Goals and Highlights: Mexico (1)0-0(4) Brazil in 2020 Olympic Games
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6:49 AM2 months ago

Goals and Highlights

6:42 AM2 months ago


It's over!!! Brazil scores the fourth. Mexico falls in penalty kicks and will be looking for the third place of this edition of the Olympic Games.
6:40 AM2 months ago


Goal Mexico!!! Carlos Rodriguez lights the candle and scores the first for the Mexicans.
6:39 AM2 months ago


Goal Brazil!!! Guimaraes scores the third
6:39 AM2 months ago


He missed it! Johan Vasquez sends his shot to the post and Mexico hasn't scored any!
6:37 AM2 months ago


Goal Brazil!!! Martinelli scores the second from the penalty spot
6:37 AM2 months ago


Santos saved it! Eduardo Aguirre shot the first one for Mexico and the goalkeeper saves it!
6:36 AM2 months ago


Goal Brazil!!! Dani Alves scores the first for Brazil
6:30 AM2 months ago


It's over!!! The match will be defined in penalty kicks
6:29 AM2 months ago


Back-and-forth match, Mexico and Brazil keep trying.
6:22 AM2 months ago


Mexico is on top of the opponent's goal, but the Brazilian defense is well stopped and avoids the goal.
6:15 AM2 months ago


The action restarts, the second overtime is already running in Kashima.
6:13 AM2 months ago


End of the first extra time, the score remains unopened in Tokyo.
6:10 AM2 months ago


Left-footed shot by Arana, but the ball goes wide of the goal.
6:09 AM2 months ago


Excellent play by Lainez culminates in a shot by Romo that goes over the goal.
6:07 AM2 months ago


Montes smashes the ball and prevents Brazil from danger.
6:04 AM2 months ago


Double change for Mexico. Eduardo Aguirre and Adrián Mora are substituted by Henry Martin and Jesús Angulo. 
6:03 AM2 months ago


Ochoa stands up well at the back, he keeps a ball from Malcom.
5:56 AM2 months ago


The first overtime starts! Both teams are looking for their pass.
5:55 AM2 months ago


Change of Brazil. Ingresa Malcom por Antony.
5:52 AM2 months ago


That's it! 90 minutes of regular time are over and everything will be defined in overtime.
5:51 AM2 months ago


Mexico is saved! Ochoa comes out and Romo ends up keeping the danger away from the Mexican goal.
5:50 AM2 months ago


Change of Mexico. Alexis Vega comes off for Roberto Alvarado.
5:50 AM2 months ago


Good sweep by Angulo on the ball that Richarlison was trying to control.
5:47 AM2 months ago


Richarlison's shot that Ochoa controls without problems.
5:43 AM2 months ago


Close to Mexico! Montes' shot, but Santos keeps the ball.
5:41 AM2 months ago


Post! Mexico is saved! Richarlison sends a huge header, but the ball ends up hitting the post.
5:38 AM2 months ago


Good coverage by Angulo prevents Antony from creating a dangerous play.
5:36 AM2 months ago


Cambio de Mexico. Sebastián Córdova comes off for Ricardo Angulo.
5:34 AM2 months ago


They are fighting! Loroña and Richarlison have a fistfight and words after an alleged foul 
5:31 AM2 months ago


Change in Brazil. Reinier replaces Claudinho
5:25 AM2 months ago


Brazil makes a change. Gabriel Martinelli replaces Paulinho
5:25 AM2 months ago


Antony's shot at Ochoa's goal, but the Mexican ends up blocking the ball.
5:20 AM2 months ago


Cambio de Mexico. Diego Lainez replaces Uriel Antuna.
5:18 AM2 months ago


Vega's cross, but Santos attentively holds on to the ball.
5:17 AM2 months ago


Uff! Montes' cross, but Brazil's defense clears the ball.
5:11 AM2 months ago


A hard-fought game with chances for both teams.
5:04 AM2 months ago


The second half kicks off at Kashima Stadium
5:03 AM2 months ago


Cambio de Mexico. Joaquín Esquivel comes out and Carlos Rodríguez comes in.
4:47 AM2 months ago


The first half came to an end with the score at zero.
4:46 AM2 months ago


No, the one Antuna missed! Antuna tries to shoot, but Santos comes out and prevents the ball from going into his goal.
4:42 AM2 months ago


Goalkeeper! Santos saves his goal! Romo's shot from Antuna's pass, but Santos is attentive to prevent his goal from falling.
4:38 AM2 months ago


Close! Excellent coverage by Nino, who prevents Montes from making a good impact with the ball.
4:37 AM2 months ago


The game was quite lively with Brazil on the Mexican goal, Ochoa was attentive and avoided the onslaught.
4:30 AM2 months ago


It is not! The referee refutes his first decision after reviewing in the VAR and overrules the penalty kick
4:29 AM2 months ago


VAR! The referee will review the play of the penalty on the Brazilian
4:29 AM2 months ago


Penalty for Brazil! After a foul on Douglas, the referee awards a penalty kick.
4:23 AM2 months ago


Goalkeeper! Mexico has a goalkeeper! Alves' shot, but Ochoa, attentive, leans back and prevents the ball from going in.
4:20 AM2 months ago


Antony's flash, but Ochoa attentively holds on to the ball.
4:15 AM2 months ago


Goalkeeper! Arana's shot, but Ochoa, attentive at the back, avoids the first with a great save.
4:12 AM2 months ago


Whew, what an encounter! The match is back and forth with both sides looking to open the scoring first.
4:09 AM2 months ago


