Goals and Highlights Chivas Femenil 5-1 Leon Femenil, 2021 Liga MX
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2:19 PM8 days ago

Chivas Femenil 5-1 León Femenil

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2:01 PM8 days ago

The meeting concludes


Chivas with a great performance makes a spectacular goal.

1:58 PM8 days ago

This is how Chivas 5-0 León Femenil played out

1:57 PM8 days ago

This is how Chivas 4-0 León Femenil played out

1:53 PM8 days ago


Goal for Leon! Daniela Calderón finishes inside the box!
1:48 PM8 days ago


Change for Leon, Paulina Gomez exits and Claudia Anguiano enters.
1:43 PM8 days ago


Change of Guadalajara, Damaris Michel Godínez comes out and Angélica Araceli Torres enters.
1:38 PM8 days ago


Chivas goal! Alicia Cervantes scores the third of her personal tally. Chivas wins it by a wide margin 4-0. 
1:33 PM8 days ago


Chivas Femenil is the one that proposes in the match.

1:28 PM8 days ago


Isabella Gutiérrez exits Guadalajara and Kinberly Guzmán enters.

Guadalajara player, Diana Rodriguez off and Lia Romero on

1:23 PM8 days ago

64´ Chivas Femenil 3-0 Leon Femenil

1:18 PM8 days ago


Esmeralda Verdugo is cautioned by León. 
1:13 PM8 days ago

Great contribution by Alicia Cervantes, Gutiérrez made it 3-0

1:08 PM8 days ago

This is how the second goal of the game was scored

1:03 PM8 days ago

The second half has already started


Chivas is looking for the match to be a routine game. 

12:58 PM8 days ago

End of the first 45 minutes


Chivas master and owner of the match. 


12:53 PM8 days ago


We had not yet finished celebrating the second one and Issabella scored the third of the match after a rebound.
12:48 PM8 days ago


Chivas goal! The second goal was scored from the penalty spot. 
12:43 PM8 days ago


Answer those of the Rebaño. Montoya takes a shot that the visiting keeper reflexively saves with her reflexes. 
12:38 PM8 days ago


León wants to even things up and already has several corner kicks at his feet that he has provoked on the Guadalajara pitch.
12:33 PM8 days ago


Yellow card for Susan Bejarano.
12:28 PM8 days ago

Chivas Femenil 1-0 Leon Femenil

Alicia Cervantes celebrating the touchdown.
Alicia Cervantes celebrating the touchdown.
12:23 PM8 days ago


Alicia Cervantes is becoming the panza verde's nightmare on the field. It's a miracle she doesn't increase the lead, which remains 1-0. 
12:18 PM8 days ago


Chivas tries but the Bajío defense rejects the ball. That's two corner kick opportunities for Chivas in the West.



12:13 PM8 days ago

This is how the score was opened in Verde Valle Chivas Femenil 1-0 León Femenil

12:08 PM8 days ago


Chivas took possession of the ball and from the midfield they created opportunities to go forward and do more damage. 
12:03 PM8 days ago


Chivas goal! The red-and-whites have already taken the lead.
11:58 AM8 days ago

Chivas is already in charge on the field. It already had a post. 
11:53 AM8 days ago

Chivas had the first dangerous shot. León tried to stop the red-and-white attack with fouls. 
11:48 AM8 days ago

The match kicks off in Verde Valle

Chivas seeks to continue its dominance against León.
11:43 AM8 days ago

Xl: Chivas Femenil

11:38 AM8 days ago

Xl: León Femenil

11:33 AM8 days ago

León Femenil is already in Verde Valle

11:28 AM8 days ago

This is what the Chivas Femenil dressing room looks like

11:23 AM8 days ago


Michelle Gonzalez, Damaris Godinez and Yazmin Alvarez are the players from the current squads who have worn both jerseys.
11:18 AM8 days ago


Guadalajara Femenil has dominated León Femenil with 10 wins and only 1 loss. The Rebaño Sagrado boasts a perfect record against La Fiera in the West with 5 wins in a row.
11:13 AM8 days ago

Rebaño ready for comeback

The Tapatía team, which is in fourth place in the standings with 16 points, is coming off a 2-0 away win over the Centellas on the previous matchday. Edgar Mejía will now have Blanca Félix, who trained with the group throughout the week, at his disposal.
11:08 AM8 days ago

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11:03 AM8 days ago

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10:58 AM8 days ago

Chivas: Last Line UP

10:53 AM8 days ago

León: Last Line UP

10:48 AM8 days ago

Chivas wants more in this tournament

The overall standings are getting tighter and Chivas Femenil does not want to let points slip away. The red-and-white team has 16 points, three less than Pumas Femenil, which is second in the tournament, so a win for the local team by the slimmest of margins would give them the runner-up spot. Chivas has nine points at home in the tournament.
10:43 AM8 days ago

León wants to climb up the standings

León Femenil are the ones who do not want to fall behind in the overall standings. The poor management of the current Guardianes 2021 Tournament has placed them in twelfth position with only 8 points and a difference of -5. The Bajío team has only two points, so a win will be fundamental for their aspirations.
10:38 AM8 days ago

Kickoff time

Chivas Femenil vs León Femenil match will be played at the stadium Verde Valle, in Zapopan, Jalisco. The kick-off is scheduled at 12:15pm ET.


10:33 AM8 days ago


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