Goals, penalties, and highlights: Mexico (5) 1-1 (4) Honduras in 2021 CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Soccer Qualifying
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11:21 PM20 days ago

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11:21 PM20 days ago

Penalties: México 5-4 Honduras

11:16 PM20 days ago

Mexico is champion for the eighth time in the2021 CONCACAF Men’s Olympic Soccer Qualifying!

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(Photo: Getty)
11:11 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 5-4 Honduras

Alexis Vega converts and gives Mexico the title.
11:06 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 4-4 Honduras

José Reyes gives Honduras hope.
11:01 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 4-3 Honduras

Jesus Angulo gives Mexico the lead again.
10:56 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 3-3 Honduras

Carlos Meléndez ties the score again.
10:51 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 3-2 Honduras

Uriel Antuna converts Mexico's third.
10:46 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 2-2 Honduras

Rigoberto Rivas evened the scoreboard.
10:41 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 2-1 Honduras

Alan Mozo gives the Mexicans the lead back.
10:36 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 1-1 Honduras

Edwin Rodríguez beats Sebastián Jurado to level the score.
10:31 PM20 days ago

Penalties: Mexico 1-0 Honduras

Johan Vásquez takes it perfectly and gives Mexico the lead.
10:26 PM20 days ago


Jurado! The Mexican goalkeeper holds and stops Juan Obregón's shot.
10:21 PM20 days ago


Honduras will start the penalty shootout round.
10:16 PM20 days ago


The match is over! The champion will be defined in penalty kicks.
10:11 PM20 days ago


Mexico's last change: Jesús Angulo enters for Alejandro Mayorga.
10:06 PM20 days ago


The second extra part begins!
10:01 PM20 days ago


The first overtime ends!
9:56 PM20 days ago


New Mexico move: Santiago Muñoz replaces José Macías.
9:51 PM20 days ago


Unbelievable! Facing the goal, José García misses his header. Mexico is saved.
9:46 PM20 days ago


Jurado! Sebastián sends Juan Obregón's header for a corner kick.
9:41 PM20 days ago


Almost there! Uriel Antuna's shot goes just wide of the left post. Mexico continues to insist.
9:36 PM20 days ago


Close! José Juan Macías' header goes just wide of the Honduras goal.
9:31 PM20 days ago


Honduras makes another change: José Pinto comes in for Joseph Rosales.
9:26 PM20 days ago


The first overtime begins!
9:21 PM20 days ago


The match is over! There will be overtime.
9:16 PM20 days ago


Three minutes are added.
9:11 PM20 days ago


New change for Honduras: Juan Obregón comes in for Luis Palma.
9:06 PM20 days ago


Wesly Decas is shown the yellow card for a foul on Uriel Antuna.
9:01 PM20 days ago


José Juan Macías takes the penalty kick perfectly and ties the game.
8:56 PM20 days ago


Penalty for Mexico! José García brings down José Macías inside the box.
8:51 PM20 days ago


Edwin Rodríguez beats Sebastián Jurado with a great shot from outside the area.
8:46 PM20 days ago


It doesn't count! Alan Cervantes' goal is disallowed for offside. Honduras is saved.
8:41 PM20 days ago


Mexico makes more changes: Alexis Vega and Joaquín Esquivel replace Erick Aguirre and Jesús Angulo.
8:36 PM20 days ago


Jurado! The Mexican goalkeeper stretches out and sends Jose Reyes' good shot for a corner kick.
8:31 PM20 days ago


New Mexico move: Sebastián Córdova comes in for Roberto Alvarado.
8:26 PM20 days ago


Luis Palma's individual play ended with a low shot that was saved by Sebastián Jurado.
8:21 PM20 days ago


On two occasions, Sebastian Jurado saved the shots and prevented Honduras from taking the lead.
8:16 PM20 days ago


Mexico makes its first change: Uriel Antuna replaces Carlos Rodríguez.
8:11 PM20 days ago


Second Honduras move: Carlos Argueta comes out and José Reyes enters.
8:06 PM20 days ago


Start the complement!
8:01 PM20 days ago


End of the first half!
7:56 PM20 days ago


Two minutes are added.
7:51 PM20 days ago


Joseph Rosales' free kick goes wide of the goal defended by Sebastián Jurado.
7:46 PM20 days ago


A first-time shot by José Macías that barely goes past the side of the Catracho goal.
7:41 PM20 days ago


Honduras' first move: Carlos Meléndez comes in for captain Denil Maldonado.
7:36 PM20 days ago


The match is stopped for Denil Maldonado to receive medical attention after he suffered a sprained ankle.
7:31 PM20 days ago


So far, the Honduran defense has been good at containing Mexican attacks.
7:26 PM20 days ago


For their part, Honduras pressed a little higher up the pitch, but failed to capitalize. When they are outplayed, they resort to cutting the game short with fouls.
7:21 PM20 days ago


Mexico keeps possession of the ball and tries to generate chances, but is not accurate in the final zone.
7:16 PM20 days ago


The fans will be present this afternoon at the Akron.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:11 PM20 days ago


Almost there! Roberto Alvarado's header goes just wide of Honduras' left post.
7:06 PM20 days ago


Game on!
7:01 PM20 days ago

To start!

Both teams are already on the field for the match ceremony to take place.
6:56 PM20 days ago

Mexico: substitutes

C. Moreno; V. Loroña, J. Esquivel, J. Angulo, S. Córdova, S. Muñoz, A. Vega y U. Antuna.
6:51 PM20 days ago

Honduras: substitutes

M. Perelló; E. Facussé, C. Meléndez, J. Núñez, J. Reyes, R. Rivas, J. Pinto, J. Obregón y D. Vuelto.
6:46 PM20 days ago

Honduras: lineup

A. Barrios; D. Maldonado (C), C. Meléndez, J. García, W. Decas, C. Argueta, J. Rosales, K. Arriaga, E. Rodríguez, L. Palma y D. Martínez.
6:41 PM20 days ago

Mexico: lineup

S. Jurado; A. Mozo, J. Vásquez, G. Sepúlveda, A. Mayorga, C. Rodríguez, E. Aguirre (C), A. Cervantes, R. Alvarado, J. Angulo y J. Macías.
6:36 PM20 days ago

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6:26 PM20 days ago

Honduras: last lineup

A. Guity; C. Meléndez, D. Maldonado, J. García, W. Decas, E. Rodríguez, J. Rosales, J. Reyes, R. Rivas, L. Palma y J. Obregón.
6:21 PM20 days ago

Mexico: last lineup

S. Jurado; V. Loroña, J. Vásquez, J. Angulo, E. Aguirre, C. Rodríguez, J. Esquivel, U. Antuna, S. Córdova, R. Alvarado y A. Vega.
6:16 PM20 days ago

Miguel Falero, coach of Honduras, said he is aware that they are not favorites to be champions

6:11 PM20 days ago

Jaime Lozano, Mexico's coach, wants to win the championship

6:06 PM20 days ago

Honduras, looking to surprise

On goal difference, the Honduran National Team took first place in Sector B, accumulating five points after defeating Haiti and drawing against El Salvador and Canada.

In the previous round, they showed their quality and denied the United States the opportunity to go to the Tokyo Olympics.

6:01 PM20 days ago

Mexico, to take advantage of its home advantage

The Mexican National Team topped Group A with nine points, the result of three victories (over the United States, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic).

After that, they defeated Canada to secure their ticket to the Olympic Games.

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(Photo: Getty)
5:56 PM20 days ago

Kickoff time

The Mexico vs Honduras match will be played at the stadium Akron, Zapopan, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 9:00 pm ET.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
5:51 PM20 days ago

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