Goal and highlights: Xolos Tijuana Femenil 0-1 Chivas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil Apertura 2021
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4:33 PM23 days ago

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Goal and highlights

12:00 AM24 days ago

The match ends!

The Chivas Femenil team maintains its undefeated record by defeating Xolos Femenil, a team that had lost in the Apertura 2021.

With this result, Guadalajara reaches 16 points and continues as runner-up, while Tijuana drops to seventh place with 9 points.

(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
11:51 PM24 days ago


Four minutes of repositioning are added.
11:44 PM24 days ago


Chivas makes its final moves: Anette Vázquez and Atzimba Casas replace Carolina Jaramillo and Joseline Montoya.
11:42 PM24 days ago


Xolos Tijuana Femenil makes more changes: Jazmín Aguas and Samantha Arellano replace Joselyn de la Rosa and Sofía Martínez.
11:28 PM24 days ago


Itzel González! The goalkeeper dives and saves Alicia Cervantes' shot.
11:28 PM24 days ago


Penalty! Guadalajara will have a new penalty, looking to increase their lead.
11:28 PM24 days ago


New modification for Chivas Femenil: Rubí Soto leaves and Gabriela Valenzuela enters.
11:25 PM24 days ago


Xolos Femenil also changes its lineup: Dulce Alvarado and Rosa Aguilar come in for Sanjuana Muñoz and Esmeralda Verdugo.
11:19 PM24 days ago


Chivas Femenil makes its first move of the game: Araceli Torres comes on for Victoria Acevedo, who is unable to continue due to injury.
11:12 PM24 days ago

The second half begins!

Action resumes in Tijuana and Guadalajara.
10:50 PM24 days ago

The first half ends!

With a penalty kick goal by Alicia Cervantes, Chivas is beating Xolos Tijuana by the minimum difference.
10:48 PM24 days ago


A two-minute rest period is added.
10:42 PM24 days ago


With this goal, Chivas is beating Xolos.  
10:34 PM24 days ago


Alicia Cervantes takes the penalty kick perfectly to put the visitors ahead on the scoreboard.
10:34 PM24 days ago


Penalty for Chivas Femenil! Yadira Toraya mismeasures the bounce of the ball and prevents it from passing after touching it with her hand.
10:26 PM24 days ago


Itzel González, Yadira Toraya and Guadalupe Sánchez look sharp and block Chivas Femenil's shots.
10:21 PM24 days ago


Celeste Espino! On two occasions, she keeps out Renae Cuéllar's shots. Xolos, without being superior, has been closer to scoring.
10:20 PM24 days ago


Chivas has taken the initiative, but has lacked clarity in the final zone, making it difficult for them to make dangerous progress.
10:12 PM24 days ago


Almost! Angelina Hix doesn't take advantage of a bad save by Celeste Espino, and ends up missing her shot. Chivas Femenil is saved.
10:02 PM24 days ago

The match begins!

Xolos Tijuana and Chivas are already playing their sixth match in the current Liga MX Femenil tournament.
9:41 PM24 days ago

Chivas Femenil arrives at Mictlan

The visiting team is already at the stadium; tonight they will be looking for their fifth victory of the semester.  
9:32 PM24 days ago

Chivas Femenil: substitutes

Karol Contreras; Karil Bernal, Angélica Torres, Isabella Gutiérrez, Gabriela Valenzuela, Anette Vázquez and Atzimba Casas.
9:30 PM24 days ago

Xolos Femenil: substitutes

Alejandra Gutiérrez; Sheila Pulido, Priscila Padilla, Victoria López, Samatha Arellano, Inglis Hernández, Rosa Aguilar, Jazmin Aguas, Dulce Alvarado.
9:19 PM24 days ago

Chivas Femenil: confirmed lineup

Celeste Espino; Diana Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Michelle González, Kinberly Guzmán, Miriam Castillo, Carolina Jaramillo, Joseline Montoya, Victoria Acevedo y Alicia Cervantes (C).
9:14 PM24 days ago

Xolos Femenil: confirmed lineup

Itzel González; Annia Mejía, Nathaly Martínez, Yadira Toraya, Guadalupe Sánchez, Paola Villamizar, Joselyn de la Rosa, Esmeralda Verdugo, Reane Cuéllar (C), Sanjuana Muñoz and Angelina Hix.
9:09 PM24 days ago

Referee designations for the Xolos Femenil vs Chivas Femenil game

The central referee for this match will be Karen Hernández; Karlo Palmieres, first line; Carlos Ortiz, second assistant, and Rodrigo Ramos, fourth official.
9:04 PM24 days ago

Tune in here Xolos Femenil vs Chivas Femenil Live Score

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for the Xolos Tijuana Femenil vs Chivas Femenil live match, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Caliente. Don't miss any details of the match with VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage.
8:59 PM24 days ago

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Chivas Femenil: last lineup

Celeste Espino; Diana Rodríguez, Damaris Godínez, Michelle González, Kinberly Guzmán, Miriam Castillo, Casandra Montero, Carolina Jaramillo, Rubí Soto, Joseline Montoya and Alicia Cervantes (C).
8:49 PM24 days ago

Xolos Femenil: last lineup

Itzel González; Yadira Toraya, Guadalupe Sánchez, Annia Mejía, Sheila Pulido, Paola Villamizar, Joseyn de la Rosa, Esmeralda Verdugo, Renae Cuéllar, Sanjuana Muñoz and Angelina Hix.
8:44 PM24 days ago

How is Guadalajara Femenil coming?

Last Sunday, at the Verde Valle facilities, Chivas took advantage of their home advantage to beat Necaxa 6-0, with goals from Michelle González, Carolina Jaramillo, Alicia Cervantes (2), Lessli Horta (AUT) and Atzimba Casas.
8:39 PM24 days ago

What's next for Tijuana Femenil?

Last Monday, in their visit to UNAM's Ciudad Universitaria, Xolos won 1-2 against Pumas, with a brace from Renae Cuellar.
8:34 PM24 days ago

Chivas Femenil, aiming to remain as runner-up

The team coached by Edgar Mejía is in second place in the standings with 13 points, the result of four wins and a draw; they have scored 16 goals and conceded only three.
(Photo: Chivas)
(Photo: Chivas)
8:29 PM24 days ago

Xolos Femenil, looking to climb the ladder

The team coached by Fabiola Vargas is in sixth place in the general table with nine points, after accumulating two wins and three draws; they have scored five goals and conceded two.
(Photo: Xolos)
(Photo: Xolos)
8:24 PM24 days ago

Tijuana and Guadalajara close the sixth round of the Liga MX Women's

This Monday night, in Baja California, Xolos Femenil and Chivas Femenil will play the last match of the season; both teams have done well so far this semester, proof of which is that they are two of the five teams that are still undefeated.
8:19 PM24 days ago

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