Goals and Highlights Tigres 2-0 Mazatlan in Liga MX Femenil
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Thank you for following the Tigres-Mazatlán game on Matchday 1 of the Liga MX Femenil. See you next time.
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No problems

Although they didn't have the right aim, Tigres started the 2021 Apertura on the right foot by beating Mazatlán FC in the Liga MX Femenil.
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End game

Tigres 2-0 Mazatlán.
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Mayor with the cross and Ferral is unable to score his goal due to the defensive sweep.
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Five more minutes are added.
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Goal Tigres 2-0

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Rangel's shot from half distance goes just wide of the goal.
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Ovalle leaves and Cruz enters for Tigres de la UANL.
9:38 PM7 days ago


Leaving: Aleman and Gaitan

In: Flores and Moreno: Flores and Moreno

Mazatlan changes.

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Ferrer's header goes wide.
9:33 PM7 days ago


Tigres Goal

Jana Gutiérrez scored her first goal in the Tigres jersey with a two-timer to score her first goal.

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Ferrer with a double cutback and then the ball is touched past the goalkeeper, but a defender on the line clears the ball and avoids the second.
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A header by the newly-entered Gutiérrez that lands in the goalkeeper's hands.
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Sanchez leaves and Jana Gutierrez enters, making her debut with the champion Tigres.
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A shot from half distance that reaches the goalkeeper's hands.
9:24 PM7 days ago


Ferrer's shot is touched by a defender and ends in a corner kick.
9:16 PM7 days ago


Mayor could not get the goalkeeper off her back and there is a strong collision inside the area.
9:14 PM7 days ago


Martínez leaves and Ferrer enters, making his debut in Mexican soccer.

Tigres makes a change.

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Fasto leaves and Escalante enters, Mazatlan change.
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Ovalle enters the area, but his shot sails over the top of the goal.
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Martinez's powerful header is saved again by Tarango.
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Second half begins: Tigres 1-0 Mazatlan.
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Tigres 1-0 Mazatlan

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Half time

Tigres Women's 1-0 Mazatlan Women's.
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Ovalle's shot had a goal-bound shot on it, but the defender crossed to save his goal.
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Three more minutes are added.
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A header to the post and then Ovalle's shot hits the base of the post.
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Sandra Mayor makes the cutback and shoots the shot that goes wide, although there was a defensive deflection.
8:42 PM7 days ago


Antonio's powerful shot is saved by the goalkeeper without rebounding.
8:40 PM7 days ago


Martinez's shot off the rebound goes just wide of the Mazatlan goalkeeper.
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Ovalle is left with the ball at the far post, but the powerful shot goes straight into the goalkeeper's hands.
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Martínez's header goes wide, but Tigres continues to press.
8:29 PM7 days ago


Maria Sanchez was looking to make the cutback but was picked apart by the defense.
8:29 PM7 days ago


Rehydration time for Tigres and Mazatlan.
8:24 PM7 days ago


A delayed diagonal that is rejected by the Mazatlan defense.
8:15 PM7 days ago

Goal Tigres 1-0

8:14 PM7 days ago


Maria Sanchez's shot goes over the top of the goal.
8:08 PM7 days ago


Tigres goal

A mistake in the defense and Mayor's cross-shot opened the net and scored the first goal of the afternoon.

8:07 PM7 days ago


Ovalle's cross is too wide and ends up without danger.
8:04 PM7 days ago


Long pass to Martinez that Mazatlan's goalkeeper comes out to hold the ball.
8:03 PM7 days ago


Ovalle with the first shot of the game that goes over the top of the goal.
8:01 PM7 days ago


The match between Tigres and Mazatlan women begins.
7:57 PM7 days ago

They jump into the field

Tigres and Mazatlan in the Liga MX Femenil protocol have taken to the field.
7:54 PM7 days ago

To minutes

We are minutes away from the start of the game between Tigres and Mazatlan Women.
7:39 PM7 days ago

Enter the field

The champions are reunited with their field and begin the warm-up.
7:38 PM7 days ago

The referees

The center referee for this game will be José Luis Alba Dorado, accompanied by flag bearer Yudilia Carolina Briones Covarrubias and Fernando Ashram López Cortez. The fourth official is Felipe Moreno Barraza.
7:36 PM7 days ago

