Goals and Highlights: Mexico 3-2 Australia Socceroos in Friendly Game 2021
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Thank you for following the friendly game between Mexico and Australia U23. See you next time.
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Good presentation

Mexico won two and drew one match in the mini European tour in the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
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End game

México 3-2 Australia.
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Shot by Arzani where Malagón leans back and sends it wide.
3:43 PM4 days ago


Aguirre's shot at the near post goes wide of the goal.
3:42 PM4 days ago


Zendejas' cross shot goes wide of the goal.
3:37 PM4 days ago


Álvarez's cross is not finished by anyone in the area.
3:36 PM4 days ago

Goal México 3-2

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Mexico Goal

Aguirre's shot beats the goalkeeper to make it 3-2.

3:30 PM4 days ago


Zendejas' shot is deflected by the defense and ends up in the corner.
3:29 PM4 days ago


Mexico's free kick crashes into the defensive wall.
3:19 PM4 days ago

Gol Mexico 2-2

3:14 PM4 days ago


Mexico Goal

Powerful shot by Alvarez to make it 2-2.

3:14 PM4 days ago

Mexico's changes

3:10 PM4 days ago

Goal Australia 2-1

3:05 PM4 days ago


Australia goal.

Watts' shot from half distance goes past Malagon to make it 2-1.

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Tight game in Spain

3:02 PM4 days ago


Alvarez's long-range shot goes just wide.
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The second half begins.
2:45 PM4 days ago

Half time

México 1-1 Australia.
2:39 PM4 days ago

Goal Mexico 1-1

2:35 PM4 days ago

Goal Australia 1-0

2:33 PM4 days ago


Mexico goal. Angulo's cross-shot from the fixed tactics makes it 1-1.
2:32 PM4 days ago


Goal Australia. Arzani tricks Malagon from the penalty spot to make it 1-0.
2:30 PM4 days ago


The referee has awarded Australia a penalty kick.
2:29 PM4 days ago


Esquivel is encouraged with a mid-range shot that the goalkeeper saves without rebounding.
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The game has been full of fouls and now another Australia player, Francois, has been cautioned.
2:27 PM4 days ago


Angulo has been cautioned.
2:26 PM4 days ago


A drifting ball is shot by Fernando Beltrán with power, but the ball goes wide of the goal.
2:23 PM4 days ago


A drifting ball is shot by Fernando Beltrán with power, but the ball goes wide of the goal.
2:22 PM4 days ago


Angulo's cross to the near post goes over the top, but there was a defensive touch beforehand and it will be a corner.
2:21 PM4 days ago


Kalik, of Australia, received a yellow card for the foul on the Aztec player.
2:20 PM4 days ago


Esquivel is left lying on the field after a heavy collision.
2:17 PM4 days ago


Vega's cross to the near post falls short and facilitates the defensive work.
2:13 PM4 days ago


Australia tries to react with some crosses that have not generated more damage.
2:03 PM4 days ago


Kevin Álvarez's cross is cut out by the Australian defense.
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The game between Mexico and Australia begins.
1:55 PM4 days ago

Already in the field

Mexico and Australia took the field and their respective national anthems are currently being sung.
1:54 PM4 days ago

Australia's results

Australia has lost its last two warm-up games: 1-0 to Romania and 2-1 to Ireland.
1:49 PM4 days ago

Warming up the Tricolor

1:46 PM4 days ago

Fighting for the title

Jaime Lozano indicated that any of the players called up could have started today: "We will try to choose the best possible lineup, everyone can start because of their level".
1:34 PM4 days ago

XI Mexico

Malagón, Álvarez, Angulo, Vázquez, Aguirre; Cervantes, Beltrán, Esquivel, Angulo; Macías, Vega.
1:32 PM4 days ago

This is how the Mexican National Team arrived

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Busy day

Today, both the women's pre-Olympic national team and the senior men's national team of Mexico are playing in friendly games.


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We pray for Christian Eriksen

The match between Denmark and Finland was in progress when Christian Eriksen collapsed on the field. We send our best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery so that he can be back on the field.
1:12 PM4 days ago

Support for El Tri from around the world

1:10 PM4 days ago

Match conditions

1:07 PM4 days ago

Few places

Due to the fact that some players are missing in this selection, as well as reinforcements, only five or six slots are available, so the effort of the players is key to fill Jaime Lozano's eye.
1:05 PM4 days ago

Positive balance

Mexico has had a decent record in terms of results with a win against Romania and a last minute draw against Saudi Arabia last Tuesday.
1:02 PM4 days ago

We start

Mexico's last pre-Olympic preparation game will be against Australia so that Lozano can fine-tune the final details for the World Cup. We begin.
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Key player Australia

John Iredale is one of the most experienced players, having played for Germany's Wolfsburg youth team, and is also one of the specialists in goal.

4:23 PM5 days ago

Key player Mexico

Jose Juan Macias is not sure of his place in Japan, but a good performance this Saturday could be enough to make the final roster.

4:18 PM5 days ago

Last preparation game

This will be the last preparation game for "El Tri" in Europe, where many of these players will be playing their last chance to convince Jaime Lozano to reach Tokyo 2020.
4:13 PM5 days ago

Last Team Australia

Maynard; Cleur, Ryan, Rich-Baghuelou, O'Toole; Teague, Francois, Arzani, Watts, Najjarine; Iradele.
4:08 PM5 days ago

Last Team Mexico

Jurado: Guzman, Mayorga, Mozo, Vazquez; Cervantes, Lira, Sanchez, Zendejas; Angulo, Aguirre.
4:03 PM5 days ago

Australia: take notes

Australia will be in the group of death alongside Spain and Argentina, so the clash against Mexico will help them find out what level they are at and adjust the nuts and bolts ahead of the summer tournament.
3:58 PM5 days ago

Mexico: to close with their heads held high

The Aztec national team has shown a better version in the second half, as they have struggled at the start of games in which they have been outplayed.
3:53 PM5 days ago

Kick-off time

The Mexico vs Australia match will be played at the Marbella Municipal, in France. The kick-off is scheduled at 2pm ET.
3:48 PM5 days ago

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