Goals and Highlights Queretaro 1-1 Puebla, 2021 Liga MX
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9:03 PM15 days ago

Queretaro 1-1 | Guardianes 2021

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8:58 PM15 days ago

Querétaro 1-1 Puebla

8:53 PM15 days ago


With a tie, the match ends. Querétaro let the home win slip away.
8:48 PM15 days ago


Puebla goal. Perfect shot by Fideo to tie the match.
8:43 PM15 days ago

90' +1

The Nazarene scores a penalty kick for Puebla.
8:38 PM15 days ago


Querétaro picks and picks in the opponent's field. The strategy is working for them
8:33 PM15 days ago


Puebla F.C. substitution, Salvador Reyes exits and Guillermo Martínez enters.
8:28 PM15 days ago


The rooster has crowed. Gallardo has just entered and puts the home team ahead.
8:23 PM15 days ago


Montero gets off the mark, looks for the far post but the ball goes wide.
8:18 PM15 days ago


Change for Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, Fernando Madrigal exits and Joe Gallardo enters.
8:13 PM15 days ago


Yellow Card! Gonzalo Montes of Gallos Blancos de Queretaro is cautioned.
8:08 PM15 days ago


Yellow Card! Maximiliano Perg of Puebla F.C. is cautioned.
8:03 PM15 days ago


Querétaro almost surprised Querétaro in the box, excellent save by the local goalkeeper.



7:58 PM15 days ago


Puebla F.C. substitution, Lucas Jaques comes out and Maximiliano Javier Araújo comes in.
7:53 PM15 days ago


Puebla F.C. substitution, Emanuel Gularte comes out and Juan Pablo Segovia comes in.
7:48 PM15 days ago


Queretaro had a dangerous bounce, but the ball went wide.
7:43 PM15 days ago


Alcalá leans to the left flank and saves the Gallos de Querétaro squad
7:38 PM15 days ago


Puebla plays a through ball, but on the last pass they throw the opportunity away.
7:33 PM15 days ago


Francisco Da Costa exits Querétaro and Hugo Silveira enters.



7:28 PM15 days ago


Querétaro and Puebla are unable to break the scoreline
7:23 PM15 days ago


Yellow card for Lucas Jaquez of Puebla.



7:18 PM15 days ago


Party locked in rhetoric. Both seek to free spaces to make opportunities
7:13 PM15 days ago


Ángel Sepulveda has a chance to trouble the opponent's goal. His shot falls short of the goalkeeper.
7:08 PM15 days ago


Handcuffing in the area. Puebla player complains, Ormeño is lying down.
7:03 PM15 days ago


Round-robin match. Puebla had already generated a dangerous set piece. Possession of the match evens out.



6:58 PM15 days ago


Querétaro is already moving on Puebla's field. They have already generated offense and earned a corner kick for their cause.
6:53 PM15 days ago


Querétaro is already moving on Puebla's field. They have already generated offense and earned a corner kick for their cause.
6:48 PM15 days ago

Querétaro vs Puebla will be played here

6:43 PM15 days ago


Puebla one of two teams yet to concede a headed goal in Guardians 2021
6:38 PM15 days ago

Xl Queretaro

Alcalá, Mendoza, Vera, Cervantes, Magallanes, Escamilla, Ramírez, Madrigal, Valencia, Sepúlveda y Da Costa
6:33 PM15 days ago

Xl Puebla

Silva, Corral, Gularte, Perg, Jaques, Salas, Aguilar, Reyes, Tabó, Ormeño y Fernández
6:28 PM15 days ago

Contrasts between the two

Querétaro won its last three home games in Liga MX, scoring six goals and conceding just one. Puebla scored in only one of its four most recent Liga MX games (1V 1E 2D), most recently in a 4-0 win over Juárez.
6:23 PM15 days ago

Querétaro's dominance

Querétaro lost only one of the last seven home matches against Puebla in Liga MX (3V 3E); it was 0-1 in September 2018.
6:18 PM15 days ago

Double victory for Puebla

In the away team, the visitors triumphed in both categories (Under 20 and Under 17) at the CEGAR facilities.
6:13 PM15 days ago

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6:08 PM15 days ago

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6:03 PM15 days ago

Queretaro: Last Lineup

Alcala, Mendoza, Vera, Doldan, Magallanes, Escamilla, Madrigal, Montero, Valencia, Sepulveda y Da Costa.


5:58 PM15 days ago

Puebla's: Last Lineup

1. Antony Silva (GK); 4. George Corral, 16. Juan Segovia, 17. Emanuel Gularte, 25. Maximiliano Perg; 6. Javier Salas (C), 23. Daniel Aguilar, 26. Salvador Reyes; 10. Christian Tabó, 14. Santiago Ormeño and 22. Omar Fernández.
5:53 PM15 days ago

A cock in the fight

For Querétaro, the tournament has been irregular, with a win one week and a loss the next. The feathered team is looking for the longed-for regularity.

Querétaro have accumulated 9 points, the product of 3 wins and 3 losses with a difference of -1. At home, the Bajío team has won 3 out of 3, considering the Corregidora the so-called fortress.

5:48 PM15 days ago

Puebla on the warpath

Puebla's offense is on the rise; what happened last week against Juárez in the match in which they scored a goal, they want to prove that it was not a product of chance. Puebla are ninth in the general table, one behind Querétaro.



5:43 PM15 days ago

Kickoff time

Queretaro vs Puebla match will be played at the stadium Corregidora, in Queretaro, Queretaro. The kick-off is scheduled at 18:00pm ET.

5:38 PM15 days ago


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