Goals and Highlights Chivas 2-0 Xolos, 2021 Liga MX
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8:56 PM19 days ago

Goals and highlights |

8:52 PM19 days ago


It's over!!! Chivas wins its second home victory and momentarily moves into the playoffs.
8:45 PM19 days ago


Double change for Chivas. Ángel Zaldivar and Fernando Beltrán are substituted for Isaac Brizuela and Jesús Angulo.
8:43 PM19 days ago


Flores fails to shoot inside the box and misses the chance for the third.
8:42 PM19 days ago


He's leaving!!! Gonzalo Jara receives a second yellow card and leaves the match.
8:38 PM19 days ago


Chivas goal! Jesus Angulo finishes off a great play with a left-footed shot and Diaz can't prevent the second.
8:31 PM19 days ago


Chivas change. Sergio Flores and Oribe Peralta are substituted for Uriel Antuna and J. J. Macias.
8:30 PM19 days ago


Goalkeeper, again! Ponce appears inside the area, but Díaz does a better job of keeping the ball out and preventing the second.
8:29 PM19 days ago


Double change for the visitors. Vladimir Loroña and Fidel Martínez are replaced by Jaime Gómez and Gerson Vázquez.
8:25 PM19 days ago


Xolos made a dangerous run, but Mauro Manotas crossed his shot too far and the ball went out of bounds.
8:20 PM19 days ago


Chivas change. Jesús Molina comes off for Eduardo Torres.
8:20 PM19 days ago


You can't go on! Jesús Molina is thrown on the pitch and the captain will leave the match on a stretcher.
8:18 PM19 days ago


Double change for Xolos. Junior Sornoza and David Barbosa enter, Fabián Castillo and Christian Rivera leave the match.
8:16 PM19 days ago


Great start by Benny Diaz! Tijuana's goalkeeper comes out correctly and avoids Antuna's arrival.
8:14 PM19 days ago


Ponce's header goes wide and misses the chance to add to the lead.
8:07 PM19 days ago


Goal, goal, goal by Chivas! Alexis Vegas took the courage to shoot from outside the area and with a great right-footed shot, he slammed the ball into the back of the net.
8:06 PM19 days ago


Good pass to Manotas, who enters the Chivas area and shoots, but the ball is easily controlled by Rodriguez.
8:03 PM19 days ago


The second half kicks off at the Akron Stadium.
7:48 PM19 days ago


The first part is over! The first 45 minutes are over and the goal has yet to come for either team; Chivas missed a penalty kick.
7:44 PM19 days ago


Loroña, who prevents the play from growing inside his area and takes the ball away from Vega.
7:43 PM19 days ago


Xolos close! Pavez's header goes slightly wide.
7:41 PM19 days ago


It was a very difficult match in the midfield.
7:30 PM19 days ago


Antuna's shot is easily controlled by the goalkeeper.
7:24 PM19 days ago


Ponce's shot by Benny Díaz is saved by Benny Díaz, preventing the scoreboard from opening.
7:22 PM19 days ago


A good arrival of the visitors that culminated in a shot by Marcel Ruíz that was controlled by Rodríguez.
7:16 PM19 days ago


He stopped it!!! Benny Díaz dives and saves the ball, avoiding the first by Macías.
7:14 PM19 days ago


Penalty! The referee awards a penalty for a handball by Rivera.
7:13 PM19 days ago


VAR! A handball inside the Xolos box is reviewed, probable penalty kick for Chivas.
7:11 PM19 days ago


Alexis Vega's shot was well covered by Diaz, preventing his goal from falling.
7:10 PM19 days ago


Uff! Great play with a cutback by Antuna that ends with a header by J.J. Macías and the ball ends up going over the goal.
7:05 PM19 days ago


Chivas started the match with Benny Díaz's goal, but the Red and Whites were unable to score on the last pass.
7:01 PM19 days ago


The match kicks off in Guadalajara.
6:56 PM19 days ago

Xolos: LineUp |

B. Díaz; B. Angulo, G. Jara, V. Loroña, V. Guzmán; E. Pavez, F. Martínez, C. Rivera, M. Ruíz; F. Castillo, M. Manotas.
6:51 PM19 days ago

Chivas: LineUp |

J. Rodríguez; G. Sepúlveda, M. Ponce, J. Sánchez, L. Olivas; J. Molina, I. Brizuela, U. Antuna, J. Angulo; A. Vega, J. Macías.
6:46 PM19 days ago

Complicated panorama!

In the meetings between Chivas and Xolos, the team from the Border has a greater advantage, as they have 10 wins against Chivas' 4.
6:41 PM19 days ago

It's look amazing!

This is how the Akron Stadium looks for this afternoon's match between Chivas and Xolos.
6:36 PM19 days ago

People are coming in!

In an orderly manner and following all the protocols imposed by the Federation, the Club and the government, the fans enter the stadium.


6:31 PM19 days ago

Xolos renewed!

The team from the Border arrives to this duel, where they will have a new coach, after the departure of Pablo Guede.
6:26 PM19 days ago

The Chivas are here!

The team coached by Vucetich is already at the Akron, where they will play their matchday 15 game.
6:21 PM19 days ago

Stay tuned!

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Xolos: Last LineUp |

B. Díaz; B. Angulo, G. Jara, V. Lorona, V. Guzmán; J. Sornoza, C. Rivera, J. Cortizo; M. Manotas.
6:06 PM19 days ago

Chivas: Last LineUp |

A. Rodríguez; J. Sánchez, H. Mier, A. Briseño, A. Mayorga; A. Torres, V .Molina, I. Brizuela, A. Vega, U. Antuna; Zaldívar.
6:01 PM19 days ago

¡Xolos arrived without DT!

From Tijuana, the team from the Border arrives and will be looking for three points that will give them some breathing space. Although they arrive after the dismissal of Guede, their last defeat was at Bravos' home, where they ended up losing.


5:56 PM19 days ago

Chivas is not getting back on its feet

The red and white team has been in a constant unbalance, with two wins, seven draws and four defeats, the team led by 'King Midas' arrives to this match looking for a victory that will give oxygen to his technical direction.


5:51 PM19 days ago

Kickoff time |

The Chivas vs Xolos match will be played at the Akron stadium, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The kick-off is scheduled at 6pm ET.
5:46 PM19 days ago

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