In high spirits

This is how the felines arrived for the first time at the stadium where they will seek the three-time championship in the Liga MX Femenil.
7:31 PM7 days ago

XI Mazatlan

29 María Tanango

4 Silvia López

12 María Sandoval

17 Mitchell Guerrero

10 Madaleine Pasco

14 Monserrat Peña

16 Tania Cortés

20 Paola Alemán

23 Valeria Lagunes

9 Norma Gaitán

9 Fátima Bracamonte

7:26 PM7 days ago

None as holder

Of the four new additions, none are starting and all will see action from the bench with the possibility of coming on in the second half for UANL Tigres.
7:21 PM7 days ago

XI Tigres

33 Vania Villalobos

3 Bianca Sierra

4 Greta Espinoza

6 Nancy Antonio

7 Liliana Mercado

14 Lizbeth Ovalle

15 Cristina Ferral

24 María Sánchez

17 Natalia Villarreal

9 Sandra Mayor

10 Katty Martínez.



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Tigres' losses

Selene Cortés, Karen Luna, Akemi Yokoyama, Alejandra Gutiérrez, Mariana Elizondo and Natalia Gómez Junco were the players who jumped ship and migrated to other Liga MX Femenil clubs.
7:11 PM7 days ago

Tigres reinforcements

Tigres had some departures of players who were not starters, but further strengthened its roster with the arrival of: Cecilia Santiago, Jana Gutierrez, Miriam Garcia and Stefany Ferrer, the first foreigner in the club's history.
7:06 PM7 days ago

We start

The champion Tigres make their presentation at the Volcán against a Mazatlán team that wants to make a splash, remembering that they were the last team to leave the Volcán alive. We begin with the coverage.
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What time is Tigres vs Mazatlan match for Friendly Game?

This is the start time of the game Tigres vs Mazatlan of 10th July in several countries:

Argentina: 21:00 PM

Bolivia: 20:00 PM

Brazil: 21:00 PM

Chile: 20:00 PM

Colombia: 19:00 PM

Ecuador: 19:00 PM

USA (ET): 20:00 PM in TUDN.

Spain: 02:00 PM

Mexico: 19:00 PM in TUDN and Izzi Go.

Paraguay: 20:00 PM

Peru: 19:00 PM

Uruguay: 21:00 PM

Venezuela: 20:00 PM

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Last games

They have only met twice in the Liga MX Femenil. The first of these was last year in Sinaloa, with the Amazons winning 4-1, but last season Mazatlán was the only club that managed to get out of the Volcán Stadium alive by rescuing a 2-2 draw on the penultimate matchday, in a game they came very close to winning.
6:46 PM7 days ago

Key player Mazatlan

Norma Gaitán arrives from Tuzas del Pachuca with the mission of consolidating herself in Mazatlán's attack and starting to produce goals, something she was unable to do with the team from La Bella Airosa.

6:41 PM7 days ago

Key player Tigres

The Nuevo León team has a lot of talent, but Katty Martínez did not close last season in the best way because she struggled with an injury; for this reason, in the preseason she looked in good shape and is expected to return to the great level she had last year.

6:36 PM7 days ago

Mazatlán: vote of confidence

The project created by Miguel Hernández has been very well received by the board of directors, which is why they have given him the vote of confidence to continue at the helm of the team and get them into the big party.
6:31 PM7 days ago

Tigres: reinforced the squad

Although they got rid of some players who were not so important and who were not very active, it is noteworthy that the Tigres continue to strengthen in all sectors, highlighting the return to Mexican soccer of Ceci Santiago and the incorporation of Jana Gutiérrez, who is only 17 years old, from América.
6:26 PM7 days ago

Mazatlán: making the leap in quality

During the last two tournaments, the Cañoneras have been close to the playoffs, but have not been able to make it, so in their third championship they will be looking to make history and make it into the top eight.
6:21 PM7 days ago

Tigres: the champions kick off

Tigres are not only the current champions, they are also the two-time champions of Mexican soccer and once again start out as favorites to fight for the title, in a tournament that looks set to be very close.
6:16 PM7 days ago

Kick-off time

The Tigres vs Mazatlan match will be played at the Universitario Stadium, in Nuevo Leon, the Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 8pm ET.
6:11 PM7 days ago

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