Goals and Highlights Rayados Monterrey 0-0 Chivas in Liga MX 2021
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Thank you friends of VAVEL

Thank you very much friends of VAVEL for your preference.

The game disappointed us, but sometimes that's how football is.

Until next time!

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They were not hurt!
In a disappointing match Rayados and Chivas shared points.



12:35 AMa month ago

End of the game

The game is over!


12:34 AMa month ago


Yellow card for Jesús Godínez.
12:32 AMa month ago


Shot that goes off course from Alejandro Mayorga.
12:29 AMa month ago


5 minutes are added.
12:27 AMa month ago


Corner kick for Rayados.
12:26 AMa month ago


Corner kick for Rayados.
12:25 AMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados on the edge of the area.
12:24 AMa month ago


Offside Chivas.
12:23 AMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas.
12:22 AMa month ago


Monterrey change:

Claudio Kranevitter enters replacing Carlos Rodríguez.

José Alvarado enters replacing Rogelio Funes Mori.

12:18 AMa month ago


Shot off John Medina.
12:17 AMa month ago


Monterrey change:

Joel Campbell enters replacing Arturo González.

12:15 AMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados.
12:14 AMa month ago


Chivas change:

Fernando Beltrán enters replacing Jesús Molina.

Uriel Antuna enters replacing Isaác Brizuela.

Carlos Cisneros enters replacing Jesús Angulo.

12:11 AMa month ago


Break for the hydration of the players.
12:09 AMa month ago


Corner kick for Chivas.
12:08 AMa month ago


Chivas with one more man tries to attack.
12:04 AMa month ago


Jesus Angulo's shot that Andrada stops.
12:03 AMa month ago


Offside Chivas.
12:02 AMa month ago


Chivas change:

Alejandro Mayorga enters replacing Miguel Ponce.

Jesús Godínez enters replacing Ángel Zaldívar.

12:00 AMa month ago


Shot saved next to the right side of Jesús Angulo. Corner kick for Chivas.
11:59 PMa month ago


Monterrey change:

Edson Gutiérrez enters replacing Duván Vergara.

11:55 PMa month ago


Yellow card and Second Yellow Card

César Montes receives at the same time: yellow card and second yellow card for insulting and is sent off.

11:53 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados.
11:52 PMa month ago


The match at a semi slow pace. Nobody risks.
11:50 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados.
11:48 PMa month ago


Shot very deviant from Vegas.
11:47 PMa month ago


Corner kick for Rayados
11:44 PMa month ago

Second half begins

Let's go with the Second Half. Hopefully there are goals and emotions.
11:32 PMa month ago


Rayados and Chivas are drawing after 45 minutes at the BBVA Stadium.

Who will win?

11:28 PMa month ago


End of the first half.
11:27 PMa month ago


Shot that goes off track from Ángel Zaldívar.
11:26 PMa month ago


Offside Rayados.
11:25 PMa month ago


Time served, 3 more minutes are added.
11:24 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados.
11:22 PMa month ago


New corner kick for Chivas.
11:21 PMa month ago


Corner kick for Chivas.
11:20 PMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas.
11:19 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados
11:18 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Zaldívar
11:15 PMa month ago


Zaldívar's shot that goes well above the crossbar.
11:14 PMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas
11:12 PMa month ago


Angulo's hand. Free kick for Rayados.
11:09 PMa month ago


Funes Mori's shot that goes over the top of Gudiño's goal.
11:08 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados
11:05 PMa month ago


Break for the hydration of the players.
11:02 PMa month ago


Corner kick for Rayados
11:01 PMa month ago


23 minutes now and there are no goals for any team.
10:59 PMa month ago


Maxi's hand. Free kick for Chivas.
10:57 PMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas
10:55 PMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas
10:55 PMa month ago


Deflected shot from John Medina
10:54 PMa month ago


Attempt blocked by Alexis Vega
10:51 PMa month ago


Chivas touches the ball, tries to impose his game.
10:49 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados
10:47 PMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas
10:45 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados
10:44 PMa month ago


Yellow card for Miguel Ponce
10:41 PMa month ago


Free kick for Rayados
10:40 PMa month ago


Free kick for Chivas
10:38 PMa month ago

Kick off

First Half begins at BBAVA Stadium.
10:23 PMa month ago

Weather report

These are the weather conditions for this soccer night in the city of Monterrey:
10:16 PMa month ago

Time to warm-up

The two teams already carry out warm-ups prior to the start of the match. The Rayados of Monterrey and the Chivas of Guadalajara are already on the field of play.
10:09 PMa month ago

The fans are present at the Stadium

Rayados fans come to support their team with soul, life and heart.

It is important to continue with the security measures for the good of all.

10:00 PMa month ago

Lineup Chivas

Raúl Gudiño; Antonio Briseño, Luis Olivas, Miguel Ponce, Jesús Sánchez; Jesús Molina, Jesús Angulo, Alan Torres, Isaac Brizuela; Ángel Zaldívar, Alexis Vega.

