Goal and highlights: Pumas UNAM 0-1 America in 2021 Guard1anes Liga MX
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11:57 AM12 days ago

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Goal and highlights

11:56 AM12 days ago

Pumas leaves with a defeat against América

With a goal by Henry Martín, América defeated Pumas as visitors, leaving them eliminated.

At the end of the regular phase of the Guard1anes 2021, UNAM remained in fifteenth place with 18 points, while the Águilas continued in second place, now with 38 points.

The university team will compete until the next competition, while the Coapa team awaits its opponent in the quarterfinals.

11:02 PM13 days ago


Game over!
10:57 PM13 days ago


With this goal, América is beating Pumas.  
10:55 PM13 days ago


Four minutes are added.
10:47 PM13 days ago


Henry Martín finishes inside the box to put the Águilas ahead on the scoreboard.
10:47 PM13 days ago


Last move for América: Alan Medina comes in for Roger Martínez.
10:42 PM13 days ago


A great save! Guillermo Ochoa reaches out and one-handedly deflects Juan Vigón's good shot.
10:37 PM13 days ago


It doesn't count! América's goal is disallowed for offside by Nicolás Benedetti.
10:32 PM13 days ago


New change for Pumas: Carlos Gutiérrez comes in for Favio Álvarez.
10:27 PM13 days ago


New moves for América: Nicolás Benedetti and Henry Martín replace Leo Suárez and Federico Viñas.
10:22 PM13 days ago


Pumas' first change: Sebastián Saucedo comes off and Jerónimo Rodríguez enters.
10:17 PM13 days ago


Unbelievable! In front of the goal, Gabriel Torres gets in a weak shot that Guillermo Ochoa has no trouble keeping out.
10:12 PM13 days ago


America makes a double substitution: Alonso Escoboza and Richard Sanchez come on for Pedro Aquino and Mauro Lainez.
10:07 PM13 days ago


Luis Fuentes is the second caution of the match.
10:02 PM13 days ago


Almost there! Carlos Gutiérrez's shot hits the post. America is saved again.
9:57 PM13 days ago


Start of the second half!
9:52 PM13 days ago


End of the first half!
9:47 PM13 days ago


Poste! Juan Vigón's shot hits the Eagles' left post.
9:42 PM13 days ago


Metal! Federico Viñas' shot hits the crossbar. America is saved.
9:37 PM13 days ago


Johan Vásquez becomes the first cautioned player of the match.
9:32 PM13 days ago


Ochoa! Guillermo holds and saves Sebastián Saucedo's low shot. The locals keep insisting.
9:27 PM13 days ago


Almost there! Juan Dinenno's stinging header goes just wide of America's right post. Pumas came close to scoring, again.
9:22 PM13 days ago


Unbelievable! In the six-yard box, Juan Pablo Vigón doesn't take advantage and ends up making a bad contact with the ball. America is saved.
9:17 PM13 days ago


Federico Viñas' header was just wide of the home goal. It was the first warning of the match.
9:12 PM13 days ago


For the moment, América has taken possession of the ball, but has yet to generate danger.
9:07 PM13 days ago


Game on!
9:02 PM13 days ago

America: substitutes

O. Jiménez; A. Escoboza, B. Colula, S. Díaz, N. Benedetti, R. Sánchez, A. Sánchez, G. Dos Santos y H. Martín.
8:57 PM13 days ago

Pumas: substitutes

J. González; J. Rodríguez, F. Álvarez, G. Moreno, L. López, A. García, J. Galindo, J. Alcántara, Á. García y E. Montejano.
8:52 PM13 days ago

América: lineup

G. Ochoa (C); L. Fuentes, S. Cáceres, J. Silva, J. Sánchez, L. Suárez, S. Naveda, P. Aquino, M. Lainez, R. Martínez y F. Viñas.
8:47 PM13 days ago

Pumas: lineup

A. Talavera; A. Mozo, J. Vásquez, N. Freire, E. Lira, S. Saucedo, F. Waller, C. Gutiérrez, J. Vigón (C), G. Torres y J. Dinenno.
8:42 PM13 days ago

Likewise, América is already in Ciudad Universitaria

(Photo: America)
(Photo: America)
8:37 PM13 days ago

Pumas is already in its stadium

8:32 PM13 days ago

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America: last lineup

G. Ochoa (C); B. Colula, B. Valdez, E. Aguilera, L. Fuentes, N. Benedetti, P. Aquino, R. Sánchez, A. Sánchez, M. Lainez y R. Martínez.
8:17 PM13 days ago

Pumas: last lineup

A. Talavera; A. Mozo, J. Vásquez, N. Freire, E. Lira, S. Saucedo, F. Álvarez, F. Waller, J. Vigón (C), G. Torres y J. Dinenno.
8:12 PM13 days ago

Refereeing team

The central referee for the match will be César Ramos; José Martínez will be the first referee; Enrique Bustos, second assistant referee; and Mario Vargas, fourth referee.
8:07 PM13 days ago

América, looking to close with a win

For their part, the Águilas have been one of the most consistent teams in the competition; a couple of weeks ago they secured their direct passage to the quarterfinals. They are the overall runner-up with points, after eleven wins, two draws and three losses.

Last week, in their visit to Toluca, they lost 3-1; their goal was scored by Emanuel Aguilera. In addition, in midweek, in the first leg of the Concachampions quarterfinals, they drew 1-1 against Portland Timbers in Oregon. 

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
8:02 PM13 days ago

Pumas, for a place in the Playoffs

There is no doubt that the UNAM team has fallen short; however, it still aspires to qualify for the playoffs. At the moment, they have 18 points, the result of four wins, six draws and six defeats; if they win tonight, they would secure their ticket to the next round.

On the previous matchday, in their visit to the Angelópolis, they drew 0-0 against Puebla.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:57 PM13 days ago

América visits Pumas with the intention of eliminating them

Tonight the teams from the capital will play the last match of the regular phase of the competition.
7:52 PM13 days ago

Kickoff time

The Pumas UNAM vs America match will be played at the stadium Olimpico Universitario, CDMX, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 10:05 pm ET.
(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)
7:47 PM13 days ago

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