Goals and Highlights: Cruz Azul 3-2 Atletico San Luis in Liga MX 2021
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Thank you for following the rebroadcast of the matchday 16 game between Cruz Azul and San Luis at Estadio Azteca.
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Other victory

Cruz Azul's 13th victory of the season and continues as leader with 40 points.
7:00 PM13 days ago

End game

Cruz Azul 3-2 San Luis
6:59 PM13 days ago


Ibanez is left lying on the field when St. Louis has gone forward.
6:55 PM13 days ago


David Rodríguez is cautioned.
6:54 PM13 days ago


Four more minutes are added.
6:49 PM13 days ago


Rodriguez goes one-on-one, but can't shake the goalkeeper who steals the ball from him.
6:48 PM13 days ago


Ibanez flies it inside the area.
6:48 PM13 days ago


Aguilar deflected the ball into the corner and it almost ended in an own goal.
6:44 PM13 days ago

Gol San Luis 2-3

6:43 PM13 days ago

Goal Cruz Azul 3-1

6:41 PM13 days ago


San Luis Goal

Barrera's cross is deflected into his own net by Dominguez for the 3-2 lead.

6:39 PM13 days ago


Goal Cruz Azul

Pablo Aguilar went to the front of the attack and even though the ball went wide, it went inside the three posts to make it 3-1.

6:37 PM13 days ago


Hernandez comes off and Baca enters, Cruz Azul's last change.
6:34 PM13 days ago


Ibañez's shot is deflected by the defense and ends in a corner kick.
6:27 PM13 days ago


Rivero's cross into Werner's hands.
6:24 PM13 days ago


Aldrete comes off and Rivero comes on. 

Alvarado comes on and Montoya comes off. Cruz Azul changes.

6:22 PM13 days ago


Cabecita's cross is swept by Gonzalez so that the ball does not reach the far post.
6:17 PM13 days ago


Duque's shot from half distance was headed for the angle and Jurado made a timely save.
6:15 PM13 days ago


Rodriguez's cutback and shot goes just wide of Werner's spot.
6:13 PM13 days ago


Romo's shot was blocked by the defender, where a possible handball was claimed.
6:12 PM13 days ago


Gallegos goes out and Rodriguez comes in, change for San Luis.
6:12 PM13 days ago


Cruz Azul changes

Luis Romo and Bryan Angulo come in.

Santiago Giménez and Yoshimar Yotún come off.

6:10 PM13 days ago


Romo's long-range shot and a great save by Werner.
6:09 PM13 days ago


The second half begins between Cruz Azul and San Luis.
5:54 PM13 days ago

Cruz Azul 2-1 San Luis.

5:52 PM13 days ago

Half time

Cruz Azul 2-1 San Luis.
5:52 PM13 days ago


Noya's header goes wide.
5:50 PM13 days ago


Montoya's shot crashes into a defender and misses La Máquina's third.
5:48 PM13 days ago


Four more minutes are added.
5:46 PM13 days ago


Cabecita was looking for a breakaway, but he was robbed of the ball on the baseline.
5:44 PM13 days ago


Guemez's cross goes wide of the far post.
5:41 PM13 days ago


Mayada's long-range shot goes over the top of the goal.
5:40 PM13 days ago

Gol San Luis 1-2

5:39 PM13 days ago


Noya's combed pass and Ibañez's high shot missed the equalizer.
5:35 PM13 days ago


San Luis Goal

Ibañez tricks Jurado to make it 2-1 at the Azteca.

5:34 PM13 days ago


The referee confirms the penalty kick for San Luis.
5:33 PM13 days ago


The VAR will review the possible penalty on Ibanez.
5:33 PM13 days ago


Ibañez was fouled in the area, but the referee did not award a penalty.
5:31 PM13 days ago


Yotún up at the far post for a shot that went high.
5:31 PM13 days ago

Gol Cruz Azul 2-0

5:26 PM13 days ago


Goal Cruz Azul

Rodriguez takes the angled penalty kick away from the goalkeeper despite his lunge to increase the deficit.

5:21 PM13 days ago


The VAR reviews the play and a penalty kick is awarded in favor of Cruz Azul.
5:16 PM13 days ago


A possible handball by Noya in the area is reviewed.
5:11 PM13 days ago


Rodriguez's header is saved by Werner, and Yotún's shot immediately hits the post. Cruz Azul comes close.
5:06 PM13 days ago


Aldrete's cross shot that Mayada saves before the ball enters the goal line.
5:01 PM13 days ago


Aguilar was left lying on the field, but the good news is that he can stay in the game.
4:56 PM13 days ago


Elías's shot goes wide.

