Highlights: Atletico San Luis 0-0 Cruz Azul in Liga MX 2021


12:13 AMa month ago


12:09 AMa month ago


It's over!!! The match ends, San Luis failed to score the goal guarded by Jurado.
12:06 AMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Vombergar crosses and Berterame shoots inside the box, but the goalkeeper ends up with a hand to keep out the ball that was going to goal.
12:01 AMa month ago


San Luis continues to generate dangerous plays, but when it comes to finishing they fail
11:59 PMa month ago


Change from San Luis. Ricardo Chávez replaces David Castro
11:52 PMa month ago


Good shot by Otero, but Barovero keeps the ball without problems.
11:48 PMa month ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Lucas Passerini enters and Jonathan Rodríguez leaves the field.
11:48 PMa month ago


Berterame looked to create play inside Jurado's area, but Aguilar arrived and smashed the ball home.
11:44 PMa month ago


Missing one more! Vombergar misses a shot inside the sky-blue area, one more missed for the home team.
11:41 PMa month ago


Cruz Azul changes. Julio Domínguez, Bryan Angulo and Rómulo Otero take the place of Santiago Giménez, Walter Montoya and Roberto Alvarado.
11:36 PMa month ago


Close! After a pass from Berterame, Muñoz shoots and the ball goes over the goal.
11:35 PMa month ago


San Luis changes. Facundo Waller and Adam Bareiro are out and Zahid Muñóz and Vombergar are in.
11:33 PMa month ago


Waller's cross was headed in by Berterame, but Jurado was on hand to prevent the Potosi goal.
11:30 PMa month ago


Goalkeeper! Great shot from Rodriguez, but Barovero dives to keep out the first goal.
11:27 PMa month ago


The meeting resumes, the fourth official replaces the flag bearer.
11:23 PMa month ago


Stopping the actions! One of the assistant referees leaves the match injured.
11:10 PMa month ago


Actions resume for the complement in San Luis Potosí
11:10 PMa month ago


Change of Cruz Azul. Rafael Baca replaces Pol Fernández
10:55 PMa month ago


The first half ends at the Alfonso Lastras stadium with the score at zero for both teams.
10:51 PMa month ago


Berterame's cross, but no one gets a shot and San Luis misses one more.
10:48 PMa month ago


San Luis looks more solid and is starting to have more chances to reach Jurado's goal
10:39 PMa month ago


Manny' García's shot, but Jurado ends up clearing the ball and prevents his goal from falling.
10:37 PMa month ago


Ricardo Chavez heads to the far post, but the ball does not have a good direction and does not enter the goal.
10:32 PMa month ago


San Luis change due to injury. Jair Díaz comes off and Coelho takes his place.
10:30 PMa month ago


Good intervention by the home team, preventing Cruz Azul from creating a dangerous play.
10:21 PMa month ago


San Luis comes close! Berterame crosses to Bareiro, but the latter misses the ball and misses a clear chance for the home team.
10:15 PMa month ago


An excellent sweep by Bilbao, who takes the ball away from Montoya, preventing the striker from shooting at Barovero's goal.
10:14 PMa month ago


Cruz Azul gets into trouble and Jurado ends up taking the ball out of play


10:06 PMa month ago


Actions get underway at Alfonso Lastras
9:55 PMa month ago

Cruz Azul: LineUp

S. Jurado;A. Peña, J. Martínez, P. Aguilar, J. Escobar; Y. Yotún, R. Baca, R. Alvarado; J. Rodríguez, S. Giménez, W. Montoya
9:54 PMa month ago

San Luis: LineUp

M. Barovero; J. Piñuelas, U. Bilbao, J. Díaz, E. García; R. Chávez, J. Sanabria, F. Waller, J. Güémez; G. Berterame, A. Bareiro.
9:51 PMa month ago

Warm up!

Both teams are already warming up before the start of the match. Both Cruz Azul and San Luis are already on the field preparing for the match.
9:48 PMa month ago

Check the data

Of all the duels played between these two teams, there have been 6 draws, while Cruz Azul dominates the series with 12 wins against 8 for the locals.

9:37 PMa month ago

Yes it does!

The celestial reinforcement, Romulo Otero is among the substitutes for tonight's duel. The Venezuelan arrived after the start of the competition, for this duel he already has his registration and will be looking to make his debut.
9:32 PMa month ago

They are here!

Both teams are already at the Potosí stadium, ready to play tonight's match. Both the San Luis and the Celestes will be looking for a victory tonight and to make it three wins out of three.
9:27 PMa month ago

What a beauty!

This is what the Alfonso Lastras stadium looks like prior to the start of the sixth meeting between the two teams in the Apertura 2021.


9:22 PMa month ago

Chosen to seek victory!


With Juan Reynoso at the helm, these were the 20 players who made the trip to Potosí in search of their next victory.


9:17 PMa month ago

The call for applications is ready!

These are the players selected by Atlético San Luis for tonight's match. Héctor Mascorro, a midfielder who was announced this week as a new member of the Potosí team, has been called up for tonight's match.

9:12 PMa month ago

Stay tuned for the Atletico San Luis vs Cruz Azul live stream.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Atletico San Luis vs Cruz Azul live, as well as the latest information from the Alfonso Lastras Stadium. Keep an eye on the action with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
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San Luis statements

Juan Sanabria and Efraín Orona spoke prior to today's match; Sanabria stated: "We are aware that we are going to play against the champion and that we have to improve offensively and that we are playing at home, it has to be an advantage for us".

"We know that Cruz Azul is on the rise, we had to lose but we have been doing well and we know that this is one of the most important games of the season, after the loss it is a good moment to pick ourselves up".

"We have to play every game as if it were the last, all the teams are having a hard time winning and I hope we continue like this because we are on the right track, we have many things to improve and mentally, Marcelo is giving us a lot of confidence in that and we are working on it. It will be very useful for us to know what we are for and the aspects we have to improve, we know it is a vital match and we will go out with everything we have".

For his part, Efraín Orona mentioned the following: "Cruz Azul is a strong and difficult team, we have to be strong and do our thing, not think about the last match and focus on what we have been doing".

"We know we had a midweek stoppage and we have to take the match with intensity and we hope to have a good result. We know what we want, we are going to go out to play and give the best we know how, follow the indications of the coaching staff."

"At no time is there any nerves, we go out to play our best and give our best, soccer is like that, sometimes it rewards you and sometimes it doesn't."

8:57 PMa month ago

Not convincing

Although Cruz Azul is in sixth place with 8 points, which correspond to two wins, two draws and one loss, the light blue team has not yet been able to reach the same level as in the previous tournament. Although they started with some losses, in the match against Monterrey they did not give their best, a situation that they will have to improve in order to continue winning three points.

8:52 PMa month ago

To continue adding

Atletico San Luis comes into this game after a loss against Necaxa in the fourth matchday; the fifth match against Tuzos del Pachuca was scheduled for November. The Potosinos are in tenth place with two wins, one draw and one loss, bringing their total to seven points. It is important to mention that Vladimir Moragrega is out for San Luis due to a fracture.

8:47 PMa month ago

The match will be played at Alfonso Lastras

Atletico San Luis vs Cruz Azul will be played at the Alfonso Lastras stadium in San Luis Potosi, located in Mexico with a capacity of 25,709 people. There will be fans of both teams at the stadium, however, it will not be 100%.

8:42 PMa month ago

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