Goals and highlights: Mineros Zacatecas 6-0 Alebrijes Oaxaca in 2021 Liguilla Expansion MX
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9:27 PM22 days ago

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9:22 PM22 days ago

Goals and highlights

9:17 PM22 days ago

Mineros beats Alebrijes

With goals from Francisco Rivera (2), Héctor Mascorro, Diego Aguilar, Horacio Torres and Moisés Hipólito, Zacatecas eliminated Oaxaca in the playoffs.

Zacatecas joins Celaya as the teams that have already qualified for the quarterfinals of the competition; their opponent will be determined on Thursday.

9:12 PM22 days ago


Game over!
9:07 PM22 days ago


Moisés Hipólito scored the sixth goal in front of Ángel Alonzo.
9:02 PM22 days ago


Néstor Corona's counterattack ends with a shot that is blocked by Ángel Alonzo. Alebrijes is saved from the sixth goal.
8:57 PM22 days ago


Horacio Torres scored the fifth goal of the night with a shot that hit the left post.
8:52 PM22 days ago


Fourth Mineros substitution: Pedro Pedraza comes on for Omar Mireles.
8:47 PM22 days ago


Last Alebrijes substitution: Isaí Gil enters for Johan Alonzo.
8:42 PM22 days ago


Fernando Plascencia receives a yellow card for a strong foul on Luis Hernandez.
8:37 PM22 days ago


Mineros made two changes: Héctor Mascorro and Juan Calero left the field and Moisés Hipólito and Néstor Corona joined the team.
8:32 PM22 days ago


Almost there! Fernando Plascencia's free kick goes just wide of Mineros' left post.
8:27 PM22 days ago


Fourth Alebrijes substitution: Esteban Torres replaces Fernando Morales.
8:22 PM22 days ago


Jesús Henestrosa assists Diego Aguilar, who scores the fourth home goal.
8:17 PM22 days ago


New Alebrijes' movement: Daniel Cisneros leaves and Jaír Cortés enters.
8:12 PM22 days ago


On a pass from Luis Hernández, Héctor Mascorro pushes the ball in for Zacatecas' third goal.
8:07 PM22 days ago


First movement: Diego Aguilar comes in for Francisco Rivera, who leaves due to injury.
8:02 PM22 days ago


Alebrijes makes two changes: Fernando Plascencia and Jesús Ochoa come in for Ricardo Monreal and Carlos Fonseca.
7:57 PM22 days ago


The second half begins!
7:52 PM22 days ago


End of the first half!
7:47 PM22 days ago


Angel Alonzo! The Alebrijes goalkeeper stretches out and saves Héctor Mascorro's low shot.
7:42 PM22 days ago


Three minutes are added.
7:37 PM22 days ago


On the line! Juan Portales saves Juan Calero's header with his thigh. Alebrijes is saved.
7:32 PM22 days ago


The match was stopped for Héctor Mascorro to receive medical attention after he was fouled. 
7:27 PM22 days ago


The match was stopped for Héctor Mascorro to receive medical attention after he was fouled.
7:22 PM22 days ago


From midfield, Francisco Rivera shoots and scores past Angel Alonzo.
7:17 PM22 days ago


This is how Mineros scored the winning goal. 
7:12 PM22 days ago


Juan Portales' free kick was saved by Oscar González without much trouble. It was Alebrijes' first warning.
7:07 PM22 days ago


Almost there! Good save by Ángel Alonzo to block Héctor Mascorro's shot. Mineros' second goal was close.
7:02 PM22 days ago


On a pass from Héctor Mascorro, Francisco Rivera headed inside the box to put the Zacatecan team ahead.
6:57 PM22 days ago


Angel Alonzo! On two occasions, the visiting goalkeeper saves shots by Héctor Mascorro and Jesús Henestrosa.
6:52 PM22 days ago


Good coverage by Fernando Morales to send Jesus Henestrosa's dangerous service to the corner kick.
6:47 PM22 days ago


For the time being, Mineros has taken the initiative and has started to step on the opponent's area.
6:42 PM22 days ago


Game on!
6:37 PM22 days ago

Alebrijes: substitutes

Á. Rascón; G. Velasco, Y. Zetuna, D. Choreño, J. Cortés, J. Plascencia, R. Vilchis, I. Gil, E. Torres y J. Ochoa.
6:32 PM22 days ago

Alebrijes: lineup

Á. Alonzo; O. Torres (C), J. Portales, V. Reyes, D. Cisneros, C. Fonseca, J. Alonzo, F. Morales, E. Quezada, R. Monreal y J. Cruz.
6:27 PM22 days ago

Mineros: substitutes

A. Monreal; M. Madrid, A. Vidal, F. Ramírez, J. Sánchez, P. Pedraza, D. Aguilar, E. Jiménez, N. Corona y M. Hipólito.
6:22 PM22 days ago

Mineros: lineup

O. González; O. Mireles, E. Monreal, H. Torres, S. Rodríguez, H. Mascorro, F. Rivera, R. Cota, L. Hernández, J. Henestrosa y J. Calero (C).
6:17 PM22 days ago

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6:07 PM22 days ago

Julio Cruz, Alebrijes' player, was the tournament's scoring champion

6:02 PM22 days ago

There will be fans at the Carlos Vega tonight

5:57 PM22 days ago

Alebrijes, looking to surprise

The Oaxacan team qualified for this phase by placing eleventh with 19 points, after four wins, seven draws and four losses.

In their last match, they drew 1-1 against Leones Negros de la UDG at the Jalisco stadium.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
5:52 PM22 days ago

Mineros, looking to make the most of their home advantage

The Zacatecan team advanced to this round after placing fourth with 27 points, the result of seven wins, three draws and five defeats.

On the last day of the competition, they lost 2-1 to Coyotes in Tlaxcala.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
5:47 PM22 days ago

Kickoff time

The Mineros vs Alebrijes match will be played at the stadium Carlos Vega, Zacatecas, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8:00 pm ET.

This afternoon, the Zacatecan and Oaxacan teams will play the first playoff game of the competition.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
5:42 PM22 days ago

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