan

Brazilian Camilo Sanvezzo has found the net again since his arrival in Mazatlan and his goals have helped the "Cañoneros" to remain undefeated on their home turf.

4:56 PM24 days ago

Referee for Mazatlán vs Atlético San Luis

Fernando Guerrero Martínez will referee Mazatlan vs Atletico San Luis.
4:51 PM24 days ago

Last lineup San Luis

Werner; Chavez, Sandoval, Gonzalez, Mayada; Guemez, Duque, Castro; Berterame, Batallini, Ibañez.
4:46 PM24 days ago

Last lineup Mazatlan

Vikonis; Vargas, Diaz, Vidrio, Jimenez; Reyes, Ramirez, Sandoval, Mendoza, Osuna; Sanvezzo.
4:41 PM24 days ago

San Luis: to win on the road

Despite the change of coach with Rocco, the team still finds it difficult to play as visitors and, in fact, has yet to earn a point away from the Alfonso Lastras.
4:36 PM24 days ago

Mazatlan: retain unbeaten record

Mazatlán has not lost at home, where it has taken seven of a possible nine points to finish among the top places in the table.
4:31 PM24 days ago

Kick-off time

The Mazatlan vs Atletico San Luis match will be played at the stadium Kraken, in Sinaloa. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:30pm ET.
4:26 PM24 days ago


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