Goals and Highlights: Pachuca 4-2 Chivas in Repechaje Liga MX 2021
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12:33 AMa month ago

Goals and highlights |

12:13 AMa month ago


It's over! Pachuca defeats Chivas in a categorical manner and advances to the Liguilla of the Guard1anes 2021.
12:10 AMa month ago


Chivas goal. Antuna scores from the penalty spot.
12:09 AMa month ago


Penalty! Ibarra takes Antuna inside the box and the penalty is awarded to the visitors.
12:08 AMa month ago


Goal by Pachuca! Roberto de la Rosa appeared and with a great shot from outside the box, sent the ball into the back of the net for his second goal of the match.
12:07 AMa month ago


Goal by Pachuca! Roberto de la Rosa appeared and with a great shot from outside the box, sent the ball into the back of the net for his second goal of the match.
12:04 AMa month ago


Chivas continues to try to generate, but is unable to create good dangerous plays.
11:58 PMa month ago


Goal for Pachuca! Óscar Murillo comes up again and scores his brace with a header to increase the Tuzos' lead.
11:57 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Catalán took the chance to shoot and Rodríguez flies and ends up saving the ball. 
11:56 PMa month ago


Double save! Great saves by Antonio Rodríguez preventing the score from increasing in La Bella Airosa.
11:53 PMa month ago


Change of Tuzos. Matías Catalán replaces Ismael Sosa.
11:51 PMa month ago


Double change for Chivas. César Huerta and Cristian Calderón are substituted for Jesús Sánchez and Miguel Ponce.
11:47 PMa month ago


Goal, goal, goal by Roberto de la Rosa! A good run by the homegrown player who enters the visitor's area alone to correctly beat Rodriguez and send the ball into the back of the net.
11:46 PMa month ago


Double change for the locals. Jorge Hernández and Miguel Equihua replace Luis Chávez and Gustavo Cabral.
11:43 PMa month ago


Tuzos dominate, but are unable to define on the last line.
11:39 PMa month ago


Chivas change. Fernando Beltrán and Eduardo Torres are substituted for Jesús and Jesús Molina.
11:36 PMa month ago


Change of Pachuca. Víctor Guzmán and Romario Ibarra are substituted for Francisco Figueroa and Felipe Pardo.
11:28 PMa month ago


Tuzos goal! A great header by Murillo sends the ball into the back of the net to tie the match.
11:25 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Great save by Ustari prevents Antuna from scoring his brace.
11:23 PMa month ago


Chivas change. Ángel Zaldívar replaces Juan José Macías.
11:22 PMa month ago


The second half kicked off at the Hidalgo Stadium.
11:05 PMa month ago


At the end of the first half, Chivas heads to the dressing room with a slim lead.
11:03 PMa month ago


Close! Murillo's strong header ends up in Rodriguez's hands.
11:03 PMa month ago


Figueroa came from behind and struck the ball, creating danger in Rodriguez's goal.
10:56 PMa month ago


Good play by Figueroa, but his pass ends up sending the ball behind and he misses a good opportunity.
10:51 PMa month ago


Good cross by Pardo, but the red and white defense ends up clearing the ball.
10:48 PMa month ago


Good defensive crossing by Sánchez prevents Aguirre from finding the ball.
10:46 PMa month ago


A good shot by Figueroa, which Pardo deflected and ended up missing the equalizer.
10:41 PMa month ago


Pardo! The tuzo had the courage to shoot at Rodriguez's goal, but the ball went over the goalkeeper's head.
10:40 PMa month ago


Alexis Vega's shot ends up going over the local goal.
10:39 PMa month ago


Roberto de la Rosa's shot fails to make proper contact.


10:36 PMa month ago


Chivas are still on top of Ustari's goal, but can't get a shot off.
10:27 PMa month ago


Chivas goal! Great pass to Uriel Antuna who sends the ball into the back of Ustari's goal.
10:27 PMa month ago


Molina's shot goes wide of the goal.
10:23 PMa month ago


¡Portero! Gran desviada de Rodríguez que evita que Roberto de la Rosa abra el marcador.
10:17 PMa month ago


The match kicks off in Pachuca, and this match will decide the last guest to the Liguilla.
10:12 PMa month ago

Minute of silence!

Prior to the match, a minute of silence is observed for the victims of the subway accident in Mexico City.
10:07 PMa month ago

Chivas: LineUp |

A. Rodríguez; G. Sepúlveda, M. Ponce, J. Sánchez, L. Olivas; J. Molina, I. Brizuela, U. Antuna, J. Ángulo; A. Vega, J. Macías.
10:02 PMa month ago

Pachuca: LineUp |

O. Ustari; K. Álvarez, G. Cabral, O. Murillo; F. Figueroa, E. Aguirre, I. Sosa, L. Chávez, F. Pardo; R. De la Rosa, E. Sánchez.
9:57 PMa month ago

A lot of equality!

The numbers of the previous duels between these teams is very even.
9:52 PMa month ago

Dressing room ready!

The jersey that will be worn tonight by Chivas is already ready.
9:47 PMa month ago

The fans are alreadyb at the Hidalgo!

Fans of both teams are already present at the stadium, ready to enjoy the last duel of the Reclassification.
9:42 PMa month ago

Chivas makes their arrival!

The rojiblancos, coached by Vucetich, will be looking to surprise tonight and sneak into the 'Fiesta Grande'.
9:37 PMa month ago

Tuzos at home!

The team coached by Pezzolano has arrived at the stadium, ready to try to qualify for the Liguilla.
9:32 PMa month ago

Stay tuned!

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Chivas: Last LineUp |

A. Rodríguez; J. Sánchez, G. Sepúlveda, L. Olivas, M. Ponce; U.Antuna, J. Molina, I. Brizuela, J. Angulo; A. Vega, J. Macías.
9:17 PMa month ago

Pachuca: Last LineUp |

O. Ustari; K. Álvarez, G. Cabral, O. Murillo; F. Figueroa, E. Aguirre, I. Sosa, L. Chávez, F. Pardo; R. de la Rosa, E. Sánchez.
9:12 PMa month ago

To the miracle!

Chivas' tournament has had more bad moments than good, however, tonight they will be looking to emerge triumphant and qualify for the Liguilla to once again go in search of the long-awaited title. Their last match was at home against Tigres and they tied 0-0.


9:07 PMa month ago

Let's give it our all!

The team coached by Pezzolano has been going from strength to strength during this tournament, with 23 points and in eighth place, Pachuca will be looking to do their worst and give their fans the joy of entering the Liguilla. In the regular tournament, they were tied at one goal.


9:02 PMa month ago

Kickoff time |

The Pachuca vs Chivas match will be played at the Hidalgo stadium, in Pachuca, Hidalgo. The kick-off is scheduled at 08:00pm ET.
8:57 PMa month ago

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