Goals and highlights: Atletico Morelia 2-1 Celaya LIVE in Liga Expansion MX Apertura 2021
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7:52 PM2 years ago

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7:52 PM2 years ago

Goals and highlights

7:47 PM2 years ago

Game over!

At the last minute, Atlético Morelia defeats Celaya 2-1, on the third date of the Grita México A21 tournament of the Liga Expansión MX.

The Canarios took the lead with a goal by Luis Pérez before the end of the first half; in the second half, an own goal by Mario Trejo tied the score for the Toros, and finally, Diego Abella appeared to restore the lead and give his team the first victory of the tournament.

With this result, the Michoacán side reached four points, while the Guanajuato side remains with five. On the fourth date of the competition, Morelia will visit Tapatío and Celaya will host Tlaxcala.

7:42 PM2 years ago


Celaya also makes its last change: Daniel Zamora comes in for Jesús Miranda.
7:37 PM2 years ago


Last change for Atlético Morelia: Diego Gallegos replaces Gael Acosta.
7:32 PM2 years ago


Gael Acosta headed the ball inside the box to Diego Abella, who fired home a low shot to give the Canarios the lead back.
7:27 PM2 years ago


Six minutes of compensation are added.
7:22 PM2 years ago


Metal! Leobardo López's shot crashes into the home team's right post. Celaya's second goal was very close.
7:17 PM2 years ago


New Celaya's movement: Eleuterio Jiménez enters in place of Ricardo Marín.
7:12 PM2 years ago


Atlético Morelia makes some changes: Diego Martínez and Diego Abella come on for Sergio Vergara and Jesús Ramírez.
7:07 PM2 years ago


Mario Trejo, Atlético Morelia defender, is the second cautioned of the match.
7:02 PM2 years ago


In his quest to try to clear the scoreboard, Mario Trejo ended up scoring his own goal with a header to level the score.
6:57 PM2 years ago


Guillermo Allison! The visiting goalkeeper dives and deflects Martín Barragán's header with both hands. Atlético Morelia's second goal was close.
6:52 PM2 years ago


Finally, the match between Morelia and Celaya resumes; the stadium field is quite fast due to the water that has fallen.
6:47 PM2 years ago


The match at Estadio Morelos was stopped for a moment due to a thunderstorm.
6:42 PM2 years ago


The match is stopped momentarily so that Santiago Ramírez, Atlético Morelia's goalkeeper, can receive medical attention.
6:37 PM2 years ago


Celaya FC makes its first move: Fernando Illescas leaves and César Santana enters.
6:32 PM2 years ago


Good intensity from both teams, which has made the match back and forth. Morelia and Celaya have come very close to scoring.
6:27 PM2 years ago

The second half is underway!

The match between Atlético Morelia and Celaya resumes at the Morelos.
6:22 PM2 years ago

Halftime: Atlético Morelia 1-0 Celaya

With this goal, Luis Pérez is giving the Canarios their first win in the Apertura 2021
6:17 PM2 years ago

First half ends!

After 45+2', Atlético Morelia is defeating Celaya 1-0, with a goal by Luis Pérez.

The Canarios played the entire first half, and they were rewarded; on the other hand, the Toros will have to improve significantly if they hope to even the scoreboard.

6:12 PM2 years ago


On a pass from Gael Acosta, Luis Pérez scores with a low, cross-shot to put the Canarios ahead on the scoreboard.
6:07 PM2 years ago


Allison! Guillermo dives and one-handedly blocks Jesus Ramirez's powerful, well-placed shot. It looked like Atlético Morelia's first goal.
6:02 PM2 years ago


Almost there! Unmarked, and after a corner kick, Enrique Cedillo misses his header in front of the home goal. Celaya came close to scoring.
5:57 PM2 years ago


The game is stopped for one minute for both teams to rehydrate in the weather condition.
5:52 PM2 years ago


Morelia kept possession of the ball, but struggled to get the ball under control in the final area of the pitch.
5:47 PM2 years ago


Morelia's counterattack failed to capitalize; they had the numerical advantage, but did not shoot on goal. An important play was lost.
5:42 PM2 years ago


Sergio Vergara was yellow carded for a foul on Fernando Illescas on the edge of the box.
5:37 PM2 years ago


The match is stopped for Carlos Guzmán to receive medical attention after a collision. It looks like he will continue on the field.
5:32 PM2 years ago

The match begins!

