Goals and highlights: Toluca 3-1 America in 2021 Liga MX


8:48 PM3 months ago

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8:48 PM3 months ago

Goals and highlights

8:43 PM3 months ago

Toluca surprises América

The Diablos took advantage of their home advantage to return to winning ways against the Águilas; the goals were scored by Michael Estrada, Raúl López and Alexis Canelo and the Azulcrema goal was scored by Emanuel Aguilera.

With this result, the Mexicans reached 22 points and are now in seventh place, while the capital side will remain in second place with 35 points.

On the last date of the competition, Toluca will visit FC Juárez and América will visit Pumas.

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8:38 PM3 months ago


Game over!
8:33 PM3 months ago


Five minutes are added.
8:28 PM3 months ago


Emilio Sanchez receives the preventive card.
8:23 PM3 months ago


This was Alexis Canelo's goal, which brought his tally to 11; for the moment, he is the sole leader in the individual scoring chart. 
8:18 PM3 months ago


Last movements for Toluca: Jorge Rodríguez and Enrique Triverio come in for Michael Estrada and Paolo Yrizar.
8:13 PM3 months ago


Alexis Canelo scored inside the box to increase the Diablos' lead.
8:08 PM3 months ago


New move by América: Federico Viñas is replaced by Luis Fuentes.
8:03 PM3 months ago


First change for Toluca: Haret Ortega comes off due to injury and Brandon Sartiaguín enters.
7:58 PM3 months ago


The match is stopped again for Haret Ortega to receive medical attention.
7:53 PM3 months ago


Triple move by América: Jordan Silva, Santiago Naveda and Álvaro Fidalgo replace Pedro Aquino, Richard Sánchez and Emanuel Aguilera.
7:48 PM3 months ago


Emanuel Aguilera converted the penalty and cut the deficit on the scoreboard.
7:43 PM3 months ago


Penalty for América! After the VAR review, Jorge Torres Nilo's handball is flagged.
7:38 PM3 months ago


Oscar Macías turns to the VAR to review a possible penalty kick in favor of América.
7:33 PM3 months ago


Great sweep by Haret Ortega to block Roger Martinez's shot.
7:28 PM3 months ago


America's first move: Alejandro Escoboza comes in for Mauro Lainez.
7:23 PM3 months ago


The second part begins!
7:18 PM3 months ago


The first half ends.
7:13 PM3 months ago


Jorge Torres Nilo joins the list of cautions.
7:08 PM3 months ago


Two minutes are added on.
7:03 PM3 months ago


The Eagles continue to have possession of the ball, but have fallen short in generating chances.
6:58 PM3 months ago


Bruno Valdez is cautioned for a slap on Alexis Canelo.
6:53 PM3 months ago


Nicolás Benedetti's header goes wide of the home goal. América continues to have the ball, but still does not generate real danger.
6:48 PM3 months ago


This was the second score for the Diablos.  
6:43 PM3 months ago


Raúl López is cautioned for a foul on Mauro Lainez.
6:38 PM3 months ago


This was Toluca's first goal.  
6:33 PM3 months ago


Raúl López shoots from outside the box and, with the help of Guillermo Ochoa, scores the second goal for Los Diablos.
6:28 PM3 months ago


On a pass from Alexis Canelo, Michael Estrada finished inside the box to give Los Diablos the lead.
6:23 PM3 months ago


A dangerous service from Mauro Lainez that Nicolás Benedetti failed to finish in the best way. It was the first warning of the match.
6:18 PM3 months ago


Game on!
6:13 PM3 months ago

Warming up

Both teams are already doing physical exercises, with less than half an hour to go before kick-off.
6:08 PM3 months ago

To match him!

With this afternoon's goal, Guillermo Ochoa will reach 343 matches with América, and will be one away from reaching Héctor Zelada's 344.
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(Photo: Getty)
6:03 PM3 months ago

America: substitutes

O. Jiménez; J. Sánchez, J. Escoboza, J. Silva, S. Díaz, Á. Fidalgo, S. Naveda, G. Dos Santos, H. Martín y F. Viñas.
5:58 PM3 months ago

Toluca: substitutes

A. Saldívar; R. Salinas, J. Rodríguez, B. Sartiaguín, P. López, A. Ríos, K. Castañeda, A. Rodríguez, I. Violante y E. Triverio.
5:53 PM3 months ago

America: confirmed lineup

G. Ochoa (C); B. Colula, B. Valdez, E. Aguilera, L. Fuentes, N. Benedetti, P. Aquino, R. Sánchez, A. Sánchez, M. Lainez y R. Martínez.
5:48 PM3 months ago

Toluca: confirmed lineup

L. García, R. López, M. Barbieri, J. Torres, H. Ortega, R. Sambueza (C), J. Vázquez, C. Baeza, M. Estrada, P. Yrizar y A. Canelo.
5:43 PM3 months ago

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5:33 PM3 months ago

America: last lineup

G. Ochoa (C); L. Fuentes, J. Sanchez, S. Caceres, V. Aguilera, P. Aquino, R. Sánchez, A. Fidalgo, M. Lainez, R. Martinez and F. Vinas.
5:28 PM3 months ago

Toluca: last lineup

L. Garcia; M. Barbieri, J. Torres, R. Salinas, R. Sambueza (C), C. Baeza, D. Rigonato, J. Vazquez, M. Estrada, P. Yrizar and A. Canelo.
5:23 PM3 months ago

Refereeing team

The central referee will be Oscar Macías; Michel Morales, first referee; Enedina Caudillo, second assistant referee; and Alejandro Funk, fourth referee.
5:18 PM3 months ago

The Azulcremas, looking to continue their positive streak

America has been one of the most consistent teams in the competition; it is the runner-up with 35 points, after eleven wins, two draws and two losses.

The previous weekend, in the Clasico Joven, they drew 1-1 against Cruz Azul; their goal was scored by Emanuel Aguilera.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
5:13 PM3 months ago

The Escarlatas are looking for a reaction

Toluca had a good start to the season, but has been in decline in recent weeks; they are currently in eleventh place with 19 points, the result of five wins, four draws and six defeats.

Last week, in their visit to Torreon, they were defeated 3-1 by Santos; their goal was scored by Alexis Canelo, who reached ten goals and shares the top of the individual scoring charts with Nicolas Ibañez.

5:08 PM3 months ago

Toluca hosts America

This afternoon, at the Bombonera, the Diablos will be looking to return to winning ways after six rounds, but to do so they will have to beat the Aguilas, who have not lost since the seventh matchday, when they lost due to improper alignment.
5:03 PM3 months ago

Kickoff time

The Toluca vs America match will be played at the stadium Nemesio Diez, in EDOMEX, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6:30 pm ET.
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(Photo: Getty)
4:58 PM3 months ago

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