Highlights in Chivas 0-0 Tigres Friendly Match 2021


10:35 PM19 days ago

Highlights |

10:30 PM19 days ago


It's all over! After an intense and tight match on the pitch, neither team is hurt.
10:28 PM19 days ago


Good one, goalkeeper! A great save by Toño Rodríguez, who kept out the first goal after saving a great ball.
10:22 PM19 days ago


Good intervention by Tigres, preventing the red and white offense from shooting at goal.
10:17 PM19 days ago


Chivas arrives with danger and shoots at Ortega's goal, but the ball goes wide.
10:13 PM19 days ago


Vigón sends a shot at Rodríguez's goal, but the ball goes wide.
10:09 PM19 days ago


Carlos Cisneros' good run, but does not grow and misses a good opportunity.
10:01 PM19 days ago


A hard-fought duel, but there were no clear-cut plays for either team.
9:51 PM19 days ago


The ball was hotly contested in the midfield with arrivals from both teams.
9:44 PM19 days ago


Both teams will be looking for goals in the second half.
9:23 PM19 days ago


The first half ends goalless in Texas.
9:16 PM19 days ago


César Huerta's shot goes wide of Nahuel's goal.
9:08 PM19 days ago


Goalkeeper! Calderón's shot that Nahuel manages to deflect.
9:06 PM19 days ago


The one that Chivas missed! A shot from the attacking team that Tigres cleared off the line, then Ponce counter-attacked and the ball ended up in the stands.
9:01 PM19 days ago


Good rebound by Molina after a collective play by the felines.
8:55 PM19 days ago


After a mistake at the start, Meza intervenes and prevents his goal from falling.
8:51 PM19 days ago


Tigres close! A cross from Ávalos, and López appears inside the box and sends the ball slightly wide of the goal.
8:42 PM19 days ago


Aquino's cross goes too far and Rodriguez only sees the ball go by.
8:36 PM19 days ago


The match kicks off, Chivas and Tigres meet in preseason.
8:15 PM19 days ago

They are warming up!

Rodriguez and company are already on the field ready to get ready, looking to emerge victorious in this encounter.
8:11 PM19 days ago

Chivas: LineUp |

Nahuel; Ávalos, Meza, Ayala y Venegas; Guido y Carioca; Aquino y Quiñones; Leo y Nico López. 

8:05 PM19 days ago

Tigres: LineUp |

Nahuel; Ávalos, Meza, Ayala y Venegas; Guido y Carioca; Aquino y Quiñones; Leo y Nico López.
8:01 PM19 days ago

The Herrera era!

Miguel Herrera will play his first match on the Tigres bench, and there is great expectation among fans.


7:54 PM19 days ago

They are starting to arrive!

The fans of both teams are beginning to arrive at the U.S. stadium, there is much expectation about what they will show.
7:52 PM19 days ago

No emotions!

The last duel between these teams was on Day 17 of the Guard1anes 2021, where the teams did not hurt each other and ended the match goalless.
7:47 PM19 days ago

They're here!

Both Chivas and Tigres are already present at the Edinburgh stadium, ready to face each other in a very close match.
7:42 PM19 days ago

What a beauty!

This is what H-E-B Park looks like, ready to receive Tigres and Chivas, in the friendly match to be held this afternoon.

7:37 PM19 days ago

Tune in here Chivas vs Tigres Live Score

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7:27 PM19 days ago

Everything is settled

Following the arrival of Juan Pablo Vigón, Herrera stated that there will be no more signings with the felines, and also guaranteed that Leo Fernández will continue with the felines. He also mentioned that Pizarro will continue to wear the captain's badge and that he seeks to generate greater internal competition.

"It's an important signing (Thauvin), but no player, whatever his name is; you can guarantee him to be a starter without first getting to know him. Florian, as you say, is a world champion and has the run of advantage and it costs the institution, but the competition is going to be among the 24, 25 or 26 players in the team."

7:22 PM19 days ago

They are not going!

Miguel Herrera will not be able to count on Gignac or Florian Thauvin, both Frenchmen were called up by their national team for the Olympic Games, and due to the pandemic, both had to leave before the trip to play this match.

7:17 PM19 days ago

Chivas wants to start shining

The team coached by Vucetich is getting ready for this preseason, where they are looking to exploit all of their skills in order to ennoble the red-and-white fans, who have been hurt by the team's results.
7:12 PM19 days ago

Few movements

Tigres is one of the teams that has not made many moves, although they know how to move the market when they have to. Starting with the arrival of Miguel Herrera, who came to replace the rather unexpected departure of Ferretti, who at the start of the Guard1anes 2021 assured that his contract had already been agreed.

In addition to this signing, Florian Thauvin, a Frenchman known for his good play, and Juan Pablo Vigón, are the only two signings that the felines have announced. On the other hand, the departure of Julián Quiñones, a great player that Atlas will be able to count on for the following season, has already been announced.

7:07 PM19 days ago

With no signings and no signings

Chivas has accumulated several departures and transferable players, with J. J. Macías leading the group; he recently signed with Getafe, followed by José Madueña, Carlos Cisneros, Ronaldo Cisneros, Jesús Godínez, Miguel Basulto, Antonio Torres, Carlos Villanueva, David González, Andrés Ramírez, David González, Michael Pérez, Oscar Macías, Edson Torres, Diego Hernández; some of these have already found places in other teams and others are still looking for new ones.
7:02 PM19 days ago

Tigres, a disgrace

The team now coached by Miguel Herrera did little or nothing in the tournament that ended in May. Although it wasn't a great tournament, despite having one of the highest rosters of any team in the Liga MX, the felines didn't even make the playoffs, making them the disappointment of the Guard1anes 2021.

6:57 PM19 days ago

Chivas arrived in pain

The rojiblancos arrive at this duel after a disastrous Clausura 2021, where, although they reached the playoffs, their elimination at the hands of Pachuca was quite painful. After increasing their confidence and points at the end of the tournament, the team coached by Vucetich was defeated by a score of 4-2, leaving their dreams of going to the Liguilla in a suitcase.


6:52 PM19 days ago

Will it be a good duel?

The match will be a friendly duel, which looks to be quite attractive for the fans in attendance and their television viewers. The match will take place at HEB-Park Stadium in Edinburg, Texas, at 7:30 pm. The stadium has a capacity of 9,735 spectators.


6:47 PM19 days ago

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