Atlético Morelia and Celaya are already playing their third match in the Grita México A21 tournament of the Liga Expansión MX.
5:27 PM2 years ago

There will be no fans at the Morelos stadium this afternoon

Last weekend, Atletico Morelia announced that it would not open its stadium gates for today's match against Celaya, due to the increase in cases of COVID in Michoacán. 
5:22 PM2 years ago

Celaya: substitutes

E. Lecurtois, D. Zamora, N. Topete, B. García, E. Espinosa, F. González, P. Santos, C. Santana y E. Jiménez.
5:17 PM2 years ago

Atletico Morelia: substitutes

S. Huerta; M. López, B. Salazar, D. Gallegos, D. Cortés, D. Martínez, J. Ibarra, K. Magaña, J. Ruiz y D. Abella.
5:12 PM2 years ago

Celaya: confirmed lineup

For his part, Israel Hernández sends out the following players to face Atlético Morelia: G. Allison; A. Catalán; A. Catalán, R. Peña, L. López (C), E. Cedillo, K. Lara, F. Illescas, J. Miranda, R. Marín, D. Jiménez and D. Torres.
5:07 PM2 years ago

Atletico Morelia: confirmed lineup

These are the players selected this afternoon by Ricardo Valiño to face Celaya: S. Ramírez; A. Ledesma, C. Guzmán, M. Trejo, U. Zurita, L. Pérez, E. del Ángel, G. Acosta, S. Vergara, J. Ramírez and M. Barragán.
5:02 PM2 years ago

Old acquaintances of Atlético Morelia and Celaya FC

In the transfer regime prior to the start of the Apertura 2021, both the Canarios and Toros had significant departures, such as Diego Jiménez and Sergio Vergara, respectively.

This afternoon, they will be reunited; Jiménez is already playing for Celaya and Vergara for Morelia. Both were the most decisive players for these clubs last season.

4:57 PM2 years ago

Tune in here Atletico Morelia vs Celaya Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Atletico Morelia vs Celaya live stream, as well as the latest information from the Jose Maria Morelos & Pavon Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match.
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Celaya: last lineup

Guillermo Allison; Andres Catalan, Daniel Zamora, Ricardo Pena, Leobardo Lopez (C), Enrique Cedillo, Kevin Lara, Fernando Illescas, Mauro Fernandez, Jesus Miranda and Diego Jimenez.
4:42 PM2 years ago

Atletico Morelia: last lineup

Santiago Ramirez; Arturo Ledesma (C), Carlos Guzman, Bryan Salazar, Diego Cortes, Luis Perez, Javier Ibarra, Eduardo del Angel, Gael Acosta, Sergio Vergara and Martin Barragán.
4:37 PM2 years ago

Referees for the Atletico Morelia vs Celaya game

The central referee for this match will be Jorge Camacho; Erick Durón, first assistant referee; José Robles, second assistant referee; and Karen Hernández, fourth official.
4:32 PM2 years ago

How do Atletico Morelia and Celaya arrive?

Last Tuesday, in their visit to Banorte Stadium, the Canarios were defeated 3-1 by Dorados Sinaloa; their goal was scored by Bryan Salazar.

Likewise, the previous week, the Toros received Tampico Madero at the Miguel Alemán Valdés Stadium, a team with which they ended in a scoreless draw.

4:27 PM2 years ago

Celaya, to stay at the top of the table

For their part, the Toros, coached by Mexican Israel Hernandez, are in third place in the standings with five points; in their two games played, they won one and drew one.
(Photo: Celaya)
(Photo: Celaya)
4:22 PM2 years ago

Atletico Morelia, looking to make it three in a row

After two games played, the Canarios, coached by Argentinean Ricardo Valino, are in fourteenth place in the general table with only one point, the result of a draw and a loss.
(Photo: Atletico Morelia)
(Photo: Atletico Morelia)
4:17 PM2 years ago

Celaya visits Michoacan to face Atletico Morelia

This Tuesday afternoon, at the Coloso Quinceo, Atletico Morelia and Celaya will open the third round of this competition. Given the quality of their squads and the aspirations they have, it looks like one of the most important matches of the week.
4:12 PM2 years ago

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