Goals and Highlights: Pumas 0-3 Rayadas Monterrey in Liga MX Femenil
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Still undefeated

Monterrey reached seven points to move into first place, while Pumas remains scoreless at home.
6:58 PM4 months ago

End game

Pumas 0-3 Monterrey.
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Three more minutes are added.
6:53 PM4 months ago

Goal Rayadas 3-0

6:47 PM4 months ago


Rayadas Goal.

Avilés with a shot that goes into the corner of the box to seal the win.

6:46 PM4 months ago


Pumas change. Gómez comes off and Zabaleta comes on.
6:44 PM4 months ago


Yokoyama with a header over the top of the goal.
6:43 PM4 months ago


Change in Monterrey. Monsiváis is replaced by Simental.
6:38 PM4 months ago


A long distance shot hits the crossbar and the UNAM Pumas are saved.
6:37 PM4 months ago

Goal Rayadas 2-0

6:33 PM4 months ago


Campa and García leave

Herrera and Velázquez are substituted.

Pumas changes.

6:28 PM4 months ago


Santamaría leaves and Rodríguez enters. Pumas UNAM substitution.
6:27 PM4 months ago


Avilez with a point-blank shot that Villeda manages to make the saving save.
6:25 PM4 months ago


Rayadas Goal Fantastic Goal. 2-0
6:25 PM4 months ago


Rayadas Goal

Avilez with a shot inside the box that beats Villeda to increase the difference.

6:23 PM4 months ago


Yellow cards for Monsiváis and Yokoyama for a collision and altercation in the midfield.
6:20 PM4 months ago

Goal Monterrey

6:11 PM4 months ago


Rayadas Goal

Monsiváis takes advantage of the mistake and puts in the shot to open the scoring.

6:08 PM4 months ago


The second half begins between Pumas and Rayadas.
5:50 PM4 months ago

Half time

Pumas 0-0 Rayadas de Monterrey.
5:48 PM4 months ago


Two more minutes are added.
5:46 PM4 months ago


Bibiana Quintos is left lying on the field after a heavy collision.
5:37 PM4 months ago


Rebeca Bernal with a direct free kick that hits the wall and ends in a corner kick.
5:36 PM4 months ago


Monsiváis is left lying on the field and medical assistance is already entering the field.
5:31 PM4 months ago


Cadena's shot into the goalkeeper's hands.
5:28 PM4 months ago


Valdez hits the post from the outside, even though a previous infraction had been sanctioned.
5:27 PM4 months ago


Perez's center kick that nobody closes to the far post and Monterrey wastes the play.
5:22 PM4 months ago


Deneva made a mistake when she was alone in the area and sent the ball into the side of the goal when it seemed that the score would open the scoring again.
5:19 PM4 months ago


Santamaría's shot hit the post when it appeared to be the Pumas' first.
5:18 PM4 months ago


Garza serves too long on a set piece.
5:15 PM4 months ago


Hilary García's shot from half distance goes just wide of the goalkeeper's goal.
5:07 PM4 months ago


The ball is left to Garza, but he miskicks the ball to the side and misses it.
5:05 PM4 months ago


A direct free kick cross is blocked by the Pumas defense.
5:01 PM4 months ago


The match between Pumas and Rayadas de Monterrey begins at the Olímpico Universitario.
4:57 PM4 months ago

They jump into the field

Pumas and Rayadas de Monterrey take the field for the start of the match.
4:50 PM4 months ago

The results of date 3

Querétaro 1-3 América; Toluca 1-0 San Luis; Pachuca 0-1 Cruz Azul; Puebla 2-0 Mazatlán.
4:48 PM4 months ago

Intense activity

Intense activity will take place today in the Liga MX Femenil when Tigres takes on Necaxa, Chivas hosts León, Santos plays against Juárez and Atlas visits the Braves of Ciudad Juárez.
4:43 PM4 months ago

The souvenir photo

Prior to the start of warm-ups, the Rayadas players did not miss the opportunity to have their photo taken at the emblematic Estadio Olímpico Universitario.

