Goals and Highlights: Chivas 1-1 Santos Laguna in Liga MX 2021
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Thank you

Thank you for following the Chivas vs Santos matchday 13 of the guard1anes 2021 tournament.
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A draw that tastes like a draw

Chivas reacted in the second half, but it was only enough for a 1-1 draw against Santos Laguna and they remain out of the playoffs.
6:57 PM6 days ago

End game

Chivas 1-1 Santos.
6:52 PM6 days ago


Antuna hits a crushed shot and Torres deflects it to the side on the line.
6:49 PM6 days ago


Six minutes are added.
6:44 PM6 days ago


Vega's shot from half distance goes over the top.
6:43 PM6 days ago


Antuna with a mid-range shot that Acevedo saves.
6:43 PM6 days ago


Torres is left lying on the field after the ball hits him in the stomach.
6:41 PM6 days ago


Zaldívar leaves and Huerta enters. Chivas substitution.
6:39 PM6 days ago

Goal Chivas 1-1

6:33 PM6 days ago


Chivas goal.

Angulo takes advantage of the rebound and fires a shot into the net.

6:33 PM6 days ago


Santos changes

Andrade and Ocejo leave

Rodriguez and Geraldino are substituted.

6:32 PM6 days ago


Calderón receives the ball at the far post and takes the shot that hits the crossbar.
6:30 PM6 days ago


Macías' header goes slightly wide.
6:29 PM6 days ago


Sánchez comes off and Macías comes on for Chivas.
6:27 PM6 days ago


Angulo's left-footed shot is easily saved by Acevedo.
6:27 PM6 days ago


Aguirre combs the ball and misses the chance for the second.
6:24 PM6 days ago


Zaldívar slips in the area and his shot comes off his feet with little force.
6:22 PM6 days ago


Angulo is offside when he had entered the area and had been knocked down.
6:21 PM6 days ago


Ibarguen leaves and Aguirre enters, Santos changes.
6:20 PM6 days ago


Cervantes' shot from outside the box was deflected for a corner kick by Briseño.
6:18 PM6 days ago


Angulo enters and Molina leaves, Chivas change.
6:18 PM6 days ago


Ibarguen cuts down Mier in the air and is cautioned.
6:17 PM6 days ago


Orrantia enters and Prieto leaves, who was unable to recover from the ball.
6:14 PM6 days ago


The ball hits Prieto in the head and he is knocked out on the field.
6:12 PM6 days ago


Calderón misses it in a set piece sending his shot wide. Although it was offside.
6:10 PM6 days ago


Alan Cervantes' free kick goes over the top.
6:09 PM6 days ago


Muñoz's overflow and Molina brings him down to be cautioned.
6:06 PM6 days ago


Otero's cross shot was saved by Rodriguez with a handball.
6:05 PM6 days ago


Torres' shot that Acevedo leans back to save.
6:05 PM6 days ago


Calderón enters and Mayorga leaves. Chivas makes a change.
6:04 PM6 days ago

Half time

Second half begins. Chivas 0-1 Santos.
5:52 PM6 days ago

Chivas 0-1 Santos

5:48 PM6 days ago

Half time

Chivas 0-1 Santos.
5:48 PM6 days ago


Vega's shot from half distance into Acevedo's hands.
5:44 PM6 days ago


Otero's shot goes wide.
5:43 PM6 days ago


Alexis Vega was fouled and Chivas were in disarray after conceding a goal.
5:40 PM6 days ago

Gol Santos 1-0

5:37 PM6 days ago


Isijara is left lying on the field.
5:33 PM6 days ago


Santos Goal

Mier misses and Ocejo takes advantage and puts it into the corner for the 1-0.

5:31 PM6 days ago


Zaldívar's diagonal shot from behind is smashed into Acevedo's hands.
5:30 PM6 days ago


Cervantes shot over the top of the goal.
5:29 PM6 days ago


Santos' play does not go through because of an offside.
5:27 PM6 days ago


Pull and yellow card for Alejandro Mayorga, the first for Chivas.
5:26 PM6 days ago


Vega's dangerous cross is blocked by the Santos defense.
5:25 PM6 days ago


For complaining, Guillermo Almada is cautioned, the first of his team.
5:24 PM6 days ago


Cervantes's corner kick that sails wide of the area.
5:23 PM6 days ago


Vega's service goes past the far post.
5:21 PM6 days ago


Andrade tries to break through, but the ball goes to the back line.
5:17 PM6 days ago


Vega drives the shot off the post and Zaldívar misses on the counter.
5:15 PM6 days ago


Ibarguen's header goes wide.
5:14 PM6 days ago


Otero's cannon shot into the hands of Rodriguez.
5:13 PM6 days ago


Ocejo missed it, hit it without much power and the defense saved inside the small area.
5:11 PM6 days ago


Briseño is fouled and Chivas are awarded a direct free kick.
5:09 PM6 days ago


Prieto's long throw-in is denied by the defense.
5:06 PM6 days ago


The first few minutes were quite short with no clear dominator.
5:02 PM6 days ago


The match between Chivas and Santos begins.
4:58 PM6 days ago

They jump into the field

Chivas and Santos players take the field in Liga MX protocol.
4:56 PM6 days ago

Chivas' lineup, in case you missed it...

