Goals and Highlights: Chivas 1-2 Atletico de San Luis in Liga MX 2021


11:05 PM4 months ago


10:59 PM4 months ago


Match ends. Chivas fall in the presentation in front of their fans. Chivas 1-2 Atlético de San Luis
10:55 PM4 months ago


He misses it! Godinez shoots and doesn't do it well to tie the score.
10:52 PM4 months ago


6 minutes of added time are announced
10:46 PM4 months ago


Club Atlético de San Luis, José Rivaldo Lozano exits and Emmanuel García enters.
10:45 PM4 months ago


Guadalajara substitution, Carlos Ernesto Cisneros comes out and Oribe Peralta comes in.
10:40 PM4 months ago


GOOOOOOOOOL! El inge' Ángel Zaldivar reduces the gap on the scoreboard through penalty kicks.
10:38 PM4 months ago


A pull in the San Luis area is reviewed. Penalty for Chivas!
10:37 PM4 months ago


Club Atlético de San Luis, Adam Fernando Bareiro replaces Andrés Vombergar.
10:32 PM4 months ago


Guadalajara substitution, Miguel Angel Ponce comes out and Manuel Alejandro Mayorga comes in.
10:31 PM4 months ago


Guadalajara, Jesús Enrique Sánchez exits and Alejandro Organista enters.
10:27 PM4 months ago


GOOOOOOL. Fernando Bareiro increases the advantage for the 'Colchoneros' with the collaboration of Toño Rodríguez.
10:16 PM4 months ago


Chapito! Sánchez very nearly scored the equalizer with a poorly executed cross that ended up hitting the post.
10:14 PM4 months ago


Guadalajara asks for a penalty kick. The action is reviewed by the VAR but does not transcend and they only get the corner.
10:11 PM4 months ago


Miguel Ponce shoots from long distance to bring Chivas very close to tying the game
10:10 PM4 months ago


The match begins in the second half of the game
10:10 PM4 months ago


Guadalajara substitution, Sergio Adrián Flores comes out and José de Jesús Godínez comes in.
9:50 PM4 months ago


First half ends at the Akron
9:48 PM4 months ago


Set piece for ADSL, the Potosinos win again through the air and put the local defense in trouble.
9:47 PM4 months ago


Three more minutes of compensation for the first half
9:37 PM4 months ago


Foul on Bilbao, clearance by ADSL
9:26 PM4 months ago


What a play! Andres Sanchez's save and Berterame's sweep to open the first red-and-white goal.
9:23 PM4 months ago


Corner kick for the home team. El Rebaño wastes the set piece opportunity and it is a goal kick for ADSL.
9:17 PM4 months ago


Brizuela was on his way into the Potosi area but a defensive intervention cut off the advance.
9:14 PM4 months ago


GOOOOL. Jesús Piñuelas makes it 1-0 for San Luis on a set piece.
9:12 PM4 months ago

Game starts

Apertura 2020 opens for Guadalajara and Atletico de San Luis
8:49 PM4 months ago

ADSL fans

Although the game is in Jalisco, some Colchoneros fans can be seen at the Akron.
8:44 PM4 months ago

ADSL Substitutes

Juan Catro, Efraín Corona, Andrés Vombergar, Jhon Duque, Salvador González, Luis Calzadilla, Emmanuel García, Diego Urtiga
8:39 PM4 months ago

Chivas substitutes

Gudiño, Mayorga, Aguayo, Magaña, Organista, Orozco, Molina, Huerta, Godínez, Peralta
8:34 PM4 months ago

Atletico de San Luis starting lineup

Andrés Sánchez, Jesús Piñuelas, Ricardo Chávez, Germán Berterame. Juan Sanabria, Adam Bareiro, Javier Güémez, Rivaldo Lozano, Unai Bilbao, José Guadalupe Clemente, Jair Díaz
8:29 PM4 months ago

Visitors arrived

Atleti also made its presence felt at the Chivas Stadium
8:24 PM4 months ago

No reinforcement

Marcelo Barovero, Facundo Waller, Leonardo Coelho could not be registered in time for J1 despite the efforts of the management. However, ADLS announced that they will be ready for the second date of the GritaMéxico. 
In a video, the three reinforcements thanked the fans and assured that tonight they will be the first to cheer from the stands.
8:19 PM4 months ago

