Goals and highlights: Toluca 0-2 Pachuca in Liga MX Guard1anes 2021
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4:18 PM3 months ago

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4:13 PM3 months ago

Goals and highlights

4:08 PM3 months ago

Pachuca surprises Toluca.

Without being spectacular, Pachuca took advantage of the circumstances of the match in the final stretch to defeat Toluca, who played a man down after the expulsion of Miguel Barbieri; the scorers were Roberto de la Rosa and Luis Chávez.

With this result, the Tuzos reached 10 points, while the Diablos remained with 18. On the next matchday, the Mexicans will host Puebla and the Hidalgo team will play Tigres. 

4:03 PM3 months ago


Game over!
3:58 PM3 months ago


Six minutes are added.
3:53 PM3 months ago


Luis Chávez perfectly takes the penalty kick to increase the Tuzos' lead.
3:48 PM3 months ago


Penalty for Pachuca! The referee signals a deliberate handball by Jorge Torres Nilo, who also receives a yellow card.
3:43 PM3 months ago


Erick Miranda goes to the VAR to review a possible penalty kick in favor of Pachuca.
3:38 PM3 months ago


On a pass from Mauro Quiroga, Roberto de la Rosa scored to put the visitors ahead on the scoreboard.
3:33 PM3 months ago


Pachuca's latest move: Mauro Quiroga replaces Ismael Sosa.
3:28 PM3 months ago


Last change for Toluca: Haret Ortega replaces Paolo Yrizar.
3:23 PM3 months ago


Miguel Barbieri receives his second yellow card and is sent off, leaving Toluca with 10 men.
3:18 PM3 months ago


New move for Pachuca: Roberto de la Rosa comes in for Roberto Nurse.
3:13 PM3 months ago


Double change for Toluca: Rodrigo Salinas and Kevin Castañeda come out and Joao Plata and Raúl López enter.
3:08 PM3 months ago


New move for Pachuca: Francisco Figueroa comes in for Felipe Pardo.
3:03 PM3 months ago


Close! Pachuca's counterattack ends with a low shot by Erick Sánchez that goes just wide of the home team's left post.
2:58 PM3 months ago


First change for Toluca: Enrique Triverio comes off and Michael Estrada enters.
2:53 PM3 months ago


Almost there! A bad rebound by Alfredo Saldívar catches Roberto Nurse by surprise, who -facing the goal- shoots a shot with his thigh that goes just wide.
2:48 PM3 months ago


Diego Rigonato is cautioned for a slap on Erick Sánchez.
2:43 PM3 months ago


Pachuca's first move: Harold Mosquera comes in for Emmanuel García.
2:38 PM3 months ago


The second half begins!
2:33 PM3 months ago


End of the first half!
2:28 PM3 months ago


One minute is added.
2:23 PM3 months ago


Miguel Barbieri is booked for a hard tackle on Roberto Nurse.
2:18 PM3 months ago


Toluca's counterattack ends with a shot by Enrique Triverio that goes just wide.
2:13 PM3 months ago


Goal disallowed! Erick Aguirre's goal is disallowed for offside. Toluca is saved.
2:08 PM3 months ago


Saldivar! Good save by Alfredo to keep out Erick Sánchez's shot. Pachuca came close to scoring.
2:03 PM3 months ago


Erick Aguirre's individual play ended with a weak shot that was easily controlled by Alfredo Saldívar.
1:58 PM3 months ago


Felipe Pardo was booked for a foul on Claudio Baeza.
1:53 PM3 months ago


Diego Rigonato's cross shot goes just wide of Óscar Ustari's right post. Pachuca is saved.
1:48 PM3 months ago


Felipe Pardo's powerful shot goes just over the top of the home goal.
1:43 PM3 months ago


For a foul on Paolo Yrizar, Emmanuel Garcia becomes the first cautioned of the match.
1:38 PM3 months ago


Game on!
1:33 PM3 months ago

Pachuca: substitutes

C. Moreno; M. Catalán, J. Castillo, F. Figueroa, H. Mosquera, J. Hernández, E. Orona, R. de la Rosa, M. Quiroga y B. González.
1:28 PM3 months ago

Toluca: substitutes

L. García; R. López, H. Ortega, D. González, J. Rodríguez, W. da Silva, J. Plata, P. López, A. Ríos y M. Estrada.
1:23 PM3 months ago

Pachuca: confirmed lineup

O. Ustari (C); K. Álvarez, E. García, M. Herrera, G. Cabral, E. Aguirre, I. Sosa, L. Chávez, F. Pardo, R. Nurse y E. Sánchez.
1:18 PM3 months ago

Toluca: confirmed lineup

A. Saldívar; M. Barbieri, J. Torres, R. Salinas, K. Castañeda, C. Baeza, D. Rigonato, J. Vázquez (C), P. Yrizar, E. Triverio y A. Canelo.
1:13 PM3 months ago

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Pachuca: last lineup

O. Ustari (C); K. Álvarez, E. García, M. Herrera, G. Cabral, E. Aguirre, I. Sosa, L. Chávez, F. Pardo, R. Nurse y E. Sánchez.
12:58 PM3 months ago

Toluca: last lineup

A. Saldívar; R. López, M. Barbieri, J. Torres, R. Sambueza (C), K. Castañeda, C. Baeza, D. Rigonato, J. Vázquez, E. Triverio y A. Canelo.
12:53 PM3 months ago

Pachuca: team news

This Saturday, the Tuzos arrived in the capital of the State of Mexico. 
12:48 PM3 months ago

Toluca: team news

Sensitive absence! Rubens Sambueza will not play this Sunday due to a muscle injury. 
12:43 PM3 months ago

Pachuca, looking to keep up the momentum

Despite showing good footballing performance, the Tuzos have not achieved positive results; they are in second-to-last place with 7 points, after one win, four draws and five losses.

Last week, at the Hidalgo, they celebrated for the first time this semester after defeating Xolos 2-1, with goals from Ismael Sosa and Kevin Álvarez.

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(Photo: Getty)
12:38 PM3 months ago

Toluca, aiming to stay in the top places

The Diablos have had a good performance in the current competition; they are in fourth place with 18 points, the result of five wins, three draws and two defeats.

On the previous date, in their visit to the Alfonso Lastras stadium, they drew 0-0 against Atlético de San Luis.

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(Photo: Getty)
12:33 PM3 months ago

Kickoff time

The Toluca vs Pachuca match will be played at the stadium Nemesio Diez, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 1:00 pm ET.
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(Photo: Getty)
12:28 PM3 months ago

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