Goals and Highlights: America 1-1 Cruz Azul in Liga MX 2021
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11:04 PM19 days ago

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11:03 PM19 days ago

Winning streak halted

With a pair of penalty kicks thanks to VAR, América and Cruz Azul tied and thus halted their winning streak.
11:02 PM19 days ago

End game

América 1-1 Cruz Azul.
10:58 PM19 days ago


Lainez leaves and Medina enters. América substitution.
10:58 PM19 days ago


Yellow for Yotún.
10:57 PM19 days ago


Five more minutes are added.
10:55 PM19 days ago


Fuentes with a mid-range shot that goes high.
10:54 PM19 days ago

Goal Cruz Azul 1-1

10:53 PM19 days ago


Montoya is knocked down and Sanchez is cautioned.
10:52 PM19 days ago


Naveda enters and Fidalgo leaves for América.
10:51 PM19 days ago


Goal Cruz Azul

Rodríguez takes the penalty kick down the middle to tie the match.

10:49 PM19 days ago


The VAR reviews the play and marks a handball inside the area. Penalty kick.
10:44 PM19 days ago


Aguilera sends his free kick straight into the stands.
10:43 PM19 days ago


Yellow card for Juan Escobar for a foul on Fidalgo.
10:42 PM19 days ago


Fernández and Orbelín leave

Montoya and Yotún come in.

Cruz Azul changes.

10:40 PM19 days ago


Romo slips inside the area and his ball goes wide.
10:38 PM19 days ago


Change for América

Martínez leaves and Suárez enters.

10:34 PM19 days ago


Roger enters the penalty area and gets in a left-footed shot that goes wide.
10:32 PM19 days ago


Alvarado is left lying on the field after heavy contact with Roger.
10:29 PM19 days ago


Martinez and Baca leave

Hernández and Angulo enter.

Cruz Azul changes.

10:26 PM19 days ago


Cáceres' shot at the far post went wide.
10:24 PM19 days ago


Aguilera presses and fouls Romo near midfield.
10:21 PM19 days ago


Lainez's shot in front of the frame goes over.
10:19 PM19 days ago


Ochoa clears the free kick and ends up being fouled.
10:16 PM19 days ago


Cabecita was offside when it looked like there was a penalty on Romo.
10:15 PM19 days ago


Rivero's cross was opportunely cut by Cáceres and sent to a corner.
10:13 PM19 days ago


Rivero out of place.
10:12 PM19 days ago


Roger Martinez's shot is saved without problem by Jesus Corona.
10:11 PM19 days ago


The second half begins between América and Cruz Azul.
9:56 PM19 days ago

América 1-0 Cruz Azul

9:55 PM19 days ago

Half time

América 1-0 Cruz Azul.
9:52 PM19 days ago


Three minutes were added.
9:51 PM19 days ago

Goal América 1-0

9:51 PM19 days ago


Alvarado's shot hits the net on the outside.
9:50 PM19 days ago


Fernandez lies down and the action stops for a few seconds.
9:47 PM19 days ago


América goal.

Aguilera takes the penalty kick to the side of Corona for the 1-0 lead.

9:45 PM19 days ago


The VAR reviews the play, removes Fidalgo's yellow card and calls a penalty.
9:43 PM19 days ago


Fidalgo is cautioned for diving inside the area.
9:42 PM19 days ago


Fidalgo falls inside the area and the referee penalizes him, but for diving on purpose.
9:37 PM19 days ago


Rodriguez's through ball, but the ball goes too long.
9:35 PM19 days ago


Baca's powerful shot was deflected by the Azulcrema defense and now it was a corner kick, albeit from the other sector.
9:34 PM19 days ago


Delayed ball to Ochoa that goes too long and will be a corner kick.
9:32 PM19 days ago


Cruz Azul tries to get forward, but still can't find the space to get close to Memo Ochoa.
9:28 PM19 days ago


Viñas wins from above, but his header goes into the hands of Corona.
9:27 PM19 days ago


Viñas' header is slightly deflected by the defense and the ball ends up in a corner kick.
9:25 PM19 days ago


América's offensive foul on Rodríguez ends the dangerous play.
9:24 PM19 days ago


Roger's shot was deflected for a corner kick by the Azul defense.
9:22 PM19 days ago


Lainez's cross was close to the goal, but Corona was already keeping an eye on the ball.
9:21 PM19 days ago


Cruz Azul wasted a corner kick that ended up in Ochoa's hands.
9:20 PM19 days ago


Romo with a mid-range shot that is covered by the defense.
9:16 PM19 days ago


Lainez tries to run down the left flank, but Romo prevents him from doing so with a good mark.
9:13 PM19 days ago


A foul was called on Rivero just outside the area, but the referee did not award a penalty.
9:12 PM19 days ago


Little clarity where both teams are pressing in the exits.
9:09 PM19 days ago


Fuentes' long-range shot goes over the top of the goal.
9:08 PM19 days ago


Martinez and Fuentes clashed but did not escalate.
9:06 PM19 days ago


The match between América and Cruz Azul kicks off.
9:01 PM19 days ago

They jump into the field

At this moment, both América and Cruz Azul take the field in the Liga MX protocol.
8:59 PM19 days ago

A lot of history

Here are some of the players who have worn amblas playeras in recent times:

Adrián Aldrete

"Maza" Rodríguez

Sebastián Abreu

"Chaco" Giménez

Richard Núñez

Luis Hernandez

Pedro Pineda

Rubén Omar Romano

Matias Vuoso

8:56 PM19 days ago

America sends message of support to Lopez

8:51 PM19 days ago

How decisive will Rodriguez be tonight?

