Goal and highlights: Chivas 0-1 Rayados Monterrey in Friendly Match 2021
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11:53 PM16 days ago

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11:48 PM16 days ago

Goal and highlights

11:43 PM16 days ago

Game over!

With a great goal by Sergio Villarreal, Chivas lost 0-1 against Rayados in Texas, in another preseason match, in preparation for the next Liga MX tournament.
(Photo: Rayados)
(Photo: Rayados)
11:38 PM16 days ago


Jacobo Reyes, who had just entered the field, quickly received a yellow card.
11:33 PM16 days ago


More changes for Rayados: Jacobo Reyes and Daniel Lajud come in for Arturo González and Maxi Meza.
11:28 PM16 days ago


Edson Gutiérrez joins those cautioned after an infraction on Edson Gutiérrez.
11:23 PM16 days ago


Rayados makes another change: Alfonso Alvarado leaves and Jaziel Martínez enters.
11:18 PM16 days ago


Chivas further modifies its lineup: Jiménez and Campillo replace Gudiño and Briseño.
11:13 PM16 days ago


Andrada! Esteban looks attentive and in a great way takes the very good service of Miguel Ponce.
11:08 PM16 days ago


More changes for Chivas: Godínez and Brizuela come out and Organista and Peralta come in.
11:03 PM16 days ago


Second move by Rayados: Kaleth Martínez comes in for Ángel Zapata.
10:58 PM16 days ago


Chivas makes more changes: Flores, Pinzón, Sánchez and Ponce replace Molina, Torres, Aguayo and Mayorga.
10:53 PM16 days ago


Sergio Villarreal takes advantage of a rebound and, without thinking, puts the ball in the corner to put Monterrey ahead on the scoreboard.
10:48 PM16 days ago


Chivas makes its first moves: Orozco, Cisneros and Zaldívar come in for Olivas, Calderón and Huerta.
10:43 PM16 days ago


Rayados' first change: Sergio Villarreal comes on for Daniel Parra.
10:38 PM16 days ago

The second half begins!

Chivas and Rayados are already playing the second half.
10:33 PM16 days ago

The first half ends!

After just over 45 minutes, Chivas and Rayados are tied at 0-0 in Texas.
(Photo: Rayados)
(Photo: Rayados)
10:28 PM16 days ago


Close! Another attempt by Rayados, now with a shot by Alfonso González that passes very close to the Chivas goal.
10:23 PM16 days ago


Alejandro Mayorga is the first Chivas player to receive a yellow card.
10:18 PM16 days ago


A cross! Jesus Molina's header crashes into the metal; Rayados is saved.
10:13 PM16 days ago


Daniel Parra, for a foul, and Javier Aguirre, for complaining, were also cautioned.
10:08 PM16 days ago


Raúl Gudiño! Once again, the Chivas goalkeeper dives to keep out Rayados' goal after Maxi Meza's volley.
10:03 PM16 days ago


Gustavo Sánchez is the first caution of the match after he knocked down Isaac Brizuela.
9:58 PM16 days ago


Gudiño! Raúl holds on and saves Maxiliano Meza's shot. It looked like the first goal of the match and of Rayados.
9:53 PM16 days ago


For now, Esteban Andrada has looked pretty good at cutting off the danger that Chivas produces through aerial play.
9:48 PM16 days ago


After the first few minutes, Chivas and Rayados have shown a lot of intensity.
9:43 PM16 days ago


Rayados quickly began to generate danger; a header by Daniel Parra was their first warning of the match.
9:38 PM16 days ago

The match begins!

The preparation match between Chivas and Rayados is already being played at the Alamodome.
9:33 PM16 days ago

Rayados: substitutes

Cárdenas; Ramos, Pineda, Martínez, Reyes, Villarreal, Hernández, Martínez, Guillén y Lajud.
9:28 PM16 days ago

Chivas: substitutes

Rodríguez, Jiménez, Sánchez, Miér, Campillo, Orozco, Ponce, Magaña, López, Organista, Flores, Cisneros, Pinzón, Zaldívar y Peralta.
9:23 PM16 days ago

Rayados: confirmed lineup

Meanwhile, this is the lineup that Javier Aguirre will lead: E. Andrada; E. Gutiérrez, A. Grijalva, G. Sánchez, D. Parra, M. Kranevitter, C. Ortiz, Á. Zapata, M. Meza, A. González and A. Alvarado.
9:18 PM16 days ago

