Goals and Highlights on Queretaro 0-1 Tigres match Guard1anes 2021
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9:09 PM12 days ago

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9:07 PM12 days ago

Diego Reyes made it happen

In the last minutes of the match, Reyes pushed the ball into the net after a poor rebound by Gil Alcalá.


9:05 PM12 days ago


The match ends at the Corregidora stadium and Tigres wins by the narrowest of margins.
9:01 PM12 days ago


Red card for Meza for a foul on Sepúlveda who entered the area alone.
9:00 PM12 days ago


It was scored by Reyes after a rejection by Alcalá in the area. 
8:55 PM12 days ago


López's free kick was deflected by Alcalá with one hand.
8:50 PM12 days ago


Yellow card for Meza for a hard foul on Sepúlveda.
8:45 PM12 days ago


Carioca's shot goes just over the crossbar.
8:40 PM12 days ago


González's shot hits Doldán's back.
8:35 PM12 days ago


H. Altamirano substitution: J. Dos Santos out, Joe Gallardo in.
8:30 PM12 days ago


Luis Rodríguez comes off and Nicolás López comes on for Tigres.
8:25 PM12 days ago


Deflected shot by Quiñones on the right side of the area.
8:20 PM12 days ago


Gignac's shot outside the area goes over the crossbar.
8:15 PM12 days ago


Attempted shot that ends in a foul by Gonzalez on Dos Santos.
8:10 PM12 days ago


The second half kicked off after the referee's whistle.
8:05 PM12 days ago

Luck for Guzman

A very dangerous play in the area that fortuitously found Nahuel on the way to the goal.


8:00 PM12 days ago


The first half ends at the Corregidora stadium.
7:55 PM12 days ago


González's shot goes wide.
7:50 PM12 days ago


Sepúlveda found the ball in the area and shot, but it went straight to Nahuel.
7:45 PM12 days ago


Good pass from Aquino to Pizarro who misses the shot inside the area.
7:40 PM12 days ago


Long shot by Quiñones that goes wide.
7:35 PM12 days ago


Sepúlveda's shot in the area goes into Nahuel's hands.
7:30 PM12 days ago


Dos Santos pressed up front and Silveira shot alone in the area but the ball went over the top of the goal.
7:25 PM12 days ago


"Chaka" Rodríguez's shot from outside the area goes over Alcalá's goal.
7:20 PM12 days ago


In the first play there was a strong clash of heads between Gonzalez and Cervantes.
7:15 PM12 days ago


The match kicks off at the Corregidora.
7:10 PM12 days ago

The "roosters" take to the field

The home team is already warming up for this afternoon's match at Querétaro's Corregidora stadium.


7:05 PM12 days ago

Lineup of Tigres

1. N. Guzmán; 3. C. Salcedo, 13. Reyes, 5. Carioca, 19. Pizarro, 20. J. Aquino, 28. L. Rodríguez, 29. E. Dueñas, 10. A. P. Gignac, 23. Quiñones and 32. C. González.
7:00 PM12 days ago

Lineup of Queretaro

13. G. Alcalá; 2. O. Sepúlveda, 22. A. Doldán 20. D. Montes, 25. D. Cervantes, 8. F. Madrigal, 9. J. Dos Santos, 7. K. Ramírez, 19. H. Silveira, 14. A. Valencia and 15. Á. Sepúlveda. 
6:55 PM12 days ago

Tigres has historic advantage

The "universitarios" have a total of 15 wins over Queretaro, while the "gallos" only have a total of 6.

6:50 PM12 days ago

The home team arrived

The "Gallos" are in their stadium ready for the match corresponding to match day 13, and in a few moments they will take the field.


6:45 PM12 days ago

Live broadcast begins

In a few moments we will present the lineups for the match, both teams are ready to play their matchday 13 match at the Corregidora stadium.
6:40 PM12 days ago

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How and where to watch the game

If you want to watch the match on television, you can do so on TUDN USA

If you prefer to follow it live online, VAVEL USA is your best option.

6:30 PM12 days ago

Last match between Querétaro and Tigres

The last time the two teams met was on April 19 last year at the "volcan", where the universitarios won with a resounding 3-0 victory, with goals by Luis Rodríguez and two by Nicolás López.


6:25 PM12 days ago

Tigres' previous lineup

N.Guzmán, L.Rodríguez, F,Meza, C.Salcedo, F.Venegas, G.Pizarro, J.Dueñas, L.Quiñones, R.Fulgencio, N.López and A.Gignac.
6:20 PM12 days ago

Queretaro's previous lineup

Alcalá; Mendoza, Rea, Cervantes, Escamilla, Madrigal, Ramírez, Montero, Valencia, Sepúlveda and Silveira.
6:15 PM12 days ago

Tigres has five games without a win

Tuca Ferreti's team has not recovered since their return from the Club World Cup, and have now gone 5 consecutive matches without a win.

In their last match, they were defeated by Pachuca by the minimum score at the Hidalgo stadium. 

6:10 PM12 days ago

Suffering defeat

Last week, the team coached by Humberto Altamirano was defeated in the northern border by Xolos, with a resounding 3-1 score. 

Will they have the arguments to get back on their feet after the FIFA date? 

6:05 PM12 days ago

Kickoff time

The Queretaro vs Tigres match will be played at the Corregidora stadium, in Queretaro, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00pm ET.
6:00 PM12 days ago

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