4:51 PM6 days ago

Last game Santos

Fifteen days ago, Santos lost their home unbeaten streak and fell 1-2 against champion León.
4:48 PM6 days ago

Chivas warm-up

4:43 PM6 days ago

Last game Chivas

Chivas lost the Clasico Nacional 3-0 to America three weeks ago.
4:43 PM6 days ago

Player to follow

After his excellent pre-Olympic campaign where Mexico was champion, it is expected that Uriel Antuna can contribute to Chivas' rise in the championship.

4:39 PM6 days ago

This is what the Chivas locker room looks like

4:34 PM6 days ago

Anti-Covid tests are performed

4:28 PM6 days ago

They jump to warm up

This was the state of the field prior to the warm-up of both teams.

4:25 PM6 days ago

XI Santos

Acevedo; Andrade, Dória, Torres, Isijara; Muñoz, Prieto, Cervantes, Otero; Ocejo, Iabrguen.
4:22 PM6 days ago

To the bank

Raúl Gudiño and José Juan Macías will not start this afternoon and will be on the substitutes' bench.
4:21 PM6 days ago

XI Chivas

Rodríguez; Sánchez, Mier, Briseño, Mayorga; Torres, Molina, Brizuela, Vega, Antuna; Zaldívar.
4:18 PM6 days ago

The following also won

Chivas defeated Santos 5-2 in the U-20 category and now hopes to complete the winning treble in the senior category.

4:13 PM6 days ago

Santos has arrived at the stadium

4:11 PM6 days ago

This is what the Akron looked like a few hours ago

4:09 PM6 days ago

They have already won in the Under 17

This morning at Verde Valle, Chivas' U-17 team defeated Santos Laguna 2-0.

4:05 PM6 days ago

There will be people

The Chivas will once again be attended by the public and anti-Covid tests have been installed outside the stadium to improve sanitation protocols.

4:03 PM6 days ago

There will be a match

In view of the fires of the last few hours, the Chivas vs. Santos game will be played because the air quality improved in the last few minutes.
4:03 PM6 days ago

In impeccable condition

4:01 PM6 days ago

Chivas has arrived at the Akron

3:59 PM6 days ago

We start

Chivas needs a win to return to the playoffs against Santos Laguna. We begin with coverage of the game.
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Tune in here

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Last games

Santos has the measure of Chivas in their last five league games, where they have won four and drawn one, that is, they have not lost since the 2012 Clausura.

11:50 AM7 days ago

How to watch Chivas vs Santos Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

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Key player Santos

Fernando Gorriarán is the point of balance in the midfield, highlighting that he also gets into the opponent's area with mid-distance shots or through fixed tactics.

11:40 AM7 days ago

Key player Chivas

After a great Pre-Olympic, it is expected that Alexis Vega can show the same level with Chivas to help them get out of the last qualification places.

11:35 AM7 days ago

Referee for Chivas vs Santos

Fernando Guerrero Ramírez will referee Chivas vs Santos.
11:30 AM7 days ago

Last lineup Santos

Acevedo; Govea, Torres, Doria, Andrade; Otero, Games, Gorriaran, Chagoya; Ocejo, Ibarguen.
11:25 AM7 days ago

Last lineup Chivas

Gudino; Brizuela, Sepulveda, Briseño, Mayorga; Beltran, Molina, Vega, Angulo, Antuna; Macias.
11:20 AM7 days ago

Santos: no mistakes

Although Santos is one of the best teams in the championship, their weakness has been away from Torreón where they have barely been able to win one of five games, which is why they will have to establish defensive order so that, from there, they can generate damage.
11:15 AM7 days ago

Chivas: win at any cost

Due to their position in the table and with only 12 points, Chivas must win at any cost at home to return to the playoffs.
11:10 AM7 days ago

Kick-off time

The Chivas vs Santos match will be played at the stadium Akron, in Guadalajara. The kick-off is scheduled at 6pm ET.
11:05 AM7 days ago

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