Coach: Víctor Manuel Vucetich.

9:55 PMa month ago

Lineup Rayados

Esteban Andrada; Jesús Gallardo, César Montes, John Medina, Sebastián Vegas; Maxi Meza, Celso Ortíz, Carlos Rodríguez, Arturo González; Rogelio Funes Mori, Duván Vegara.

Coach: Javier Aguirre.

9:49 PMa month ago

Chivas News

Víctor Manuel Vucetich will not have César Huerta available, who remained in preventive isolation for having had contact with a positive for Covid (so far the 'Chino' has no symptoms), nor will he have Cristian Calderón, who also did not make the trip to Monterrey City.
9:46 PMa month ago

Monterrey News

Javier Aguirre's Rayados will not have Vincent Janssen, who will undergo a surgical procedure for his suffering from pubalgia, while Joel Campbell is in doubt and will depend on a final study to know the degree of his right leg injury. On his side, Celso Ortíz has recovered from his discomfort and could be eligible to face Chivas.
9:41 PMa month ago

We started!

All ready, ladies and gentlemen, from the BBVA Stadium for this great match, where Rayados and Chivas will leave everything on the field tonight.
Let's go guys!
11:28 PMa month ago

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How to watch Monterrey vs Chivas Live Stream on TV and Online?

If you want to watch the game Monterrey vs Chivas live on TV, your option is: ESPN Deportes.

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If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

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What time is Monterrey vs Chivas match for 2021 Liga MX?

This is the start time of the game Monterrey vs Chivas of August 21st, 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 11:36 PM

Bolivia: 10:36 PM

Brazil: 11:36 PM

Chile: 10:36 PM

Colombia: 9:36 PM

Ecuador: 9:36 PM

USA (ET): 10:36 PM in ESPN Deportes

Spain: 4:36 AM

Mexico: 9:36 PM in Fox Sports 2

Paraguay: 10:36 PM

Peru: 9:36 PM

Uruguay: 11:36 PM

Venezuela: 10:36 PM in Fox Sports 2

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Latest games between Monterrey vs Chivas

Since 1996, they have met on 53 occasions in Liga MX:

Monterrey won 17 games

11 ties

Chivas won 25 games

The last game was won by Chivas: Monterrey 1-2 Chivas in the Guard1anes Clausura 2021.

11:08 PMa month ago

Key player of Chivas

Alexis Vega is so far not very redeemable at this start of the season that the Chivas team has.

The Mexican center forward has characteristics and ease to leave the enemy area, take refuge in the band and from there go to do damage; although in reality the best version of him is in the definition zone: his powerful punch, speed of unmarking and an appropriate technique to beat the backs of the enemy defenders and even without an angle, to get shots that end in goal.

11:03 PMa month ago

Key player of Monterrey

The Argentine Rogelio Funes Mori, now the top scorer in the history of Rayados, had a good midweek participation against Cruz Azul. Although he could not be present on the scoreboard, he showed a good level and collaborated on the offense of the team.

He is a forward with a great skills, with characteristics of a classic 9, who goes well for air, more area forward, who holds the ball and who knows how to generate goal options and define them.

10:58 PMa month ago

Probable lineups of Monterrey vs Chivas


E. Andrada; S. Vegas, C. Montes, S. Medina, E. Gutiérrez; A. González, M. Kranevitter, C. Rodríguez; J. Gallardo, M. Meza y R. Funes Mori.

Coach: Javier Aguirre.



J. Rodríguez; J. Sánchez, A. Briseño, G. Sepúlveda, M. Mayorga; C. Antuna, F. Beltrán, S. Flores, J. Angulo; Á. Zaldívar y A. Vega.

Coach: Víctor Manuel Vucetich.

10:53 PMa month ago

Who will be the referee and his assistants?

The central referee for this Monterrey vs Chivas will be Diego Montaño; Enrique Isaac Bustos, first row; Jonathan Gómez; second row; Víctor Cáceres, fourth assistant.
10:48 PMa month ago

Chivas with the need to win

The Chivas Rayadas of Guadalajara are going through a very difficult time in this tournament, they have been defeated at home in the middle of the week and the team does not show signs of improvement on the field..

The pressure is increasing after the poor performance and the poor results obtained. Víctor Manuel Vucetich as the leader of the team, has to get together with his players to close ranks and get the best out of them.

The team is in 12th position in the general table with just 5 points.

10:43 PMa month ago

Monterrey to maintain the good level as a local

Los Rayados, coached by Javier Aguirre, come to draw the tie, in the last minute, against the champion Cruz Azul on the Azteca stadium field.

The team is undefeated, in fourth place in the general table with 9 points, after obtaining two wins and three draws. For this match they come out as favorites, because they will be play on their field, where they become very strong and also have a better team than their opponent.

10:38 PMa month ago

The match will be played at the BBVA Stadium

The Monterrey vs Chivas match will be played at the Stadium BBVA, in Monterrey City, in the Mexican State of Nuevo León, with a capacity of 53,500 people.
10:33 PMa month ago

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