Goals and Highlights: Sporting Kansas City 1-6 Leon in Leagues Cup 2021
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10:03 PMa month ago

Goals and highlights

9:57 PMa month ago


It's over! Leon overcomes Sporting and qualifies for the Leagues Cup semifinals
9:56 PMa month ago

At least his goal has arrived!

Víctor Dávila got on the scoreboard with this goal, León scores on his visit.


9:55 PMa month ago

The little hand has arrived!

Jean Meneses made his presence felt with the fifth in this way.


9:53 PMa month ago


Change of visitors. Ambriz and Zamudio replace Colombatto and Fernández.
9:52 PMa month ago


Nothing! The referee rules that there is no foul inside the area and the match continues.
9:52 PMa month ago

The fourth is here!

Angel Mena also makes his presence felt and scores one more.
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9:50 PMa month ago


VAR! The referee will review a foul by Mosquera on Cisneros inside the Emerald's area.
9:49 PMa month ago


The home team comes close! Cisneros gets a shot off in the box, but Mosquera avoids the ball.
9:48 PMa month ago


León passes the ball in the area without any problems and ends up giving the ball to Pulskamp.
9:47 PMa month ago

To shorten the led!

With this goal, Duke scored for the home team.


9:45 PMa month ago


Change for Leon. Emmanuel Gigliotti replaces Víctor Dávila.
9:44 PMa month ago


Goal by Leon!  Víctor Dávila scores the sixth after a great pass, sending a great shot into the back of the net.
9:42 PMa month ago


Good cross from Barber, but Ramirez intervenes and keeps the ball.
9:41 PMa month ago

Double from the 'Patron'!

Omar Fernández appeared again and with this great goal, increased the lead to three.


9:39 PMa month ago


Leon's goal! There is no bad fifth! After a pass from Mena, Meneses makes his name on the scoreboard.
9:31 PMa month ago


Changes in Leon. Osvaldo Rodríguez and Jean Meneses are substituted for William Tesillo and Elías Hernández.
9:29 PMa month ago


Goal by Leon! The referee makes Mena's goal valid, increasing the lead for the emeralds.


9:28 PMa month ago


VAR! The referee reviews the play of Leon's goal, in which offside was flagged.
9:27 PMa month ago


Another one cancelled! Angel Mena increased the lead to three again, but the player was offside.
9:26 PMa month ago


Goal by Sporting! After a great cross, Duke scores at the far post to put the home team on the scoreboard.
9:22 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Harris enters the box and shoots after Cota's save, but the alert keeper keeps the ball after a good reaction.
9:21 PMa month ago


Go...! Offside! The referee raises his flag and signals offside, canceling out the Mexicans' fourth.
9:13 PMa month ago


The second half gets underway and León will be looking to increase the score.
9:12 PMa month ago


Sporting change. Duke and Kinda replace Salloi and Walter.
9:11 PMa month ago

What a goal!

Omar Fernandez increased the lead against Sporting.


8:54 PMa month ago


At the end of the first half in Kansas, the Emeralds beat the home team.
8:53 PMa month ago

The first one!

Thus, Colombatto appeared to score the first of the afternoon.
8:50 PMa month ago


Goal by Leon! Omar Fernandez receives inside the box and shoots to score his brace.
8:47 PMa month ago


Good defensive cut by Mosquera that takes the ball out of his area.
8:43 PMa month ago


Pierre's cross into the box, but Cota attentively holds on to the ball.
8:40 PMa month ago


Elias Hernandez's shot ends up in Pulskamp's hands.
8:34 PMa month ago


Goal by Leon! Omar Fernandez shoots from outside the box to increase the lead.
8:31 PMa month ago


Pierre's rebound, preventing León from scoring the second, increasing the lead on the scoreboard.
8:24 PMa month ago


Goal for Leon! Colombatto's shot hits the defense and the same player sends the ball into the back of the net after a counter-attack.
8:21 PMa month ago


Change by Sporting. Sale Lindsey por Pierre


8:16 PMa month ago


Dávila enters the area with danger, but he over-drives and the goalkeeper ends up taking the ball away from him.


