Goal and Highlights Atletico San Luis 1-5 Pachuca, 2021 Liga MX


11:15 PM12 days ago

Goals and highlights |

10:53 PM12 days ago


It's over!!! Pachuca beats San Luis at home and gets into the fight for a place in the playoffs.
10:46 PM12 days ago


No goal! Ibarra's hand before the goal is disallowed.
10:46 PM12 days ago


VAR! A possible handball by Ibarra prior to the goal is reviewed.
10:44 PM12 days ago


Goal by Pachuca! Romario Ibarra takes advantage of Ustari being left out of his goal after saving the ball and scores the sixth and his brace.
10:43 PM12 days ago


Passerini has a great run, but his shot goes into the stands.
10:39 PM12 days ago


Change of Pachuca. Ismael Sosa comes off and Víctor Guzmán enters.
10:33 PM12 days ago


Close! San Luis came close to scoring the second, but the ball went wide and no one finished it off.
10:25 PM12 days ago


Pachuca's goal! What a goal! Romario Ibarra scores the fifth from the edge of the box.
10:23 PM12 days ago


Goal by Pachuca! Great finish by Erick Sánchez from outside the box and scores his brace.
10:20 PM12 days ago


Change of premises. Lucas Passerini replaces David Castro.
10:18 PM12 days ago


Goal by Pachuca! Erick Sanchez takes advantage and shoots from outside the box to score the third for the visitors.
10:17 PM12 days ago


Double change for Pachuca. Romario Ibarra and 'Burrito' Hernández are substituted by Kevin Álvarez and Luis Chávez.
10:08 PM12 days ago


Castro's shot, but the ball goes wide.
10:05 PM12 days ago


Pachuca makes a change. Matías Catalán replaces Figueroa.
10:04 PM12 days ago


At the start of the second half, San Luis will be looking for a comeback.
9:49 PM12 days ago


It's over!!! The first half comes to an end, quite busy in San Luis Potosí.
9:46 PM12 days ago


Close! Chávez's shot that Ustari deflects correctly.
9:41 PM12 days ago


St. Louis is looking for the second! The Potosinos insist, with Ibañez's shot on goal, but the defense intervenes.
9:32 PM12 days ago


Close! Batallini shot at Ustari's goal, but the ball went over.
9:28 PM12 days ago


San Luis goal! Great shot by Ramiro Gonzalez to shorten the lead on the scoreboard.
9:25 PM12 days ago


Change from San Luis. David Rodríguez replaces Ricardo Chávez.
9:24 PM12 days ago


Near San Luis! David Rodríguez shot at Ustari's goal, but the ball goes slightly wide.
9:21 PM12 days ago


Goal by Pachuca! Again Pardo serves to Roberto de la Rosa, who shoots into the goal and scores his brace.
9:19 PM12 days ago


Good job Mayada! Pachuca arrived with danger, but the defender deflected the ball.
9:16 PM12 days ago


Ibañez's cross was looking for Ibáñez, but Ustari, attentive, kept the ball that had been left in front of him.
9:11 PM12 days ago


Goal for Pachuca! Felipe Pardo sends a cross to Roberto de la Rosa, who doesn't hesitate and scores the first goal.
9:06 PM12 days ago


The last day begins! San Luis and Pachuca face each other, both looking for three points.
9:01 PM12 days ago

Pachuca: LineUp |

O. Ustari; K. Álvarez, G. Cabral, O. Murillo; F. Figueroa, E. Aguirre, I. Sosa, L. Chávez, F. Pardo; R. de la Rosa, E. Sánchez.
8:56 PM12 days ago

San Luis: LineUp |

A. Werner; R. González, R. Noya, L. Ramírez; J. Castro, J. Güémez, C. Mayada, D. Rodríguez; P. Barrera, N. Ibáñez, D. Batallini.
8:51 PM12 days ago

The headquarters are ready!

The Alfonso Lastras is ready to host tonight's duel.
8:46 PM12 days ago

What a tip!

This is the first time that the Alfonso Lastras will host a duel between these teams; in previous meetings since the promotion of San Luis, Pachuca has not managed to beat them.
8:41 PM12 days ago

Locals ready!

The players, led by Rocco, are already settled at home ready to play the match.
8:36 PM12 days ago

Face to face

Nicolás Ibáñez and Roberto de la Rosa, strikers for San Luis and Pachuca, respectively, will both be looking for a win.
8:31 PM12 days ago

Let's go for reclassification!

The Tuzos are already at the Alfonso Lastras, looking to qualify for the playoffs.
8:26 PM12 days ago

Armor ready!

The Potosinos already have their jerseys ready to play the last game of the season.
8:21 PM12 days ago

Stay tuned!

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San Luis: Last LineUp |

Werner, González, Noya, Ramírez, Gallegos; Guemez, Mayada, Duque; Barrera, Ibáñez, Batallini.
8:06 PM12 days ago

Pachuca seeks to break through!

The Tuzos are still in with a chance of making the Playoffs, although it doesn't depend solely on them, but they need to win in order to qualify for the playoffs. In Pachuca's last match, they defeated Santos by the minimum score.
8:01 PM12 days ago

San Luis for the miracle!

The Potosinos arrive at this duel looking to save themselves from paying the maximum fine for finishing in last place, and if they win, they could climb one position in the quotient table. In their last game, they lost to Cruz Azul.​​​​​​​
7:56 PM12 days ago

Kickoff time |

The Atletico San Luis vs Pachuca match will be played at the stadium name, in city, country. The kick-off is scheduled at 09:00pm ET.
7:51 PM12 days ago

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