Goals and Highlights of Cruz Azul 3-2 Toluca on Liga MX 2021
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9:58 PM11 days ago

Goals and highlights |

9:55 PM11 days ago


It's over! Cruz Azul takes the victory after a hard-fought match.
9:53 PM11 days ago


Almost! Paolo Yrizar gets in a header but the ball goes just wide.
9:50 PM11 days ago


Change for Cruz Azul. José Martínez replaces Roberto Alvarado
9:49 PM11 days ago


Rigonato's shot ended up going wide of Corona's goal.
9:43 PM11 days ago


Toluca substitutions. Claudio Baeza and Michael Estrada come off and Paolo Yrizar and Enrique Triverio are substituted.
9:41 PM11 days ago


Cruz Azul changes. Orbelin Pineda and Rafael Baca come on for Elías Hernández and Walter Montoya.
9:38 PM11 days ago


Cruz Azul continues to look for an increase! Roberto Alvarado's shot ends up going over García's goal.
9:28 PM11 days ago


Toluca change. Kevin Castañeda comes off and Joao Plata comes on.
9:28 PM11 days ago


Castañeda's cross, but Rivero was attentive and ended up clearing the ball out of the area.
9:24 PM11 days ago


Goal, goal, goal for Cruz Azul! Great play and Pol Fernández appears inside the box and with great definition puts La Máquina back in the lead.
9:22 PM11 days ago


Change for Cruz Azul. Yoshimar Yotún replaces Luis Romo.
9:21 PM11 days ago


Pol Fernández's shot ended up going wide of the goal.
9:15 PM11 days ago


Toluca change. Raúl López is replaced by Rodrigo Salinas.
9:15 PM11 days ago


Barbieri's cross was well saved by Barbieri, avoiding danger in García's area.
9:10 PM11 days ago


Close! Rodriguez's shot, but the ball ends up going wide.
9:07 PM11 days ago


Change for Cruz Azul. Pol Fernández replaces Santiago Giménez
9:05 PM11 days ago


As the second half gets underway, both teams will be looking for a win in this match.
8:59 PM11 days ago


At the end of the first half, the game was quite lively and at halftime the score was tied at two goals.
8:49 PM11 days ago


Goal by Toluca! Alexis Canelo takes a perfect shot and sends the ball into the back of the net.
8:48 PM11 days ago


Penalty for Toluca! Escobar ends up knocking Estrada down inside the box and the referee does not hesitate to award the penalty.
8:47 PM11 days ago


Goal by Toluca! Excellent cross from Sambueza that Barbieri ends up sending into the back of the net.
8:45 PM11 days ago


Canelo came close to the first, but the alert defense blocks the ball.
8:42 PM11 days ago


They missed the third! The referee intervened! After García came out, Romo sent a shot that crashed against the crossbar, then Rodríguez counter-attacked and the ball ended up hitting the referee, who ended up taking the ball out.
8:36 PM11 days ago


Good defensive intervention to prevent Toluca from creating a dangerous play in the local area.
8:30 PM11 days ago


Goal for Cruz Azul! A great finish by Roberto Alvarado, who, after a great cross, ends up scoring the second.
8:28 PM11 days ago


Escobar has a header but the ball goes over the goal.
8:25 PM11 days ago


Unbelievable! Michael Estrada, alone in front of goal, ends up sending the ball over the crossbar.
8:23 PM11 days ago


Great shot by Sambueza that goes just wide of Corona's goal
8:20 PM11 days ago


Good one! Torres Nilo gets in the way and ends up taking the ball away from Giménez, who was heading into García's area.
8:15 PM11 days ago


Whew! Michael Estrada arrived with danger, but he delayed the ball too much and ended up giving the ball away.
8:13 PM11 days ago


Good defensive cross by Torres Nilo prevents the 'Cabecita' from hitting the ball inside the area.
8:10 PM11 days ago


Goal for Cruz Azul! Great cross from Baca that Rodriguez does not hesitate to send into the back of the net.
8:05 PM11 days ago


Close! Orbelin Pineda shoots inside the box, but the ball goes wide.
8:00 PM11 days ago


The match kicks off at the Azteca Stadium.
7:55 PM11 days ago

Toluca: LineUp |

L. García; R. López, M. Barbieri, J. Torres Nilo; R. Sambueza, K. Castañeda, C. Baeza, D. Rigonato, J. Vázquez; M. Estrada, A. Canelo.
7:50 PM11 days ago

Cruz Azul: LineUp |

J. Corona; L. Romo, A. Aldrete, P. Aguilar, J. Escobar; I. Rivero, R. Baca, R. Alvarado, O. Pineda; J. Rodríguez, S. Giménez.
7:45 PM11 days ago

They are getting ready!

The scarlets have already stepped on the Azteca field for warm-ups.
7:40 PM11 days ago

Changes in the call for applications

Alexis Peña will take the place of Julio César Domínguez, who is out due to abdominal pain.

7:35 PM11 days ago

Check it out!

These are the numbers of the confrontations between these teams.
7:30 PM11 days ago

Armor ready!

Toluca's dressing room is ready for this afternoon's match.
7:25 PM11 days ago

Already at home!

Cruz Azul players have already arrived at the stadium for this afternoon's match.
7:20 PM11 days ago

Stay tuned!

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How to watch Cruz Azul vs Toluca Live TV and Stream |

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: TUDN.

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7:10 PM11 days ago

Toluca: Last LineUp |

L. García; R. López, M. Barbieri, J. Torres Nilo; R. Sambueza, K. Castañeda, C. Baeza, D. Rigonato, J. Vázquez; M. Estrada, A. Canelo.
7:05 PM11 days ago

Cruz Azul: Last LineUp |

J. Corona; J. Domínguez, L. Romo, J. Martínez, A. Aldrete, J. Escobar; Y. Yotún, R. Baca, R. Alvarado, O. Pineda; J. Rodríguez.
7:00 PM11 days ago

The Diablos want to win!

With 13 points, the team from the State of Mexico are in first place in the overall standings. In their last match, the scarlets defeated Pumas by the minimum.


6:55 PM11 days ago

The Machine comes whistling in!

Cruz Azul comes into this duel with four wins in a row, totaling 12 points in the overall standings. In their last match, Reynoso's men were victorious against Tigres in Monterrey; in this match they will be going all out for the win.

6:50 PM11 days ago

Kickoff time |

The Cruz Azul vs toluca match will be played at the Azteca stadium, in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled at 08:00pm ET.
6:45 PM11 days ago

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