Goals and Best moments of Pumas 2-2 Queretaro in Friendly Match 2021


11:34 PM20 days ago

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10:33 PM20 days ago


The game ends with the score tied.
10:27 PM20 days ago


A foul inside the Puma area, but the referee does not signal anything and the match continues.
10:22 PM20 days ago


Balanta and Dos Santos attempted shots, but the ball did not enter Gonzalez's goal.
10:18 PM20 days ago


Excellent cross from Querétaro, but Mozo was attentive to prevent further danger.
10:15 PM20 days ago


Mozo tried a free kick, but the ball ended up crashing into the barrier.
10:10 PM20 days ago


The match is back and forth, with both teams arriving but failing to score the third.
10:03 PM20 days ago


Offside! Pumas were ahead on the scoreboard, but the referee signals offside and the goal is disallowed.
10:00 PM20 days ago


Pumas goal! Montejano appears and finds the ball inside the box, takes the opportunity to shoot and ties the game.
9:59 PM20 days ago


Pumas goal! Dinenno scores for the felines and brings them to within one goal
9:57 PM20 days ago


Saucedo's long shot sailed over the goal.
9:52 PM20 days ago


Good ball to Sosa, who fails to hit the ball correctly and ends up giving the ball to Gonzalez.
9:47 PM20 days ago


Gonzalez makes a good start and ends up with a dangerous ball that Sosa was looking for in his area.
9:43 PM20 days ago


Querétaro's goal! After a cross, Nico Sosa controls the ball in the box and sends it into the back of González's net.
9:42 PM20 days ago


The second half kicks off at Toyota Field
9:25 PM20 days ago


It's over! The first half ends and Querétaro has the lead on the scoreboard.
9:24 PM20 days ago


Pumas is still on top! This time Mozo took a shot, but it went over the goal.
9:19 PM20 days ago


Washington Corozo's cross shot ends up in Aguerre's hands.
9:16 PM20 days ago


Goalkeeper! Great save by Aguerre, after Freire's header.
9:11 PM20 days ago


Querétaro's goal! After a corner kick, Perg appeared inside the box and ended up heading the ball into the back of the net.
9:07 PM20 days ago


Close to Queretaro! Olivera's shot was saved by González.
9:00 PM20 days ago


Washington Corozo arrived with great danger, but Mendoza and Aguerre blocked the shot and in the end the goalkeeper kept the ball.
8:59 PM20 days ago


Pumas again! The offense tried to filter the ball into Aguerre's area, but this time Doldán appeared and prevented further danger.


8:57 PM20 days ago


Good intervention by Betsiel, who ends up keeping the danger away from the local area.
8:56 PM20 days ago


After the first 15 minutes, the scoreboard is still unchanged, both teams are looking to break down barriers
8:53 PM20 days ago

Queretaro: LineUp |

W. Aguerre; A. Doldán, M. Perg, B. Hernández, O. Mendoza; D. Cabrera, O. Martínez, P. Barrera, K. Ramírez; N. Sosa, B. Olivera.
8:50 PM20 days ago


Mendoza and the rest of the Pumas' defense controlled the play perfectly and the Pumas were unable to generate danger in Aguerre's area.
8:50 PM20 days ago


Free kick that does not generate problems for González.


8:39 PM20 days ago


The match kicks off in San Antonio as Pumas and Querétaro look to claim victory.
8:37 PM20 days ago

Pumas: LineUp |

J. González; R. Galindo, N. Freire, A. Mozo, E. Velarde; H. Meritao, F. Álvarez, A. García, W. Corozo, C. Gutiérrez; J. Dinenno.

8:19 PM20 days ago

The fans have arrived

At Toyota Field, Pumas fans are already beginning to arrive at the San Antonio venue, where they will be looking to win the Cup of the triangular tournament they have been playing for.

8:07 PM20 days ago

Getting ready for the duel!

Pumas is already talking about tonight's duel. The team coached by Lillini will be looking to take home the trophy.

7:54 PM20 days ago


Both teams already did their activation at the hotel prior to their arrival at the stadium to keep their bodies in shape.
7:46 PM20 days ago

Don´t leave this place!

Pumas announced through their social media channels that there will be no broadcast of this match on any platform, so you can follow all the details of this match through VAVEL.com.
7:45 PM20 days ago

All set!

In San Antonio, both Pumas and Querétaro get ready to kick off the duel that will define who will win the trophy after the triangular match.

4:59 AM20 days ago

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In a few moments, we'll share with you the Pumas vs Queretaro live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from Toyota Field Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live online coverage of the match on VAVEL. 
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How to watch Pumas vs Queretaro Live Stream on TV and Online?

Pumas vs Querétaro can be tuned in from the auriazul team's Facebook Live streams.
If you want to watch the match live online, VAVEL US is your best option.
4:49 AM20 days ago

Little experience

Both Héctor Altamirano and Eduardo Lillini have little experience in coaching in the first division, however, both will be looking to give their best performance ahead of the Apertura 2021, a tough test for both coaches.
4:44 AM20 days ago

Last meeting

The last match played between these two teams was on January 24 of this year; the Gallos overcame Pumas by two goals to zero, where Lillini's men were unable to do anything to reduce the score. José Gurrola and Ángel Sepúlveda scored the goals; neither of the latter are still on the squad.

4:39 AM20 days ago

They are getting ready!

Both teams have continued their daily preparations in San Antonio, Texas; where they are looking to get ready and arrive with everything they have for their last preparation game, which has a trophy in dispute for the winner of this triangular match.

4:34 AM20 days ago

They have responded

Pumas' reinforcements have responded correctly to the game that Lillini is looking for, and several reinforcements have already scored in preseason matches; these same reinforcements could raise their hands in search of winning their last preparation match, since the tournament is quite close and they need to finalize details.
4:29 AM20 days ago

Querétaro seeks balance

Prior to this match that closes the triangular, Querétaro faced Real de España from Honduras; a team against which they lost 2 goals to 1. However, the match against San Antonio F.C. was won 4 goals to 2; one of those goals was an own goal by San Antonio, plus a brace by Alfredo Ramírez and another by Joe Gallardo.

The Queretaro team is looking for unity in its team, after a disbandment, where around 15 players left and the same number arrived. Among the most outstanding players are Osvaldo Rodríguez, Pablo Barrera and Maxi Perg, in addition to the return of goalkeeper Ricardo Díaz and Betsiel Hernández, players born in the feathered quarry.

4:24 AM20 days ago

Pumas seeks to show its best version

During this preseason, the team coached by Lillini suffered several important losses in their roster, so they tried to make up for them with the arrival of players who seem to have shown that they will leave everything for the Auriazules on the field.
At the same time, Pumas has shown a young team with the help of its youth team, and in its first preparation match in the United States, it started with Marco García, Amaury García and Emanuel Montejano; in the second half, Meritao and Washington Corozo also played minutes. In that match, Pumas came from behind and ended up defeating San Antonio 4-2, with goals from Amaury García, a brace from Dinenno and Washington Corozo scoring his first goal with Pumas.

4:19 AM20 days ago

For the win!

At 7:30 p.m. in San Antonio, Texas, Pumas and Querétaro will meet in the final match of the triangular match between these teams and San Antonio F.C., looking to win the trophy that is up for grabs.
4:14 AM20 days ago

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