Goals and Highlights of Santos 3-1 Necaxa on Guard1anes 2021
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The goal that sealed the match

A good play by the Santos defender, who participated in the play on two occasions and in the last minute scored a first-time goal.


9:59 PMa month ago


The match ended with a victory for Santos.
9:57 PMa month ago


Fernando Gorriarán beat the back of the Necaxa defenders and scored a first-time shot in the small area.
9:54 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Salas for a collision with Cervantes in the midfield.
9:48 PMa month ago


Felix Torres' slide avoids a goal by Mercado, who was left alone in the area. 
9:45 PMa month ago


In a defensive error by Santos, Daniel López headed in a shot from the air to score the first goal of Necaxa. 
Acevedo tried to correct and saved the first shot, but in the second shot he was badly positioned. 
9:38 PMa month ago


Necaxa's dangerous cross is well blocked by Barragán.
9:35 PMa month ago


A cross from the left that Acevedo captures ease.
9:30 PMa month ago

Great goal by Otero

The positioning of the ball is perfect in front of all the markers that the Colombian striker had in front of him.


9:24 PMa month ago


Yellow card for González for a foul in midfield on Gorriarán.
9:19 PMa month ago


The Lagunero team took a free kick with a delayed pass to Otero, who hit a shot from outside the area that went just inside the post.
9:15 PMa month ago


Barragán's header goes over Acevedo's goal.
9:10 PMa month ago


The second half begins.
8:55 PMa month ago

Great goal by Santos youth player

This was Muñoz's shot that got the fans celebrating in his return to the TSM stadium in Torreón.


8:52 PMa month ago


The first half ends with a partial victory for the home team. 

Santos 1-0 Necaxa. 

8:49 PMa month ago


Santi Muñoz found another cross at speed, but was unable to shoot on goal.
8:46 PMa month ago


Muñoz made a move from the left towards the center of the area, beat two defenders and scored with force to beat Malagón.
8:44 PMa month ago


Orrantia sent in a cross from the right flank that left Ibargüen alone but he sent it wide.
8:30 PMa month ago


Ocejo took a shot after a mistake in Necaxa's play, but Malagón caught it.
8:25 PMa month ago


Bilbao deflects a long cross with his head.
8:23 PMa month ago


Cabrera took a free kick but Acevedo cleared with his fists.
8:22 PMa month ago


Ocejo was left with a rebound in the area but the ball went wide.
8:17 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Aguilar for a foul from behind on Ocejo.
8:16 PMa month ago


Matheus Dória saves his team in the area after a Necaxa counterattack.
8:07 PMa month ago


The match kicks off at the TSM with the referee's whistle.
7:50 PMa month ago

Lineup of Necaxa

25. Malagón (Gk), 2. Domínguez, 3. Bilbao, 6. Aguilar, 26. González, 7. Cabrera, 21. Zendejas, 10. Salas, 15. Delgado, 17. Barragán and 24. González. 

7:43 PMa month ago

Lineup of Santos

1. Acevedo (GK), 5. Torres, 21. Doria, 6. Cervantes, 7. Otero, 8. Orrantia, 11. Gorrariarán, 14. Andrade, 23. Ibargüen, 12. Ocejo and 192. Muñoz.


7:38 PMa month ago

Seven games without victory

The Rayos have a winless streak in which they have recorded 4 draws and 3 defeats, something they haven't seen since September-November 2018 period.

Today they will have to come out with a good strategy if they want to end this win drought.  

7:28 PMa month ago

Santos scores at the last minute

50% of the home team's goals have been scored after 76 minutes in the current season's matches, the highest percentage in the tournament along with three other teams: América, Tigres and Monterrey.

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Last Match Santos vs Necaxa

The last time they played was on matchday 6 of the previous tournament, in which the result was a 2-1 victory for the Rayos at the Victoria stadium in Aguascalientes.


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How and where to watch Santos vs Necaxa

If you want to watch the match on television, you can find it on Fox Sports 2. 

If you prefer to follow it LIVE on the Internet, remember that VAVEL USA is your best option. 

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Necaxa's key player

The visiting team has a great player in Martín Barragán, who, although he is not a consistent goal scorer, is a forward who knows how to give play to his teammates.

Will he score tonight? 

6:58 PMa month ago

Santos' key player

Matheus Doria has been one of the most consistent players for Los Laguneros, with great defensive performances and also knows how to attack from set pieces.

6:53 PMa month ago

Necaxa exhausts its options

The team coached by "Poncho" Sosa has not had a good tournament and this could be one of the last games to get them into the playoffs, as they are in 14th place in the general table.

In their last match they tied against Pachuca in Aguascalientes, so now they will have to work twice as hard to win away from home. 


6:48 PMa month ago

Santos to recover at home

Santos Laguna has had poor away performances, but at home they have been quite strong and have four wins and one draw.

Last game they were defeated against Pumas at Ciudad Universitaria, so now they will try to get points at home. 


6:43 PMa month ago

Kickoff time

The Santos Laguna vs Necaxa match will be played at the TSM stadium, in Torreón, México.

The kick-off is scheduled at 9:06 pm ET.

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