Goal and highlights: Monterrey 1-0 Mazatlan Liga MX Guardianes 2021


11:04 PM4 days ago

Goal and summary |

11:03 PM4 days ago


It's over! Mazatlan fails to tie the game and is eliminated from the final phase, Monterrey goes straight to the Liguilla.
10:51 PM4 days ago


Goalkeeper! Hugo González prevents the equalizer, Mazatlán is on top looking for the goal.
10:46 PM4 days ago


Double change for the home team. Avilés Hurtado and Dorlan Pabón replace Alfonso González and Vincent Janssen. 
10:45 PM4 days ago


Double change for the home team. Avilés Hurtado and Dorlan Pabón are substituted.
10:36 PM4 days ago


Good rebound by Ortíz preventing danger being created inside Vikonis' area.
10:35 PM4 days ago


Rayados change. José Alvarado replaces Ake Loba.
10:34 PM4 days ago


He's leaving!!! Mazatlan's Giovanni Oliveira is sent off after a strong tackle on Maxi Meza.
10:32 PM4 days ago


Janssen crosses for Janssen, but Vikonis anticipates and prevents the second.
10:29 PM4 days ago


Goo...! Canceled! Camilo Sanvezzo scored the equalizer, but it was disallowed for offside.
10:24 PM4 days ago


Change for Monterrey. Celso Ortíz comes off and Kranevitter takes his place.
10:24 PM4 days ago


Mazatlan's double change. Mario Osuna and Gael Sandoval were substituted for Rodrigo Millar and Michael Rangel.
10:19 PM4 days ago


Rodriguez's shot is saved by Vikonis, then Ake Loba counter-attacks, but his ball goes into the stands.
10:16 PM4 days ago


Gallardo's cross that Rodriguez fails to connect with
10:13 PM4 days ago


The complement starts at the BBVA
9:55 PM4 days ago


At the end of the first half, Monterrey goes to the dressing room with the lead.
9:55 PM4 days ago


The one Janssen missed! After the goalkeeper came out, Janssen tried to shoot, but Vargas ended up clearing the ball.
9:52 PM4 days ago


Monterrey wants the second! Great combination between Ake Loba and Gallardo that culminates in a shot by the latter and the ball goes slightly wide.
9:48 PM4 days ago


Mazatlan arrived with danger, but Hugo Gonzalez kept the ball that was too long.
9:41 PM4 days ago


Uff! A pass to Rodriguez that is played to Ake Loba, who sends the ball to the goal, but Vikonis deflects the ball with his hand.
9:39 PM4 days ago


Rayados dominates the game, but still can't score a second goal
9:27 PM4 days ago


A save! Vikonis dives after Loba's header, saving the second
9:24 PM4 days ago


Monterrey's goal! Vincent Janssen finds a drifting ball and gives the home side the lead.
9:21 PM4 days ago


Poste! Miguel Layún's shot ends up crashing against the crossbar.
9:17 PM4 days ago


Close! Maxi Meza's shot hits the post, then the referee signals offside.
9:17 PM4 days ago


The match was a hard-fought affair, with both teams making some chances.
9:08 PM4 days ago


Meeting kicks off in Monterrey
9:03 PM4 days ago

Last call for Mazatlan!

If Mazatlan wants to qualify for the playoffs, they have to win or tie to be the final playoff invitee.
8:58 PM4 days ago

Mazatlan: LineUp |

N. Vikonis; N. Vidrio, C. Vargas, J. Ortíz, J. Padilla; R. Meráz, D. Amador, R. Millar, G. Oliveira; C. Sanvezzo, M. Rangel.
8:53 PM4 days ago

Monterrey: LineUp |

H. González; C. Montes, N. Sánchez,J. Gallardo, M. Layún; M. Meza, C. Ortíz, A. González, C. Rodríguez; V. Janssen, A. Loba.
8:48 PM4 days ago

Uff! Mazatlan is ready to go!

The visitors are already warming up before the start of the match.
8:43 PM4 days ago

Local has arrived!

La Pandilla' is already at the BBVA, where they will play their last match of the regular tournament in an attempt to qualify directly for the Liguilla.
8:38 PM4 days ago

Away kit ready!

Mazatlan's dressing room is also ready with all the jerseys that the players will be wearing tonight.
8:33 PM4 days ago

Dressing room ready!

The Rayados already have their kit ready for tonight's match.
8:28 PM4 days ago

Stay tuned!

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Mazatlan: Last LineUp|

R. Gutiérrez; N. Vidrio, C. Vargas, J. Ortíz, I. Jiménez, S. Rodríguez; R. Meráz, D. Amador, G. Oliveira; C. Sanvezzo, M. Rangel.
8:13 PM4 days ago

Monterrey: Last LineUp |

H. González; C. Montes, J. Gallardo, M. Layún, S. Vegas; C. Kranevitter, M. Meza, A. González, C. Rodríguez; R. Funes Mori, V. Janssen.
8:08 PM4 days ago

Strengthening positions?

The Rayados come into this match looking to secure fourth place and thus have their place in the Liguilla. In this match, the northern side will be looking for three points to secure their place in the next phase. In their last match, they lost to Tigres in the 'Clasico Regio'.


8:03 PM4 days ago

Tough test!

Mazatlan still has hopes of qualifying for the playoffs, but must wait for the results of previous matches. The Sinaloa team's last match was against León.


7:58 PM4 days ago

Kickoff time |

The Monterrey vs Mazatlan match will be played at the BBVA stadium, in Nuevo Leon, Monterrey. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:00pm ET.
7:53 PM4 days ago

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