Goals and Highlights: Xolos Tijuana 2-3 Mazatlan on Liga MX Guard1anes 2021
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11:21 PMa month ago

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11:19 PMa month ago

Border flip-flop

With the team pushed forward, Xolos withdrawn and without any ideas, Mazatlan scored the definitive goal for the victory. Michael Rangel headed it in. 
11:16 PMa month ago

The game was tied

This time without the help of the VAR, the referee again awarded a penalty kick in favor of Mazatlan. Camilo Sanvezzo scored and tied the game. 
11:14 PMa month ago

Mazatlan was approaching

After reviewing an earlier play in the VAR, the referee awarded Mazatlán a penalty kick, which Camilo Sanvezzo took. 
11:12 PMa month ago

The second goal

Fidel Martinez, from the penalty kick, gave his team the second goal. A comfortable lead, at that moment, for Xolos. 
11:09 PMa month ago

The first goal

With a great individual play by Mauro Manotas, Xolos quickly found the lead in the game. 
11:03 PMa month ago

Match ends

Mazatlan's 2:3 win at Xolos de Tijuana's home. 
11:01 PMa month ago

90' Added time

Four minutes are added to the regular time. 
10:59 PMa month ago

90' Mazatlan goal!

Michael Rangel scores the third goal for Mazatlan. 
10:58 PMa month ago

89' Yellow card

The match became dirty with numerous fouls. Xolos' Fabian Castillo now receives a yellow card. 
10:57 PMa month ago

88' Yellow card

Marcel Ruiz receives a yellow card for cutting off an attack. 
10:56 PMa month ago

87' Yellow card

Mazatlan's Rodrigo Millar receives a yellow card. Set piece opportunity for Xolos. 
10:53 PMa month ago

84' Individual play by Fabian Castillo

The Colombian player tried his own luck, but the ball was sent high. 
10:51 PMa month ago

81' Xolos missed it!

Fabian Castillo's cross to the far post, but Miguel Sansores misses, giving Xolos another chance. 
10:48 PMa month ago

79' Yellow card

Gonzalo Jara received a yellow card. 
10:43 PMa month ago

71' Changes for both teams

Miguel Sansores replaces Junior Sornoza (Xolos). 

Israel Jimenez, Camilo Sanvezzo and Fernando Aristeguieta are replaced by Luis Mendoza, Rodrigo Millar and Michael Rangel (Mazatlán).

10:35 PMa month ago

66' Mazatlan substitution

Jorge Padilla replaces Salvador Rodriguez. 
10:34 PMa month ago

65' Mazatlan goal!

Camilo Sanvezzo does it again from the penalty spot. 
10:32 PMa month ago

63' Penalty for Mazatlan!

The referee calls a foul on Aristeguieta. 
10:31 PMa month ago

62' Yellow card

Mazatlan's Jose Ortiz is shown the yellow card for a foul on Fabian Castillo. 
10:30 PMa month ago

61' Xolos substitution

Fabian Castillo replaces Mauro Manotas. 
10:25 PMa month ago

56' Yellow card

Vladimir Loroña of Xolos receives the yellow card. 
10:25 PMa month ago

55' Xolos tries!

Edgar Lopez took a shot on goal, but sent his shot over the top. 
10:19 PMa month ago

49' Aristeguieta!

A shot by the Venezuelan striker that the home goalkeeper has to get both hands on to deflect away. 
10:17 PMa month ago

47' Xolos is saved!

Israel Jimenez shoots in front of Diaz, but Vladimir Loroña uses a very unorthodox play to prevent the goal. 
10:15 PMa month ago

46' Xolos changes

For the second half Pablo Guede makes two substitutions. Marcel Ruiz and Luis Gamiz replace Jordi Cortizo and Fidel Martinez. 
10:13 PMa month ago

Second half begins

Mazatlan has 45 minutes left to turn the score around and avoid slipping to the bottom of the quotient table. 
9:57 PMa month ago

First half ends

After 45 minutes, Tijuana beats Mazatlan 2-1. 
9:54 PMa month ago

45' Added time

Four minutes were added to regular time. 
9:54 PMa month ago

45' Mazatlan goal!

Camilo Sanvezzo cuts the deficit from the penalty spot. 
9:52 PMa month ago

44' VAR decision

Penalty for Mazatlan! There was a foul on Aristeguieta on Jose Ortiz's shot and the spot kick is awarded. 
9:51 PMa month ago

42' VAR review

The VAR calls the referee again for a possible penalty kick in favor of Mazatlan. 
9:49 PMa month ago

40' Mazatlan tries a little at a time

Mazatlan seems to be trying to show signs of life. Jose Ortiz's header goes wide. 
9:48 PMa month ago

39' Mazatlan substitution

Before halftime, Tomas Boy makes a change. Gael Sandoval is replaced by Ulises Cardona. 
9:45 PMa month ago

37' Xolos loses!

A series of rebounds in the box, but no Tijuana player was able to score. When Martinez did, the ball went wide.
9:41 PMa month ago

32' Another shot from Xolos!