Close! Henry's header ends up going wide.
4:08 AM2 months ago


Romo's cross, but Douglas Luiz's alert header keeps out the danger.
4:04 AM2 months ago


Excellent save by Richarlison, preventing the ball from reaching the center of Santos' box.
4:03 AM2 months ago


Antuna's speed was good, but he ends up being fouled by Arana.
4:00 AM2 months ago


The first semifinal of these Olympic Games in Tokyo begins!
3:55 AM2 months ago

Brazil: LineUp |

Santos, Nino, D. Carlos, D. Alves, B. Guimaraes, D. Luiz, Arana, Antony, Paulinho, Richarlison, Claudinho.
3:53 AM2 months ago

Mexico: LineUp |

G. Ochoa, J. Angulo, V. Loroña, C. Montes, J. Vásquez, L. Romo, U. Antuna, S. Córdova, J. Esquivel, H. Martin, A. Vega.
3:49 AM2 months ago

Warm up!

The field is ready with the players warming up on it, both Lozano's and Brazil's players want to reach the final stage of these Olympic Games.
3:47 AM2 months ago

They are here!

Both Mexico and Brazil are already present in the building, where they will try to get the victory and thus reach the long-awaited final.
3:26 AM2 months ago

It won't be long now!

This is what the Kashima Stadium looks like this afternoon, ready to host the match between Brazil and Mexico.

3:17 AM2 months ago

No go!

At the conference, Lozano announced that Jorge Sánchez will miss this match due to yellow cards, a complicated situation for the 'Jimmy' starting lineup.
3:10 AM2 months ago

With numbers in favor

Mexico is the best offensive team in the tournament at this stage. With 14 goals scored, Henry Martin, Cordóva and company put the tricolor in an enviable position.
3:06 AM2 months ago

Positive numbers

Mexico and Brazil have only met once in an Olympic Games, in 2012. Mexico won with two goals for and one against.

6:34 PM2 months ago

Stay tuned for Mexico - Brazil live coverage here

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What time is the Mexico vs Brazil match for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

This is the start time for the Mexico vs Brazil match on August 2, 2021 in several countries:

Mexico: 3:00 hours CDMX

Argentina: 5:00 hours

United States: 4:00 ET / 1:00 PT

Colombia: 3:00 a.m.

Ecuador: 3:00 a.m.

Uruguay: 5:00 a.m.

6:19 PM2 months ago

Great performance

There are several players of the tricolor who have given a great performance within the team, highlighting Sebastián Córdova, Luis Romo, Eduardo Aguirre, without forgetting the great performance of Diego Lainez and also Joaquín Esquivel, who has responded in key moments for México. 
6:14 PM2 months ago


After the tricolor's great performance, former players such as Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Rafael Márquez expressed their opinions. 

This is what Blanco wrote on social media: "Congratulations to Mexico for advancing to the next round in Tokyo-2020. Excellent celebration by Sebastián Córdova. Let's go Mexico! 

Rafa Márquez, the former central defender also commented on Córdova's great performance: "Without fear of being wrong, Sebastián Córdova is the player I see with the best projection among the young Mexican players, hopefully he will soon have options to come to Europe," he wrote on his Twitter acco unt.

6:09 PM2 months ago

H2H: Previous matches for Mexico and Brazil

Mexico and Brazil have faced each other 42 times in senior national teams and once in Olympic matches, where the Mexicans have accumulated 24 defeats. Despite this, Mexico has managed to beat Brazil on 11 occasions, thus defeating them and winning official titles, both in Confederations and Gold Cups, as well as in age-limit tournaments such as the U-17 World Cup and Olympic Games. 

These are the results of the most recent matches:

Mexico 2 - 1 Brazil | London 2012 Olympic Games.

Mexico 0 - 2 Brazil | Confederations Cup 2013

Mexico 0 - 0 Brazil | World Cup 2014

Mexico 0 - 2 Brazil | Friendly 2015

Mexico 0 - 2 Brazil | World  Cup 2018

6:04 PM2 months ago

Technical Director's Statements

Jaime Lozano spoke after Mexico's resounding victory over North Korea: "The team feels more and more solid. In these instances, what you have to have left over is motivation and what you have to have left over is faith that things will work out well. They are very good, but we know what our strengths are, and one of them is our group".


"We have been solid in complicated moments, and now, the team does not want to keep the result, to be a team that always proposes. I am very grateful to be part of this team and to represent my country in the best possible way. The bad news is that we are losing Jorge because of his yellow cards".

5:59 PM2 months ago

Mexico statements

Sebastián Córdova talked about his celebration and how he saw the match against Korea: "They just gave me the '10' of América, I see a lot of people like Cuauhtémoc, and I said I'm going to celebrate a goal like him. 


"As he said, I think Daniel Alves, who wanted us in the final, has already got us since once. Let's beat them and see who wins the gold meda l.

5:54 PM2 months ago

Looking for one more

Brazil arrives after a minimal score over the team, a situation that allowed the Canarinha to reach the semifinals of this edition of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021.


The Brazilians have 5 silver medals and 2 bronze medals in men's soccer and will be looking for a second title after winning first place in Rio 2016.


5:49 PM2 months ago

Great step

Mexico comes after finishing in second place in its group, with the sum of two wins and a loss against Japan, then measured against North Korea, a situation that made a great way and with a score of six goals to three of the Koreans reached the semifinals.

5:44 PM2 months ago

Good venue

The Kashima Stadium will host the match between Mexico and Brazil, which will define the first semifinalist of this edition of the Olympic Games. The stadium has a capacity of 40,728 spectators, but will remain empty due to the pandemic and the wave in Tokyo. 

5:39 PM2 months ago

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