Chivas: confirmed lineup

These are the eleven selected by Víctor Manuel Vucetich: R. Gudiño, A. Mayorga, J. Aguayo, A. Briseño, L. Olivas, J. Molina (C), A. Torres, I. Brizuela, C. Calderón, C. Huerta and J. Godínez.
9:13 PM16 days ago

Chivas and Rayados have arrived at the Alamodome

A few minutes ago, both teams arrived at the Texan stadium, where they will play one more preparation match for the Liga MX Apertura 2021 tournament.
9:08 PM16 days ago

Rayados, one of the best teams in Liga MX

The case of Rayados is quite the opposite, since in addition to adding several reinforcements, these have been heavyweights, such as Esteban Andrada, Héctor Moreno, Erick Aguirre, Duván Vergara and Joel Campbell.
9:03 PM16 days ago

Chivas, without reinforcements for the Apertura 2021

For the moment, Chivas has not added any new players, except for the return of Jesús Godínez, who finished his loan at León.

However, during the preseason, they have used Christian Pinzón and Pavel Pérez, elements that reinforced Tapatío for the tournament that is about to begin.

8:58 PM16 days ago

Chivas fans are present

The 'Chivahermanos' are already at the stadium to support Guadalajara. 
8:53 PM16 days ago

Rayados unveiled its new uniform

This afternoon, through its social networks, Monterrey unveiled its new Puma kit for the 2021-2022 season.  
8:48 PM16 days ago

History between Rayados and Chivas in the U.S.

The last time Monterrey and Guadalajara faced each other in the USA was in July 2015; on that occasion, La Pandilla won 2-0.
8:43 PM16 days ago

How to watch Chivas vs Monterrey Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Chivas - Rayados Monterrey live on TV, your options is:TUDN .

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Where and how to watch Rayados de Monterrey vs Chivas de Guadalajara live online?

The match will be broadcast on television on Multimedios channel.

The Rayados de Monterrey vs Chivas de Guadalajaracan be tuned in from the live stream on Multimedios App.

The Rayados de Monterrey vs Chivas de Guadalajara can be tuned in from the Multimedios App live stream.

If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL México is your best option.

8:33 PM16 days ago

Chivas de Guadalajara's latest lineup

A. Rodríguez; J. Sánchez, A. Briseño, L. Olivas, M. Ponce, J. Molina, E. Torres, I. Brizuela, C. Calderón, C. Huerta and Á. Sepúlveda,
8:28 PM16 days ago

Last lineup of Rayados de Monterrey

L. Cárdenas; S. Villarreal, A. Grijalva, G. Sánchez, E. Gutiérrez, M. Rodríguez, M. Kranevitter, C. Ortiz, M. Meza, A. González and A. Alvarado.
8:23 PM16 days ago

How are Chivas coming along?

Last Wednesday, in their first friendly match of their U.S. tour, Guadalajara faced Tigres in Edinburg, Texas, where they played to a scoreless draw.
8:18 PM16 days ago

What's next for Rayados?

In their last friendly match, which took place the previous Sunday, Monterrey defeated Rio Grande Valley FC, a team that belongs to Rio Grande Valley FC (Rio Grande Valley FC), 5-1. Their goals were scored by Maxi Meza, Alfonso González (2), Edson Gutiérrez and Jaziel Martínez.
8:13 PM16 days ago

Chivas bets on continuity

In the meantime, with a base of experienced players and one more with youth players not yet consolidated, Guadalajara will try to compete under the orders of Víctor Manuel Vucetich, who has fallen short of expectations in terms of results and, above all, footballing performance.
(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
8:08 PM16 days ago

Monterrey, a title contender from now on

Rayados is undoubtedly one of the top contenders for the Mexican league title, and by a good margin. For this new semester, which will start on July 23, they have reinforced their squad quite well and, as if that were not enough, they will continue to be coached by the Mexican Javier Aguirre.
(Photo: Rayados)
(Photo: Rayados)
8:03 PM16 days ago

Rayados and Chivas, to continue their preparations

This Sunday afternoon, in San Antonio, Texas, Monterrey and Guadalajara will continue with their preseason friendly matches, almost two weeks before making their debut in the new First Division.
7:58 PM16 days ago

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