8:10 PMa month ago


The home side's low cross to the near post, but Cota was attentive to keep the ball.
8:06 PMa month ago


Kansas kicks off, both teams will go all out for the win
7:55 PMa month ago

Leon: LineUp

R. Cota, D. Calderón, A. Mosquera, R. González, W. Tesillo, I. Rodríguez, Colombatto, O. Fernández, E. Hernández, A. Mena, V. Dávila.
7:53 PMa month ago

Sporting Kansas City: LineUp

Pulskamp, Lindsey, Puncec, Ilie, Dia, Barber, Salloi, Cisneros, Rad, Walter, Harris.
7:50 PMa month ago

'Kansas is fast'

Ariel Holan stated that Kansas is a fast and organized team; he also assured that it will be an interesting and very nice match, and he has no doubt that they will be up to the task.
7:39 PMa month ago

He dedicated a few words!

Ramiro González also gave his point of view regarding this duel: "It's a nice experience to be able to play in International Tournaments. We are going to leave the image of Club León as high as possible".
7:35 PMa month ago

He spoke before the meeting!

Ariel Holan stated in a press conference prior to this match that this is the first time he will have an almost complete squad: "It is the first time in two months where I can count on 95% of the players. It is a joy for me; in this tournament there is no tomorrow, the match has to be solved to stay in the tournament. That is the objective." 
7:30 PMa month ago

The fans are here!

Fans are already at Arrowhead Stadium ready to enjoy this afternoon's quarterfinals.

7:23 PMa month ago

The beast is in!

León is ready and these are the players who will represent the Esmeraldas for this tournament.

7:18 PMa month ago

All set!

Here are the 25 players who will represent Sporting KC in the Leagues Cup.

7:13 PMa month ago

Stay tuned for Sporting KC vs León live coverage.

In a few moments we will share with you the Sporting KC vs. Leon live starting lineups, as well as the latest information from Arrowhead Stadium. Keep an eye on the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage. 
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Statements Leon

Andrés Mosquera had a few words to say before the match: "We are a team with great players and a great fan base. We will all give our best together to keep moving forward.

"I wouldn't call it revenge (playing against an MLS team), it's an opportunity, and it comes thanks to the work and sacrifice of the team. It is a greater commitment, we must transcend; we are indebted to ourselves."

"We ourselves are aware that it is an international tournament. A lot of expectation is generated; we arrived very well, it has been a complicated start in the League, but we have improved in all aspects." 

Forward Santiago Ormeño also spoke about this match: "There is always a rivalry. It's a fact that MLS has grown a lot. I don't know who is better or worse, but we are becoming more and more evenly matched. As Mexicans, we want to put LIGA MX on a high."

"It's an international rubbing, it's another league, another type of soccer. The idea is to improve, to keep working; we want to go far and win as much as possible."

6:58 PMa month ago

Sporting Kansas City Statements

Mexican striker Alan Pulido spoke ahead of the match against León: "It will be a good match and we will try to take advantage of our home advantage and be the one to impose conditions. Leon didn't get off to the best start, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they're a good team. We will try to take advantage of the fact that they are not in such good form with their new coach.

"It's going to be a good match and we'll try to take advantage of our home advantage. In MLS there are a lot of goals, in Liga MX there is more tactical order, technical superiority, and we need to give a blow of authority (MLS)".

6:53 PMa month ago

Recovering their rhythm

León arrives after playing three matches in the Grita México Apertura 2021, of which they have accumulated 6 points, the result of 2 wins and one loss. Now coached by Holan, the Esmeraldas will be looking for a victory and to qualify for the semifinals of this second edition of the competition.

6:48 PMa month ago

Good rhythm

Sporting KC comes into this match having played 18 matches in MLS. They are at the top of the Western Conference with 34 points, the result of 10 wins, 4 draws and the same number of defeats. Their last match was against Colorado Rapids and they played to a goalless draw.

6:43 PMa month ago

This is where the duel will be played

Arrowhead Stadium will be the venue to host this duel to determine the team that will qualify for the league's semifinals, which will be played for the second time. Arrowhead Stadium has a capacity for 76,416 fans, and will be packed with fans of both teams.

6:38 PMa month ago

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