4:36 PM4 months ago

Start engines

The UNAM Pumas are already on the field performing the first warm-up exercises prior to their second home game of the season.
4:26 PM4 months ago

XI Rayadas

Alejandra Godínez, Rebeca Bernal, Mónica Flores, Alejandra Calderón, Mariana Cadena, Diana Evangelista, Dania Pérez, Diana García, Valeria Valdez, Mónica Monsiváis, Aylin Avilez.
4:24 PM4 months ago

XI Pumas

Melany Villeda, Deneva Cagigas, Bibiana Quintos, Marylin Díaz, Diana Gómez, Marías Yokoyama, Hilary García, Daniela García, Dinora García, Edna Santamaría, Marlyn Campa.
4:22 PM4 months ago

Fighting for the top

Monterrey, coached by Eva Espejo, will be looking to continue being a protagonist in the Liga MX Femenil, and so far they have started with a draw against Querétaro and a win against Juárez FC.
4:17 PM4 months ago

Sharpening the aim

Pumas has scored just one goal in the Apertura 2021 after a scoreless draw against Necaxa and a 2-1 away loss to San Luis for the first time in its history.
4:12 PM4 months ago


Pumas UNAM wants to get back to winning ways when they take on Rayadas de Monterrey in the Mexican capital. Let's get started with the action.
4:07 PM4 months ago

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What time is Pumas vs Rayadas Monterrey match for Liga MX Femenil?

This is the start time of the game Pumas vs Rayadas Monterrey of 2nd August in several countries:

Argentina: 7:00 PM

Bolivia: 6:00 PM

Brazil: 7:00 PM

Chile: 6:00 PM

Colombia: 5:00 PM

Ecuador: 5:00 horas

USA (ET): 6:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 12:00 AM

Mexico: 5:00 PM in TUDN

Paraguay: 7:00 PM

Peru: 5:00 PM

Uruguay: 7:00 PM

3:57 PM4 months ago

Last games

The Rayadas team has the advantage in the last five games with a record of three wins, one draw and one loss, remembering that they met in the quarterfinals where the Rayadas, once again, advanced to the next round.
3:52 PM4 months ago

Key player Rayadas Monterrey

Mónica Monsiváis is a guaranteed goal scorer and so far in the first 180 minutes she has already scored two goals, one in each game against Querétaro and Juárez.

3:47 PM4 months ago

Key player Pumas

Edna Santamaría has to become the player of reference in the attack where, so far, she has not been able to score. She has played 142 minutes out of 180.

3:42 PM4 months ago

The refereeing

The main referee for the game will be Diana Stephanía Pérez Borja; Jéssica Fernanda Morales Morales will be referee number 1 and Elva Gutiérrez Martínez will be referee number 2; Alan Cristóbal Rodríguez Cancino will be referee number 4.
3:37 PM4 months ago

Last Team Rayadas Monterrey

Alejandría Godínez; Rebeca Bernal, Mónica Flores, Alejandra Calderón, Mariana Cadena, Diana Evangelista, Diana García, Valeria Valdez, Mónica Monsiváis, Lizette Rodríguez, Aylin Avilez.
3:32 PM4 months ago

Last Team Pumas

Melany Villeda, Dirce Delgado, Bibiana Quinteros, Marylin Díaz, Diana Gómez, María Yokohama, Hilary García, Daniela García, Dinora Garza, Liliana Rodríguez and Edna Santamaría.
3:27 PM4 months ago

Monterrey: to stay undefeated

For their part, Eva Espejo's side got off on the right foot by drawing 1-1 away to Gallos Queretaro Femenil and then defeating Bravas de Juarez at home.
3:22 PM4 months ago

Pumas: getting back on track

Pumas have not had a good start to the season, drawing against Centellas del Necaxa and losing 2-1 to Atlético de San Luis, so they will be looking for their first win of the season.
3:17 PM4 months ago

Kick-off time

The Pumas vs Rayadas Monterrey match will be played at the Olímpico Universitario Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 6 pm ET.
3:12 PM4 months ago

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