Chivas in the Akron

The team coached by Victor Manuel Vucetich arrived for the first time at their home, the Akron Stadium, in this Apertura 2021. Today will be the first match played by the red-and-white team as locals.
8:14 PM4 months ago

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8:04 PM4 months ago

Atletico San Luis TEAM

Andrés Sánchez, Diego Urtiaga, Marcelo Barovero, Jesús Puñuelas, José Lozano, Unai Bilbao, José Hernández,  Jair Díaz, Emmanuel García, Juan Castro, Ricardo Chávez, William Mejía, Zahid Muñoz,Efraín Orona, Javier Güémez, Eric Cantú, Jhon Duque, Adrían Lozano, Salvador González, Germán Berterame, Adam Bareiro, Damián Batallini, Vladimir Moagrega, Luis Calzadilla

COACH TEAM: Marcelo Méndez, Gabriel Miraballes, Juan Martínez, Leonardo López, Cristian Caro, Carlos Pérez

7:59 PM4 months ago


Raul Gudiño, José Rodríguez,Miguel Jiménez, Manuel Mayorga, Gilperto Sepúveda, Antonio Briseño, Luis Olivas, Miguel Ponce, Jesús Sánchez, Hiram Mier, Juan Aguayo, Cristian Calderón, Jesús Molina, Carlos Antuna, Isaac Brizuela, Jesús Angulo, Fernando Beltrán, Alan Torres, Sergio Flores, Carlos Cisneros, César Huerta, Ángel Zaldívar, Alexis Vega, José Godínez, Ronaldo Cisneros, Oribe Peralta

COACH TEAM: Víctor Vucetich, Jorge Graniolati, Felipe Peña, Luis Gallardo, Carlos Barra, Ricardo Cadena, Sergio Almaguer,Alejandro Ramírez, Oriol Pastor

7:54 PM4 months ago

With absences

Chivas will not be able to count on 5 of its important elements: Alexis Vega, Uriel Antuna, Jesús Angulo and Fernando Beltrán are concentrated in Tokyo with the U23 National Team in Tokyo, while Gilberto Sepulveda remains with the Senior National Team in the Gold Cup.
7:49 PM4 months ago

San Luis SKIN

This was the new kit presented for the Colchoneros for this season.
7:44 PM4 months ago

Atletico San Luis called team

Marcelo Mendez (DT), Adrian Lozano (Santos), Andres Vombergar (Olimpija Ljubljana, Slovenia), Marcelo Barovero (Burgos), Javier Diaz (Venados), Eric Cantu (Rayados), Unai Bilbao (Necaxa), Vladimir Moragrega (Atlante), Andres Sa;nchez (Tepatitlan),Leonardo Coelho (Fenix),Facundo Waller (Pumas)


Lucas Passerini, Axel Werner, Ramiro Gonzalez (Leon), Rodrigo Noya (Venados), Dionicio Escalante, Jorge Sanchez

Pablo Lopez, Pablo Barrera


7:39 PM4 months ago

Chivas called team

Club Deportivo Guadalajara is not going through its best moment since a couple of seasons ago, although in the Guard1anes 2021 they achieved their pass to the reclassification they failed to transcend and with a debt with their fans they are looking to get stronger during this campaign.

FORWARD: Pavel Perez

José Madueña (Juarez), Jose Juan Macias (Getafe CF / Spain) Miguel Basulto;Antonio Torres, Carlos Villanueva , Michael Perez, and Oscar Macias.


7:34 PM4 months ago

Akron Stadium

The brand new home of Chivas, the Akron Stadium located in Zapopan, was completed in 2010. It has a capacity of almost 47,000 attendees.
7:29 PM4 months ago

Fans in the tribune

Although several teams in the Mexican Republic will have to debut behind closed doors due to the health alert for the third wave of Covid 19, Guadalajara will be able to enjoy this match with seating capacity at the Akron Stadium.
7:24 PM4 months ago

Round 1 of Liga MX

Liga MX is finally back for the second tournament of the year, the Apertura 2021. The 18 teams will fight for the title of the last semester.
7:19 PM4 months ago

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