Goals and highlights: Atlas 1-3 Leon in 2021 Liga MX Guard1anes
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7:03 PMa month ago

Highlights and goals |

6:57 PMa month ago


It's over!!! León makes a big splash and beats Atlas away at the Jalisco Stadium.
6:56 PMa month ago


León continued in search of the fourth, but they passed too early and the ball ended up in the hands of Vargas.
6:53 PMa month ago


Goal by Leon! The third goal was scored by Rodriguez, but Camilo Vargas couldn't prevent the goal.
6:51 PMa month ago


Double change for the Lion. David Ramírez and Stiven Barreiro replace Luis Montes and Gil Burón.
6:47 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Rodolfo Cota dives to prevent the equalizer after Herrera's shot.
6:45 PMa month ago


Change of premises. Oziel Herrera replaces Diego Barbosa.
6:42 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal, goal by Atlas! Edgar Zaldívar shoots from outside the box to close the gap
6:36 PMa month ago


Double change for the locals. Julio Furch and Javier Correa replace Milton Caraglio and Jéremy Márquez.
6:36 PMa month ago


Change for León. Jesús Godínez comes off and Jean Meneses takes his place.
6:30 PMa month ago


Atlas change. Jairo Torres is replaced by Edgar Zaldívar.
6:29 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal by Leon! A great service from Montes and Gigliotti heads in again to score his brace.
6:24 PMa month ago


Good start! Camilo Vargas came out to save and Mena ends up crashing the ball into the goalkeeper.
6:19 PMa month ago


Change for Leon. Ángel Mena replaces Joel Campbell.
6:19 PMa month ago


Jéremy Márquez's shot goes over the goal.
6:17 PMa month ago


Always no! The referee signals a handball by Rocha and disallows the goal, the match continues in favor of the visitors.
6:15 PMa month ago


VAR! Apparently there is handball in the Atlas goal and the referee will review it in the video referee.
6:14 PMa month ago


Atlas scores the equalizer! After a series of shots, Angulo scores the equalizer.
6:12 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Great header by Caraglio, but Cota, attentive, saves a ball that was clearly headed for goal.
6:11 PMa month ago


Atlas is on top! Malcorra takes a shot at Cota's goal, but the alert goalkeeper keeps the ball out of danger.
6:09 PMa month ago


Goal by... It is cancelled! Caraglio shot inside the box to tie the match, but the referee disallowed the goal for being in an advanced position.
6:07 PMa month ago


Ibarra's shot was saved by Cota, again the offense wanted to shoot again, but the visiting defense deflected the ball.
6:06 PMa month ago


The second half begins at the Jalisco, Atlas will be looking to even the match.
5:50 PMa month ago


At the end of the first half, León wins by the minimum in Guadalajara.
5:45 PMa month ago


A good service from Godínez, the ball is rebounded, but no one is able to finish inside the area and a clear chance is missed.
5:39 PMa month ago


Goal by Leon! After a corner kick, 'Puma' Gigliotti heads the ball into the back of the net.
5:34 PMa month ago


Uff! Yairo Moreno's left-footed shot goes over Vargas' goal.
5:32 PMa month ago


The match continues, after a moment for both teams to rehydrate.
5:28 PMa month ago


Stops actions to rehydrate the equipment
5:24 PMa month ago


Caraglio attempts to serve into the visitors' box, but the ball goes wide.
5:21 PMa month ago


Near León! Montes' shot misses the target and the chance goes up in smoke.
5:16 PMa month ago


The match has arrivals on both sides, but they fail to be accurate. 
5:06 PMa month ago


Gigliotti's left-footed shot is deflected by the home defense.
5:02 PMa month ago


The match kicks off in Guadalajara and both teams will be looking to take all three points.
4:57 PMa month ago

Leon: LineUp |

R. Cota; G. Burón, A. Mosquera, O. Rodríguez, P. Hernández; L. Montes, Y. Moreno, F. González; J. Campbell, J. Godínez, E. Gigliotti.
4:52 PMa month ago

Atlas: LineUp |

C. Vargas; H. Nervo, A. Santamaría, D. Barbosa, J. Angulo; I. Malcorra, I. Torres, A. Rocha, A. Márquez; R. Ibarra, M. Caraglio.


4:47 PMa month ago

The visitors' fans have arrived!

The León fans have arrived at the Jalisco Stadium.


4:42 PMa month ago

Recovering parts!

This afternoon, Julio Furch could see his first minutes as a red-and-black player in the tournament; the striker was sidelined for more than half of the tournament due to injury.


4:37 PMa month ago

The lion roars!

In previous duels between these teams, the Emeralds have the advantage over the Zorros, where they have accumulated 13 wins, while Cocca's team has only 8 victories.
4:32 PMa month ago

They are present!

The Panzas Verdes, under Ambriz, have already arrived at the Jalisco stadium, where they will be looking for one more victory.
4:27 PMa month ago

The red and blacks are here!

Atlas has already arrived at home, where they will receive the Emeralds of Leon, a match that corresponds to journey 14 of the Guard1anes 2021.

4:22 PMa month ago

Stay tuned!

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Leon: Last LineUp |

R. Cota; F. Navarro, W. Tesillo, S. Barreiro, O. Rodríguez; L. Montes, A. Mena, J. Meneses, S. Colombatto, D. Ramírez;  V. Dávila.
4:07 PMa month ago

Atlas: Last LineUp |

C. Vargas; J. Angulo, H. Nervo, A. Santamaría, D. Barbosa; A. Márquez, A. Rocha, I. Malcorra, I. Torres, R. Ibarra; M. Caraglio.
4:02 PMa month ago

Leon continues to accumulate victories!

The team coached by Ambríz got out of the slump in which they started the tournament and added an important victory against Toluca last week. With this good streak, they will be looking to beat Cocca's pupils.


3:57 PMa month ago

They are on the rise!

The Red and Blacks come into this duel after beating Xolos by the minimum last matchday; with this result, they ended up in fifth position and continue to add important points for the percentage.

3:52 PMa month ago

Kickoff time |

The Atlas vs Leon match will be played at the Jalisco stadium, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The kick-off is scheduled at 05:00pm ET.
3:47 PMa month ago


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