Goals and highlights: Atletico Morelia 2-2 Tepatitlan FC in 2021 Guard1anes Liga Expansion MX
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7:40 PMa month ago

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7:40 PMa month ago

Goal and highlights

7:35 PMa month ago

Tepatitlán FC beats Atlético Morelia 3-2 on aggregate to become the second champion of the Liga Expansión MX.

7:30 PMa month ago


Match ends! Tepatitlán beats Morelia and is the new champion of the Liga Expansion MX.
7:25 PMa month ago


Five minutes are added.
7:20 PMa month ago


Tepatitlan makes two more changes: Daniel Aguiñaga and Cristian González come on for Pavel Pérez and Víctor Mañón.
7:15 PMa month ago


Morelia makes two moves: Diego Cortés and Kevin Magaña replace Ulises Zurita, and Luis Pérez.
7:10 PMa month ago


Luis Márquez tricks Alejandro Arana to put the Alteños ahead on aggregate.
7:05 PMa month ago

Penalty for Tepatitlán!

Luis Márquez is brought down inside the box. The visitors have a chance to take the lead on aggregate.
7:00 PMa month ago


In the final minutes, both teams lacked clarity and failed to have long ball possessions.
6:55 PMa month ago


Andrés Sánchez! Great save by the visiting goalkeeper to block Gael Acosta's shot.
6:50 PMa month ago


New change for Morelia: Martín Zúñiga replaces Eduardo Pérez.
6:45 PMa month ago


Luis Pérez receives a yellow card.
6:40 PMa month ago


First Morelia substitution: Diego Martínez comes on for Eduardo del Ángel.
6:35 PMa month ago


Luis Márquez and Luis Robles join those cautioned for cutting off their opponents' advances.
6:30 PMa month ago


Unbelievable! Facing the goal, Eduardo Perez misses his shot. Tepatitlán is saved.
6:25 PMa month ago


Luis Márquez's shot from half distance was controlled by Alejandro Arana.
6:20 PMa month ago


Second change for Tepatitlán: Luis Márquez comes in for Juan Angulo.
6:15 PMa month ago


Tepatitlan's first move: Alexis Juárez comes on for Luis Morales.
6:10 PMa month ago


The second half is underway!
6:05 PMa month ago


With this goal, before the end of the first half, Morelia evened the aggregate score. 
6:00 PMa month ago


End of the first half!
5:55 PMa month ago


Diego Jiménez scored inside the box to tie the aggregate score.
5:50 PMa month ago


In the final minutes, Morelia continued to dominate the ball and generated dangerous opportunities.
5:45 PMa month ago


This is how Morelia scored.  
5:40 PMa month ago


This was Tepatitlán's goal. 
5:35 PMa month ago


Eduardo Perez becomes the first player to receive a caution for a hard tackle on Andres Sanchez.
5:30 PMa month ago


The match was stopped because Francisco Ramírez, Tepatitlán's coach, was attacked from the stands.
5:25 PMa month ago


With a great header, Gael Acosta beat Andrés Sánchez to level the score.
5:20 PMa month ago


Víctor Mañón shot from outside the box and put the ball into the upper left corner of the goal to give Los Alteños the lead.
5:15 PMa month ago


The score remains unchanged; for the moment, Atlético Morelia has looked better, but has yet to generate any real danger.
5:10 PMa month ago


Game on!
5:05 PMa month ago

Tepatitlan: substitutes

B. Aguilar; F. Ponce, D. Aguiñaga, C. González, A. Juárez, L. Márquez, J. Lumbrera, A. Valadez, J. Hernández y D. Medina.
5:00 PMa month ago

Morelia: substitutes

M. Núñez; S. Vázquez, D. Gallegos, D. Cortés, D. Martínez, K. Magaña, H. Pineda, L. Rodríguez y M. Zúñiga.
4:55 PMa month ago

Everything is ready for the second leg of the Liga Expansion MX, 2021 Guard1anes edition.

(Photo: Atlético Morelia)
(Photo: Atlético Morelia)
4:50 PMa month ago

Tepatitlan: confirmed lineup

A. Sánchez; S. Ceballos, F. Medina, S. Castañeda, P. Pérez, Á. Tecpanécatl, L. Morales, L. Robles, E. Rivera (C), J. Angulo y V. Mañon.
4:45 PMa month ago

Atletico Morelia: confirmed lineup

A. Arana; A. Ledesma, J. Vega, U. Zurita, V. Milke, W. Mejía, L. Pérez, E. del Ángel, E. Pérez, G. Acosta y D. Jiménez.
4:40 PMa month ago

This is what Atlético Morelia's dressing room looks like

(Photo: Atlético Morelia)
(Photo: Atlético Morelia)
4:35 PMa month ago

Michoacan fans are already beginning to arrive at Morelos

(Photo: Atlético Morelia)
(Photo: Atlético Morelia)
4:30 PMa month ago

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How to watch Atletico Morelia vs Tepatitlan FC Live TV and Stream

If you want to watch the game on TV, your options are: ESPN and TUDN.

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Tepatitlan FC: last lineup

A. Sánchez; S. Ceballos, S. Castañeda, Á. Tecpanécatl, C. González, P. Pérez, L. Robles, L. Márquez, E. Rivera (C), V. Mañón and J. Angulo.
4:15 PMa month ago

Atletico Morelia: last lineup

A. Arana; A. Ledesma (C), J. Vega, U. Zurita, V. Milke, W. Mejía, L. Pérez, D. Martínez, E. Pérez, G. Acosta and D. Jiménez.
4:10 PMa month ago

Referee's Quartet

The central referee for the match will be Daniel Quintero; René Ramírez, first referee; Sandra Ramírez, second assistant referee; and Ismael López, fourth referee.
4:05 PMa month ago

Tepatitlan, to complete the job

For their part, the team coached by Francisco Ramírez wants to continue demonstrating what a great team they are, a team that has been evolving week by week.

This afternoon, away from home, they will be looking to manage the advantage they gained in the first leg, as they did in previous phases, to take the championship trophy back to Jalisco.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
4:00 PMa month ago

Morelia, looking for a comeback

The team coached by Ricardo Valiño, who were leaders of the competition, will try to seal their great tournament with the title.

Despite being at a disadvantage after losing the first game, they are confident that they will be able to turn the score around in front of their fans.

(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
(Photo: @GolesyCifras)
3:55 PMa month ago

What happened in the first leg?

On Wednesday, at Tepa Gómez, Tepatitlán took advantage of their home advantage to beat Morelia 1-0, with a goal by Sergio Ceballos.
(Photo: Imago)
(Photo: Imago)
3:50 PMa month ago

Kickoff time

The Atletico Morelia vs Tepatitlan FC match will be played at the stadium Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 5:00 pm ET.

Canarios and Alteños, for the title. This afternoon, will seek to become champions of the Guard1anes 2021 Liga Expansión MX tournament.

(Photo: El Sol de Morelia)
(Photo: El Sol de Morelia)
3:45 PMa month ago

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