8:48 PM19 days ago

For the leadership

If Cruz Azul wins or draws, it will retain the lead, otherwise América will take the top spot in Liga MX.
8:47 PM19 days ago

The Azulcrema nest is ready

8:43 PM19 days ago

Of the best attacks

Until the Puebla win, América was the best offense of the season with 23 goals, 13 of them at home.
8:39 PM19 days ago

Last result Cruz Azul in Liga MX

Cruz Azul beat Chivas 1-0 last Saturday with a goal by Rodriguez.
8:36 PM19 days ago

Last result America in Liga MX

América put on one of its best displays last Saturday with a 3-1 away win over Tigres de la UANL.
8:35 PM19 days ago

Cruz Azul: Concachampions result

On Tuesday, on the same field, Cruz Azul had no problems in an 8-0 thrashing of the modest Arcahaie team.
8:32 PM19 days ago

Cruz Azul's arrival at the Azteca

8:29 PM19 days ago

Today they will wear the traditional uniform

8:27 PM19 days ago

America takes the field to warm up

8:23 PM19 days ago


It should be noted that Pablo Aguilar will not be present in this game due to the accumulation of yellow cards and will reappear until the next game against San Luis.
8:19 PM19 days ago

Not included in the call for applications

It should be noted that Sebastián Córdova was unable to recover from the blow he suffered against Olimpia and will not be present for this game.
8:17 PM19 days ago

XI Cruz Azul

Corona; Domínguez, Romo, Martínez, Escobar; Rivero, Baca, Alvarado, Fernández, Pineda; Rodríguez.
8:15 PM19 days ago

XI América

Ochoa; Fuentes, Sánchez, Cáceres, Aguilera; Aquino, Sánchez, Fidalgo, Lainez; Martínez, Viñas.
8:14 PM19 days ago

America: Concachapions result

América is coming off a midweek 1-0 loss to Olimpia, but advanced to the quarterfinals on away goals after a 2-2 draw.
8:12 PM19 days ago

This is how América arrived at the Azteca

8:09 PM19 days ago

The U-17 team has already won

Cruz Azul defeated America 2-0 this morning in the U-17 category.

8:06 PM19 days ago

Comparison between América and Cruz Azul

8:03 PM19 days ago

The Azteca is from...

In view of the dispute over who is in charge at the Azteca, América left this image on social networks.

8:01 PM19 days ago

This is what the home team's dressing room looks like

7:59 PM19 days ago

We begin

The match of the day. For the second time, two teams with more than 30 points in the standings face each other for the top spot in the championship. We begin with coverage of América vs Cruz Azul.
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Tune in here

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Last games

The Celestes have taken the measure of the Azulcremas in their last five matches with four unbeaten games, including three wins and a 0-0 draw.

12:05 PM19 days ago

How to watch America vs Cruz Azul Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options is: TUDN.

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Key player Cruz Azul

Jonathan Rodríguez usually has good displays against the Águilas, so he will be looking to continue increasing his scoring quota to help his team stay at the top.

11:55 AM19 days ago

Key player America

Since his arrival, the Peruvian Pedro Aquino has given solidity to the Azulcrema midfield by recovering balls and, in addition, contributing with goals when he steps in front of the attack.

11:50 AM19 days ago

Last Cruz Azul lineup

Corona; Escobar, Aguilar, Dominguez, Martinez; Baca, Romo, Alvarado, Fernandez, Pineda; Rodriguez.
11:45 AM19 days ago

Last lineup America

Ochoa; Fuentes, Sánchez, Valdez, Aguilera; Aquino, Cordova, Sanchez, Fidalgo, Lainez; Martinez.
11:40 AM19 days ago

Referee for America vs Cruz Azul

The referee for America vs Cruz Azul will be Fernando Guerrero Ramirez.
11:35 AM19 days ago

Cruz Azul: to make history

The Máquina wants to make history and become the first team in the history of Mexican soccer to achieve 13 consecutive victories and, at the same time, defeat the hated rival and neighbor of the capital.
11:30 AM19 days ago

América: on top of the table

The Águilas are looking to prove that there is no team better than them and will try to prove that they have the best offense in the championship with 23 goals.
11:25 AM19 days ago

Kick-off time

The America vs Cruz Azul match will be played at the stadium Azteca, in Mexico City. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:05pm ET.
11:20 AM19 days ago

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