Junior Sornoza also shoots on goal, the ball goes wide. 
9:40 PMa month ago

31' Another shot on goal!

Esteban Pavez's shot is saved by Ricardo Gutierrez in two minutes. 
9:38 PMa month ago

29' VAR resolution

No red card! The referee reverses his decision and removes Jordi Cortizo's red card. 
9:37 PMa month ago

28' VAR intervention

Jorge Isaac Rojas is called to the VAR to review the red card. 
9:36 PMa month ago

27' Red card

Jordi Cortizo of Xolos is sent off. 
9:34 PMa month ago

25' Closer to the third goal!

Another Xolos counterattack, Martinez's shot goes wide. 
9:32 PMa month ago

23' Not for Xolos!

Counterattack by the home team, Fidel Martinez shoots first time after receiving a pass, but sends it over the goal. 
9:29 PMa month ago

21' Xolos goal!

Fidel Martinez scores the second goal for Tijuana from the penalty kick. 
9:28 PMa month ago

18' Penalty kick for Xolos!

The goalkeeper knocks down Fidel Martínez in the area, the referee awards a penalty kick and cautions Gutierrez. 
9:23 PMa month ago

14' Xolos come close to their second!

One-on-one from Martinez in front of Gutierrez. The Ecuadorian striker shoots and the goalkeeper manages to deflect and then keeps the ball. 
9:21 PMa month ago

12' Aristeguieta in danger!

Cross from Gael Sandoval, Venezuelan Fernando Aristeguieta prowled the area, but Bryan Angulo anticipated the shot. 
9:17 PMa month ago

8' Another attempt by Mazatlan

The visiting team looks to tie the match. Giovanni Augusto sends the ball over the goal. 
9:13 PMa month ago

Xolos goal

Bryan Angulo's cross, Mauro Manotas receives it and scores with a half turn. 
9:12 PMa month ago

4' Xolos goal!

Mauro Manotas gives the home team the lead. 
9:09 PMa month ago

1' First attempt by the visitors!

Camilo Sanvezzo shoots, but Diaz deflects into the back of the net. 
9:07 PMa month ago

The match begins

Last game of Sunday. Xolos de Tijuana hosts Mazatlan. 
8:50 PMa month ago

Local lineup

On the other hand, these are the players selected by Pablo Guede for tonight's match. 
8:49 PMa month ago

Visiting lineup

This is how Tomas Boy sets the field at the Estadio Caliente. 
8:34 PMa month ago

To warm up

Mazatlan begins pre-competition work
8:31 PMa month ago

The arrival of Mazatlan

This is how the visiting team arrived at Mictlan.
8:10 PMa month ago

U20 momentary score


Prior to the First Team match between Tijuana and Mazatlan, the U20 teams of both teams face each other on the field of Estadio Caliente. With a goal by Gerson Vazquez, the locals win for the moment.

8:10 PMa month ago

Triumph for Xolos U17


Jaime Alvarez's solitary goal was enough for Tijuana U17 to beat Mazatlan. The Xolos are in sixth place with 29 points.

8:09 PMa month ago

Relegation Update


Juarez's win over Atletico San Luis left both Mazatlan and Tijuana four points behind the team from Ciudad Juarez. Either team's loss could put them in the fight to avoid paying a 50 million pesos fine.

11:46 AMa month ago

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Loss in Puebla


With ten men due to the expulsion of their goalkeeper, Mazatlan lost at Puebla's home. Although Giovanni Augusto gave Tomas Boy's team the lead, the expulsion of Nicolas Vikonis led to goals from Santiago Ormeño, Salvador Reyes and Maximiliano Araujo.

11:31 AMa month ago

Another defeat


A mistake ended up costing the Xolos the game. In Guadalajara, Jalisco, the team coached by Pablo Guede lost to Atlas. Renato Ibarra took advantage of a mistake by Jonathan Orozco to give his team the three points.

11:26 AMa month ago

Duel for relegation


These teams did not figure to be in the fight to avoid paying the fine for finishing in the last three places in the quotient table. Now, both teams are four points behind the second last place, which will pay a fine of 50 million pesos for finishing in that position.

11:21 AMa month ago

Mazatlan with only one away win


The team from the Pearl of the Pacific has visited Mazatlan on six occasions, but has won on only one occasion and lost on the rest. That only victory was against Tigres by a score of 1-2.

11:16 AMa month ago

Xolos seeks to reaffirm its place in the playoffs


The Tijuana team had returned to winning ways after five games without victory, but fell again the previous week. Even so, they remain in the playoff places.

11:11 AMa month ago

Day 14 of the Guard1anes 2021


There are only three matchdays left for the end of the regular phase of the Clausura 2021. Statistical relegation, since there is no real loss of category, but a fine, is more than alive and this match could be fundamental for the near future.

11:06 AMa month ago

Kick-off time


The Xolos vs Mazatlan match will be played at the Caliente stadium, in Tijuana, Mexico.

11:01 AMa month ago

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