Goals and Highlights Monterrey 2-0 Atletico San Luis, 2021 Liga MX
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12:09 AM13 days ago

Goals and highlights |

12:01 AM13 days ago


A brawl! After scoring, Funes Mori mentions something to the goalkeeper and tempers flare, the San Luis players go after the striker.
12:01 AM13 days ago


Monterrey's goal! Funes Mori enters the San Luis area alone and Werner can't do anything.
11:59 PM13 days ago


Dangerous play inside the Rayados area, but the defense manages to clear the ball that was threatening to enter the goal.
11:57 PM13 days ago


Change of Monterrey. Maxi Meza comes off and José Alvarado takes his place.
11:54 PM13 days ago


Change in Monterrey. Kranevitter replaces González.
11:51 PM13 days ago


San Luis wants its goal! A very dangerous header by Acevedo and Gonzalez manages to find the ball and prevents the equalizer.
11:49 PM13 days ago


Change from San Luis. Lucas Passerini replaces David Castro.
11:49 PM13 days ago


Acevedo's great shot was saved by Gonzalez, preventing the equalizer.
11:41 PM13 days ago


Change from San Luis. Germán Berterame replaces Pablo Barrera.
11:40 PM13 days ago


Monterrey's goal! Maxi Meza enters the box and with a great left-footed shot, he smashes the ball into the back of Werner's net.
11:38 PM13 days ago


Janssen's cross is correctly cut out by the San Luis' defense.
11:36 PM13 days ago


San Luis goes close! Castro's great shot goes slightly wide of the home goal.
11:28 PM13 days ago


Monterrey came close, but Werner and Gonzalez saved the visitors.
11:26 PM13 days ago


Funes Mori's shot goes wide of the goal.
11:19 PM13 days ago


Change for Rayados. Vincent Janssen replaces Avilés Hurtado.
11:15 PM13 days ago


Avilés' shot was blocked by Werner and missed a clear shot for the home team.
11:10 PM13 days ago


Change of Monterrey. Dorlan Pabón comes off and Carlos Rodríguez comes on.
11:10 PM13 days ago


The second half begins at the BBVA, where Monterrey will be looking for the three points.
10:54 PM13 days ago


At the end of the first half, both teams go into the dressing room with no goals on the scoreboard.
10:50 PM13 days ago


Uff! Montes appears inside the area and shoots at Werner's goal, but the goalkeeper keeps the ball.
10:45 PM13 days ago


Dorlan Pabón's shot goes wide of Werner's goal.
10:43 PM13 days ago


San Luis was encouraged, but the play only generated danger, with Izquierdo's header ending up in the hands of González.
10:39 PM13 days ago


Maxi Meza's header is safely held by Gonzalez.
10:35 PM13 days ago


Both teams are looking to open the scoring and take the lead.
10:30 PM13 days ago


San Luis had a dangerous run, but the defense was attentive and prevented the play from growing.
10:25 PM13 days ago


The ball is contested in midfield, both teams are looking to break through the defense, but are unable to do so.
10:16 PM13 days ago


Great play by Avilés that culminated in a shot at Werner's goal, but the goalkeeper blocked the shot.
10:10 PM13 days ago


The first dangerous one! Castro's shot is deflected by the defense and ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper.
10:08 PM13 days ago


San Luis visits Rayados in Monterrey, where they will be looking for a victory.
10:03 PM13 days ago

The start is near!

Both San Luis and Rayados are already warming up ahead of tonight's match.
9:58 PM13 days ago

Great postcard!

This is what the 'Steel Giant' looks like for tonight's duel.
9:53 PM13 days ago

San Luis: LineUp |

A. Werner; D. Escalante, R. González, J. Izquierdo; D. Castro, J. Güémez, C. Mayada, F. Acevedo; P. Barrera, N. Ibáñez, D. Batallini.
9:48 PM13 days ago

Monterrey: LineUp |

H. González; C. Montes, J. Gallardo, S. Vegas, S. Medina; M. Meza, C. Ortíz, A. González; R. Funes Mori, D. Pabón, A. Hurtado.
9:43 PM13 days ago

Potosinos on the charge!

Rocco's team will be looking for a victory tonight at the BBVA, where they are already present and will be looking to come away with the victory.
9:38 PM13 days ago

At home!

Aguirre's team is already present at the BBVA.
9:33 PM13 days ago

No superiority!

In the historical encounters between these teams, no one stands out, as there is equality in all aspects.
9:28 PM13 days ago

Everything ready for visitors!

San Luis also has its dressing room ready, with which they will play their thirteenth game of the current tournament.
9:23 PM13 days ago

Dressing room ready!

The locals already have their clothes ready for tonight's duel.
9:18 PM13 days ago

Stay tuned!

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How to watch Monterrey vs San Luis Live TV and Stream |

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: Fox Sports.

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San Luis: Last LineUp |

F. Rodríguez; D. Escalante, R. González, J. Izquierdo; D. Castro, J. Güémez, C. Mayada, R. Chávez; P. Barrera, N. Ibáñez, D. Batallini
8:58 PM13 days ago

Rayados: Last LineUp |

H. González; N. Sánchez, J. Gallardo, S. Vegas, S. Medina; M. Meza, C. Ortíz, A. González, C. Rodríguez; R. Funes Mori, V. Janssen.
8:53 PM13 days ago

San Luis with complications!

The team coached by Rocco arrives to this match with a lot of injuries; although they have played regular matches, the refereeing has been a big issue for the Potosinos. In this new duel for the Tuneros, they will be looking to get out of this slump and take the victory at any cost.

8:48 PM13 days ago

They are looking to keep adding up!

After the FIFA date and the rest of the matchday prior to the break, Monterrey arrives with the defeat against Cruz Azul in matchday 12. Tonight, the team from the Sultana will be looking to get back to winning ways and continue climbing up the standings.


8:43 PM13 days ago

Kickoff time |

The Monterrey vs San Luis match will be played at the BBVA stadium, in Monterrey, Nuevo León. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:06pm ET.
8:38 PM13 days ago

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