4:51 PM13 days ago


Rodriguez's shot from midfield passes near the post.
4:46 PM13 days ago

Goal Cruz Azul 1-0

4:41 PM13 days ago


Ramirez's header from San Luis goes over the top of the goal.
4:36 PM13 days ago


Goal Cruz Azul

Hernandez defines a one-on-one shot for the 1-0 lead.

4:31 PM13 days ago


The match begins.
4:26 PM13 days ago

The teams take the field

At this moment the Liga MX protocol is being carried out and Cruz Azul and San Luis are already jumping in.
4:21 PM13 days ago

We are minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the match between Cruz Azul and San Luis, for the 16th round of the Liga MX.
4:16 PM13 days ago

Last game San Luis

San Luis failed last week and lost 4-1 against the in-form Puebla Franja at the Alfonso Lastras Ramírez Stadium.
4:11 PM13 days ago

Last game Cruz Azul

Last week, Cruz Azul was unable to continue its winning streak with a 1-1 draw at the same stadium against América.
4:06 PM13 days ago

Goes to the bench

The talented Luis Romo will not start this afternoon and will start from the substitutes' bench.

4:01 PM13 days ago

This is how Azul arrived at the Azteca's facilities

3:56 PM13 days ago

How decisive will Batallini be this afternoon?

3:51 PM13 days ago

The two best scorers of the championship

3:46 PM13 days ago

Freeing the last place

San Luis needs to win at all costs and hope that Atlas loses to leave the bottom of the table with only two games left to play.
3:41 PM13 days ago

Makes changes

Juan Reynoso is rotating his team in preparation for the midweek game against Toronto in the Concahcampions on Tuesday.
3:36 PM13 days ago

They have already won as visitors

The San Luis U-20 team defeated Cruz Azul by the minimum difference in La Noria.

3:31 PM13 days ago

XI San Luis

Werner, González, Noya, Ramírez, Gallegos; Guemez, Mayada, Duque; Barrera, Ibáñez, Batallini.
3:26 PM13 days ago

XI Cruz Azul

Jurado; Domínguez, Martínez, Aldrete, Aguilar; Hernández, Yotún, Fernández, Montoya; Rodríguez, Giménez.
3:21 PM13 days ago

This is how San Luis arrived at the Azteca

3:16 PM13 days ago

The head-to-head between Cruz Azul and San Luis

3:11 PM13 days ago

Resounding victory

Cruz Azul has already beaten San Luis, but it was in the U-17 team by a 5-0 scoreline.

3:06 PM13 days ago

Cruz Azul's call-up list

3:01 PM13 days ago

We start

Cruz Azul goes for its 13th win of the championship when it hosts Atlético de San Luis. We begin our coverage.
2:56 PM13 days ago

Tune in here

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Last games

On three occasions they have faced each other in Liga MX, with a favorable balance for La Máquina with two wins and one defeat. The only time they played at the Azteca occurred in the Apertura 2019 where the Blues won 3-1.
2:46 PM13 days ago

How to watch Cruz Azul vs San Luis Live TV and Stream

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Key player San Luis

Despite the bad tournament for the Potosinos, Nicolás Ibáñez is among the best scorers of the championship with nine goals and is looking to win the scoring title.

2:36 PM13 days ago

Key player Cruz Azul

Luis Romo's soccer growth has been amazing due to his ability to play in different positions that have taken him to the Mexican National Team.

2:31 PM13 days ago

Referee for Cruz Azul vs San Luis

The referee for Cruz Azul vs San Luis will be Luis Enrique Santander.
2:26 PM13 days ago

Last lineup San Luis

Werner; Chávez, Izquierdo, González, Escalante; López, Güémez, Castro, Rodríguez; Ibáñez, Batallini.
2:21 PM13 days ago

Last lineup Cruz Azul

Corona; Domínguez, Domínguez, Romo, Martínez, Escobar; Rivero, Baca, Alvarado, Fernández, Pineda; Rodríguez.
2:16 PM13 days ago

San Luis: avoid paying 120 million

Despite already being eliminated, the Potosinos need to win their last two games if they want to avoid the 120 million fine and remain in the last place of the percentage.
2:11 PM13 days ago

Cruz Azul: stay at the top

After losing their consecutive winning streak, La Máquina will be looking to get back to winning ways to stay at the top and move away from América, their closest rival.
2:06 PM13 days ago

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